Top 30 Fascinate Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Fascinate Quotes from famous people such as Dimple Kapadia, Don Henley, John Updike, Wylie Dufresne, Andrea Bocelli, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I love seeing colours of various hues; they simply fasc

I love seeing colours of various hues; they simply fascinate me.
Dimple Kapadia
I could stand out front and sing Eagles songs that I sing in my set, but I think people enjoy watching me sing and play the drums. It seems to fascinate people. I don’t know why.
Don Henley
The theme of old age doesn’t seem to fascinate Hollywood.
John Updike
Green vegetables are something that fascinate chefs; the ability to keep vegetables green. How do we keep them green? What makes them green? Why are they green? And then that sort of army green. Why do they go from bright vibrant electric green to army green, and how can we avoid that?
Wylie Dufresne
I have trouble with modern art. But in general, all art forms fascinate me – art is the way human beings express what we can’t say in words.
Andrea Bocelli
I have learned through time that not everyone is interested in the kinds of things that fascinate me.
Anthony Braxton
I’m fascinated with worlds where there’s a small population left, whether it’s a movie or these TV shows that fascinate me – ‘Falling Skies’ or ‘The Walking Dead’ – they are about survival and triumphing over difficult times. I just have a thing for ’em.
Cam Gigandet
Scientific studies about relationships fascinate me, and I devour them hungrily, especially when they give big, fancy-sounding names to everyday experiences.
Jenna McCarthy
I’m a deeply broken person, and broken institutions fascinate me.
Paul Haggis
If you put yourself in a place where you’re having to work at understanding something, then you keep yourself awake to all possible choices. How the body will look like in the future, the ethics of the body: those are questions that really fascinate me. Let’s get the dialogue going.
Wayne McGregor
The two basic topics which fascinate me are ‘What is reality?’ and ‘What constitutes the authentic human being?’
Philip K. Dick
They suggested I should introduce an element of reincarnation in the story. At first, I thought that was silly. But then, this whole time dimension began to fascinate me.
Roland Joffe
Sometimes I’ll turn the channel and there’s the movie and I can honestly say that those last few minutes always fascinate me. It’s one of the rare instances when image, music, and drama work effectively.
Madeleine Stowe
Don’t see the point in reading ghost-written autobiographies, even though some of these published lives may fascinate me. The ‘ghost’ is always present, manipulating an interview into first-person singular text, and it feels like I’m reading a lie.
Gary Kemp
Among the thousand-and-one faces whereby form chooses to reveal itself to us, the one that fascinates me more than any other, and continues to fascinate me, is the structure hidden in mathematical things.
Alexander Grothendieck
I’ve been into guns ever since I was a little kid, and the ones that fascinate me most are the black powder guns that people used back in the 17 and 1800s.
Joe Perry
Direction or even production doesn’t fascinate me at all.
Dimple Kapadia
Verona is a very beautiful city, but Siena just never ceases to fascinate me.
Anne Fortier
Rebellion is always going to fascinate, as it’s always packaged in a very safe way.
Irvine Welsh
People’s hands fascinate me. It’s tempting to look at a businessman’s left hand and see if there’s an indentation from a missing wedding ring. Or maybe there’s a tan line and the skin is pressed down where’s he’s worked a ring off his finger.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I’ve never played a gay character on screen, so that would be interesting. I’ve never played a gay character, and that would fascinate me because I’m not gay, so that would interest me.
Eddie Marsan
The big dramas that fascinate me are the quiet ones that happen behind closed doors in so-called ordinary families.
Joyce Maynard
The sense of one’s past is so strong and forms our sense of self so strongly, it will always fascinate, elude and confuse me.
Samantha Harvey
I’ve been fascinated by mysteries for as long as I can remember. Real, fictional, solved, unsolved, I don’t care; they all fascinate me. I think that’s a core human trait.
Tana French
Politicians fascinate because they constitute such a paradox; they are an elite that accomplishes mediocrity for the public good.
George Will
If you could hear the insane stuff going on in my head, it would scare the hell out of you. Probably. Or fascinate you. Depends on how easily you’re startled, I guess.
Jenny Lawson
Conspiracies fascinate me. When I visited the Rozabal shrine in Srinagar before writing my first book, I remember thinking that the person enshrined there was no ordinary mortal. History is rife with mysteries, and that visit ignited a fire to unveil some of them.
Ashwin Sanghi
The lyrics tend to fascinate people, but for me, when I listen to a record I don’t always latch on to the lyrics. I listen to the whole thing and it may be five or six days before I even realize what the song’s about.
Elizabeth Fraser
When I wasn’t wrestling, I was always at the circus or at a show watching all these people – ‘how do they make their stuff work for their audience?’ That used to fascinate me as a child.
William Regal
Vampires were an excellent springboard. I still love them; they fascinate me.
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes