Top 30 Impersonal Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Impersonal Quotes from famous people such as George A. Moore, George Monbiot, Bo Derek, Zadie Smith, Lewis F. Powell, Jr., and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

An idea is so impersonal; it is yours today and the who

An idea is so impersonal; it is yours today and the whole world’s tomorrow.
George A. Moore
Fear hems us in, stops us from thinking clearly, and prevents us from either challenging oppression or engaging calmly with the impersonal fates.
George Monbiot
Glorifying violence is terrible. Simulating sex is nothing – it’s something so impersonal really.
Bo Derek
I suppose I often think of my writing as quite impersonal. But it turned out, when my father died, writing was exactly what I wanted to do.
Zadie Smith
The average member of the public thinks of ‘business’ as an impersonal corporate entity owned by the very rich and managed by overpaid executives. There is an almost total failure to appreciate that ‘business’ actually embraces – in one way or another – most Americans.
Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
We all know that little words or phrases can mean a lot, yet so few of us know just what to say. Phrases, such as ‘chin up,’ or ‘it could be worse,’ usually have the opposite effect; they feel tired and impersonal, even dismissive.
Susie Dent
Sometimes, particularly in summers in New York, I have tried to write in shorts or with no shirt on and found myself unable to do so, the reason being, I take it, that writing, even of the most impersonal sort, is for me a divestment, a striptease, even, so that if I start off undressed, I have nowhere to go.
Alan Bennett
An atheist may be simply one whose faith and love are concentrated on the impersonal aspects of God.
Simone Weil
I know that organic farms can be industrial and just as large and impersonal as conventional farms. Sometimes the free-range chickens aren’t even allowed outside, and so they cluck-walk packed tight in a dim lit barn. But organic farms use fewer chemicals.
Lisa Brennan-Jobs
For example, I was discussing the use of email and how impersonal it can be, how people will now email someone across the room rather than go and talk to them. But I don’t think this is laziness, I think it is a conscious decision people are making to save time.
Margaret J. Wheatley
People say I’m cold, that I’m impersonal on the court. Well, let me tell you, it’s blood and guts out there.
Reggie Miller
The theater, bringing impersonal masks to life, is only for those who are virile enough to create new life: either as a conflict of passions subtler than those we already know, or as a complete new character.
Alfred Jarry
The world is vast, beautiful, and fascinating, even awe-inspiring – but impersonal. It demands nothing of me, and allows me to demand nothing of it.
Herbert A. Simon
The Maori culture is different than our culture where we’re most likely to introduce ourselves by email or fax and we conduct a lot of business in an impersonal way, whereas for Maori, the only way to do it is to make the pilgrimage and sit down face-to-face and have some tea.
Niki Caro
In the end, perhaps it will be the true romantics, not the nerds, who choose to flee from a world of impersonal, digitized relationships and into the arms of simulacrums with manners imported from simpler times.
Daniel H. Wilson
‘Hill St.’ was very good, but it was very impersonal work for me. I wrote about that place as if I was a visitor. It wasn’t what my life was like. It was a great place to learn the craft of how to shape a scene, but I wanted a chance to write about more personal themes and obsessions.
Mark Frost
War can be so impersonal yet when we put a name, a face, a place and match it to families, then war is not impersonal.
Dennis Kucinich
I can’t speak for readers in general, but personally I like to read stories behind which there is some truth, something real and above all, something emotional. I don’t like to read essays on literature; I don’t like to read critical or rational or impersonal or cold disquisitions on subjects.
Laura Esquivel
One problem with ideas, however valid, is that they are static and impersonal, whereas a person is active and dynamic.
William Hull
Anonymous blog comments, vapid video pranks and lightweight mash-ups may seem trivial and harmless, but as a whole, this widespread practice of fragmentary, impersonal communication has demeaned personal interaction.
Jaron Lanier
Philosophy: Impersonal anxiety; refuge among anemic ideas.
Emil Cioran
By the ’50s and ’60s, war movies had become big and impersonal. They almost never bothered to characterize the Japanese enemy as particularly evil; in fact, they never bothered to characterize him at all.
Stephen Hunter
When you go to the big city – you’re in New York, Boston, you’re in L.A. – you walk in the streets, and nobody says anything to you. It becomes so impersonal because there’s so many people.
Ben Howland
Personally, I feel that in my own work I wanted to look programmed or impersonal but I don’t really believe I am being impersonal when I do it. And I don’t think you could do this.
Roy Lichtenstein
Behind all their personal vanity, women themselves always have an impersonal contempt for woman.
Friedrich Nietzsche
What needs to be kept in mind is both that capitalism is a hyper-abstract impersonal structure and that it would be nothing without our co-operation.
Mark Fisher
Connecting with people in person is so important. To look in the eyes of our girls and let them know that you really do support them transcends the impersonal connection of technology.
Grace Gealey
Modern culture is constantly growing more objective. Its tissues grow more and more out of impersonal energies, and absorb less and less the subjective entirety of the individual.
Georg Simmel
Vietnam helped me to look at the horror and terror in the hearts of people and realize how we can’t aim guns and set booby traps for people we have never spoken a word to. That kind of impersonal violence mystifies me.
Yusef Komunyakaa
The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.
Hubert H. Humphrey