Top 30 Install Quotes

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In this context, I believe it is an imperative for the

In this context, I believe it is an imperative for the new President to select and install his team as quickly as possible, and this does not imply that he must or should appoint members of the ‘other’ party to his Cabinet, which could contribute to inaction and inefficiency.
Richard V. Allen
Of course there are many factors that led to the Iranian revolution, but back in 1951, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company – which would later become BP – and its principal owner, the British government, conspired to destroy democracy and install a western-controlled regime in Iran.
Adam Curtis
It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.
Bruce Schneier
Everybody I meet who uses ‘WhatsApp’, I ask them a question: ‘How did you hear about it?’ And they say, ‘My friends, my sister or my brother, somebody I know hounded me to install WhatsApp.’ We think there is more power to the network when it grows organically.
Jan Koum
You don’t need to invade a place or install a new government to help bring about a positive change.
Nicholas Kristof
One project I am pretty excited about is ‘Autonomy Cube.’ These are basically minimalist sculptures that create a free and open Wi-Fi network wherever you install them, and they are routed over Tor, which basically anonymizes the traffic of everybody using it.
Trevor Paglen
People used to believe only a professional could do tiling or install track lighting. That’s utter nonsense.
Bernard Marcus
I’m going to play the quarterback position the way coaches install the plays; I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it.
Ryan Tannehill
The viewers of video game content on YouTube are young and savvy. They are exactly the sort of people who tend to enthusiastically install ad blocking software.
Hank Green
Red Carpet Enterprise has been really well received since one guy can install it in about an hour, and it makes it trivial to deal with software management issues like deploying updates and creating standard package sets for your various machines.
Nat Friedman
Bringing solar as a renewable energy resource for those who are not able to install solar panels on their roofs allows more communities to benefit from a solar array.
Jeff Van Drew
The challenge of pollution and global warming is no longer the science, or the rate of innovation, but the rate of implementation: We have the clean solutions; now let’s bundle them and install them.
Jens Martin Skibsted
This notion that we’re going to prop up foreign governments, that we’re going to invade other countries for some kind of perceived benefit where we’re going to install somebody who’s going to be supportive of American interests or American corporate private interests needs to stop.
Matt Gonzalez
When I signed up for Google Plus, it recommended 500 people for me to invite. You know, and once I invited those 500 people I got another 500 people. So it has a huge install base that it can start from.
Jennifer Lee
In 1971, near the middle of Nixon’s first term, he approved a plan to install a White House taping system as a way of preserving an accurate chronicle of important discussions and decisions. Except for Nixon, three aides, and the Secret Service, no one knew about the listening devices.
Douglas Brinkley
For many people my software is something that you install and forget. I like to keep it that way.
Wietse Venema
Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds.
John Perry Barlow
More often than not, what you open, unwrap and install on your hard drive is not what you were told you were getting.
Curt Schilling
We say that our objective is to conquer complete independence, to install a people’s power, to construct a new society without exploitation, for the benefit of all those who feel themselves to be Mozambicans.
Samora Machel
As digital equipment replaces the jobs of routine workers and lower-level professionals, technicians are needed to install, monitor, repair, test, and upgrade all the equipment.
Robert Reich
Because we can’t escape our ancient hunger to live close to nature, we encircle the house with lawns and gardens, install picture windows, adopt pets and Boston ferns, and scent everything that touches our lives.
Diane Ackerman
Starting at age 6, I was helping install the Formica table tops with that strong glue. My dad was the master. I was the apprentice. I’d be in there working until I’d be telling him, ‘I feel woozy,’ and he’d say, ‘Go outside, son.’ So I’d go organize his tools. He used the best ones made.
Tony Ferguson
It should scare every voter in the 5th District that a powerful D.C. lobbyist is trying to install a personal congressman in our part of Connecticut.
Elizabeth Esty
I think, in a lot of places, the solar panels are a badge of honor; they’re trendy. If you go to Hawaii or Japan, people even install fake solar panels because it’s cool and it’s popular. And so I think solar panels have gotten a lot more attractive. They’re sleek, black, they look good on a roof.
Lynn Jurich
What I teach our people is that, as a leader, you have four key roles apart from people management. First is to champion the grand vision. Two, install systems and a culture to run experiments. The third thing is to savour surprises. The fourth thing is that even a leader’s ideas need to be subjected to tests.
Scott Cook
See, unlike most hackers, I get little joy out of figuring out how to install the latest toy.
Jamie Zawinski
I was really worried about the Windows RT project and these other efforts where Microsoft was creating versions of Windows that would be locked down and could force you to only install software through the Microsoft store.
Tim Sweeney
I’m sponsored by the solar company Goal Zero, and they were gracious enough to install panels on my van and a nice battery system for the inside. I have lights and a fridge inside the van. And of course I had panels installed on my mom’s house.
Alex Honnold
A minimum precaution: keep your anti-malware protections up to date, and install security updates for all your software as soon as they arrive.
Barton Gellman
The EPA issued the MATS rule in 2012, and it is the first national standard created to address power plant emissions of toxic air pollutants. Under MATS, power plants are required to install equipment to reduce emissions of specific pollutants, such as mercury and sulfur dioxide.
Seth Moulton