Top 30 Jargon Quotes

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In the 1970s, family history wasn't yet thought of a se

In the 1970s, family history wasn’t yet thought of a serious field for study. I was terrified of being laughed at by other historians. I called my book ‘The Social Origins of Private Life.’ It should have been ‘As Pompous as You Want to Be.’ Every sentence was academic jargon, and if I said X, I qualified it with Y.
Stephanie Coontz
You must learn to talk clearly. The jargon of scientific terminology which rolls off your tongues is mental garbage.
Martin H. Fischer
Try not to be either intimidated by or a captive of jargon. Even though it’s language, and language is about communication, it often exists actually to obfuscate and to control power and not to communicate.
Christie Hefner
Sometimes the hardest part I think for actors on ’24’ is some of the jargon and getting the ideas and the thoughts and the information out quickly enough and succinctly enough and clearly enough.
Cherry Jones
In the jargon of American vaudeville, Professors Frisch and Tinbergen are a ‘hard act to follow.’ But then, all my life, I have been following such great scholars and policy advisors as these.
Paul Samuelson
We can’t really do any improv on ‘The Big Bang’ because we don’t understand a lot of what the dialogue means to begin with, because of the physics jargon.
Johnny Galecki
I think we invent jargon because it saves times talking to one-another.
John Maynard Smith
Linguistic supersizing is on the increase, and it may show the influence of advertising-speak and corporate jargon on language, in which everything needs to be hyped to get noticed. It means that some of our greatest words are losing their power.
Susie Dent
It’s not a coincidence these two industry areas – Silicon Valley and Hollywood – use the same jargon. They share a common language, the language of the creator, of the entrepreneur.
Brock Pierce
Literary theory has become a parody of science, generating its own arcane jargon. In the process, tragically, it discourages love of literature for its own sake.
Nancy Pearcey
Typically, actors overplay jargon or toss it away in an extravagant display of casualness. Real people hit the important parts hard.
John Cho
People say jargon is a bad thing, but it’s really a shortcut vocabulary professionals use to understand one another.
Erin McKean
I want to gesture toward a poetry of ourselves and others under the conditions of twenty-first-century absolutism, making us dimensional in a time when the human concrete is continually erased by state and religious violence and by disingenuous jargon serving state power.
Adrienne Rich
There wasn’t much technical terminology, and then, most academics are not trained in writing. And there is what is probably worse than ever before, the growing use of professional jargon.
Stephen Jay Gould
Very often, people talk about mothers, and they think that mother has to lose her sexuality. Mother has to be plain. Mothers cannot be exciting. Mother should not be up on what’s going on; she shouldn’t know the jargon of the day. And I just find that so old-fashioned!
Sheryl Lee Ralph
I hired people who would help me, you know, like a director of photography who wouldn’t blind me with jargon about ratios and pull-downs.
Ol Parker
I dislike literary jargon and never use it. Criticism has only one function and that is to help readers read and understand literature. It is not a science, it is an aid to art.
Anne Stevenson
New York cops are very specific in terms of the way they talk and the way they handle themselves. All these cliches that, as an Englishman, I thought were from a bygone era or were a bit of poetic license with cop shows – the more you hang out with them, the more you realize how real that jargon is.
Theo James
My issue with all sort of social justice stuff and leftie stuff, and I would put myself on a social justice leftie side, is some of the terminology is jargon.
Surrendering to jargon is a sign of journalism’s dismal lack of self-confidence in the optimized age of content-management systems.
George Packer
‘Cardiac Arrest’ was the first British drama to use a lot of medical jargon. ‘ER’ began the following year and was the first American drama to do that.
Jed Mercurio
The greatest sin of the academic left is that it has become fundamentally aristocratic, writing in bizarre jargon that makes cliches seem abstruse. If you can’t explain your ideal to a fairly intelligent 12-year-old, it’s probably your own fault.
Rutger Bregman
It’s terrifying the way molecular biology has become more and more jargon ridden. But I strongly believe that my book can be read by the intelligent layman. I want everyone who bought a copy of ‘A Brief History of Time’ to buy a copy of ‘Genome’.
Matt Ridley
Do not be taken in by ‘insiderisms.’ Fledgling columnists, eager to impress readers with their grasp of journalistic jargon, are drawn to such arcane spellings as ‘lede.’ Where they lede, do not follow.
William Safire
I was born on a council estate with a mum who, despite doing everything she could for me, couldn’t help me learn to read and write because she had never been taught herself. As the jargon would have it now, I was not ‘school ready.’
Angela Rayner
The best time to catch tribal jargon is when it’s not looking.
Susie Dent
There was in Italy a hidden demand for a boring government which would try to tell the truth in non-political jargon.
Mario Monti
It’s really hard for me to memorize the medical jargon if I don’t know the meaning of every single word. So I do have to do a little Wikipedia/YouTube research to figure out what I’m talking about.
Kelly McCreary
Even if politicians spew confusing, convoluted jargon, these people are still meant to represent me, and the only way that happens is if I stay informed and vote.
Tracee Ellis Ross
English, as a subject, never really got over its upstart nature. It tries to bulk itself up with hopeless jargon and specious complexity, tries to imitate subjects it can never be.
Zadie Smith