Top 305 Frustrating Quotes

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I think the toughest thing about being an actor in a fi

I think the toughest thing about being an actor in a film is to be with a director who doesn’t know what they want. And that can be really, really frustrating.
Ricky Jay
The government was built on compromising. And it’s frustrating as hell.
Blake Farenthold
Having to go back and forth between school and filming would sometimes be frustrating because I loved school. It was my chance to be around other people my age. But when you’re leaving school to go to a set that’s filled with kids your age, then it’s fine.
Alexa Vega
It is so frustrating to feel in danger. People have followed me around at 2 in the morning and have literally said, ‘Don’t make me follow you. You’re not responding to me.’ It’s incredibly degrading.
Zazie Beetz
It’s frustrating and difficult to go out there every night as an underdog, knowing you’re probably going to lose, knowing you still have to play hard to prove yourself to your teammates, coaches and higher-ups that you’re still valuable.
John Collins
One of the most frustrating things is to see a country in which you had elections, the elections were a success, but then you have to say to people nothing can be improved in the next few months, even in the next few years, in infrastructure, in water, in sanitation, in health, in education, in jobs.
Antonio Guterres
Sometimes when you lose your mobile phone, even though it’s frustrating, it’s sort of rewarding in many ways because, though we do rely on them a lot, we are not reliant on them. The world continues without.
Matt Smith
The things that get under my skin are when the premise of a question is based on inaccurate information, misleading information. That can be frustrating.
Jen Psaki
It’s easy to get a theatrical release that shows in one theater for a week. But there’s no advertising, and no one sees the movie. It’s hard to get a real theatrical release. The distribution of independent films is, to me, extraordinarily frustrating.
Jason Blum
I never got used to getting hurt and watching games on the bench. So, it’s a little frustrating for me to sit there and watch my guys go out there and play every day.
Matt Kemp
The creative project of self-government – hard and frustrating but necessary – is to produce that political commonwealth that changes over time, that can change sometimes by the minute, if circumstances intervene.
Charlie Pierce
Not playing is frustrating; you want to play in every game. But it’s the life of a keeper. You’d rather be on the pitch than off.
Robert Green
I find it frustrating when people wear belts with braces. That’s an interesting one.
Olly Murs
I always tell people that the music industry may be frustrating sometimes, but the singing never gets old. It’s something I grew up doing, and I take the bitter with the sweet.
It’s frustrating when you make the efforts but the conditions are not there to make a great tournament.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
I’m proud to have represented England in four World Cups but it was hugely frustrating that we never reached a semi-final or played to our ability.
James Anderson
For me, I’ve struggled with that when auditioning. Sometimes I get the feedback that I’m not white enough or I’m not black enough, and that can be really frustrating in that sense.
Sarah Jeffery
I’m hanging in there, trying to spend as much quality time with my wife and kids as possible, and though it’s very frustrating to know I won’t beat the cancer, there’s a great satisfaction in knowing that I’m walking off the field with no regrets.
Randy Pausch
At the end of the day, nobody drops a catch on purpose, and even the fielder gets frustrated. As a bowler, when a few catches are dropped, yeah, that is frustrating. But I think, ultimately, it’s part of the game.
Mohammad Amir
I don’t like feeling like it’s not up to me when I’m working and when I’m not. Not feeling complete freedom… that’s frustrating.
Emily Meade
I found school very boring and frustrating.
Jose Ferreira
I think there’s something really freeing about improv, that it’s a collective, creative, in-the-moment piece. That’s really exciting and really frustrating, because it’s there and gone.
Tatiana Maslany
Innovation is so hard and so frustrating; it takes the intersections of people with courage, vision, and resources.
Dean Kamen
As I get older, it’s getting more frustrating because I’m starting to think about what I’m going to do after cycling, and I may be pushed to study alongside riding in order to prepare for retirement – all those things the professional blokes don’t really have to think about.
Lizzie Armitstead
The most frustrating thing about injuries is that they take so bloody long to heal.
Jason Statham
Usually when you’re working is when people want you to work. They don’t want you as much when you’re not working. That’s the frustrating nature of our business.
Faith Ford
The fact that there has to be a man behind my success when I genuinely have worked so hard is frustrating.
What was frustrating about Armageddon was the time I spent not doing anything. It was a big special effects film, and I wasn’t crazy about pretending I was in outer space. It feels ridiculous.
Steve Buscemi
I am a role model now, young people see what I am at present. People look up to me now I am playing for Burnley and it is frustrating that what happened in the past gets brought up to look like it is the present.
Andre Gray
It’s really frustrating when you’re an identity-theft victim, and you go to the police and you say, ‘This guy in Florida, he stole my name and got a credit card – this is his address,’ and they say, ‘We don’t have jurisdiction in Florida. You need to go to the FBI.’
Frank Abagnale
It’s frustrating to see a club as great as West Ham not really pushing for the top six, they have everything, they have the fans, the stadium, they have to be pushing for top 6 without a doubt.
Jose Fonte
I know what I'm going to write for the next three years

I know what I’m going to write for the next three years. It’s frustrating, because if I get a good new idea, I have to put it aside.
Bruce Coville
The thing that’s frustrating about improv is that even if you have the best show in the world, it’s over when it’s over. You get to build stand-up – I really like that aspect of it. I like writing jokes, and you don’t get to do that in improv.
Michelle Wolf
It took me nine months to write 60 pages. It was very frustrating.
Sara Paretsky
My second record I used a producer, which was frustrating in a way, because I think a lot of the punky spirit and provocative nature of the lyrics didn’t come across – the music was pretty.
This unthinking assumption of moral virtue on the Left is frustrating. I saw someone on Facebook talking about capitalist scum, he was angry and thought it was OK because his anger was righteous.
Richard Coles
It was very frustrating, sitting on the couch, not doing anything. I couldn’t pick up anything with my left hand. I was in a soft cast all the way up to my elbow. It wasn’t fun. A lot of TV. I don’t wish it upon anybody.
Brooks Koepka
Dragon’s Lair’ we played a lot as kids. It’s a fun game to look at – it’s not a very fun game to play. Everyone who played it as a kid had the same experience: It’s outrageously expensive, it looks really cool, it draws you in like a magnet, and then it just takes your money and is very frustrating.
Matt Duffer
Yes, there are moments when it’s frustrating where you can’t put the ball where you want it and you make mistakes.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
I have had some dark times, it was a frustrating 2019. I was pushing for the Terence Crawford fight but, through no fault of my own, I did not get any of the big fights I wanted.
Kell Brook
It just gets frustrating playing the girlfriend, It’s just this awful feeling, sitting in your house, waiting for a script to come. I like to be more proactive.
Joey Lauren Adams
I’m a bit too much of a people pleaser and that can be frustrating for people in your life.
Jason Ritter
So much in L.A. is waiting. It’s so irritating. That’s what’s good about stand-up. You can go away, and you don’t have to sit and wait by your phone. But it is very frustrating.
Norm MacDonald
In the beginning it was very frustrating, being told girls don’t sing this kind of music, and, ‘Maybe you can try with pop or songs that are more romantic.’
Karol G
As a mountain walker, one of the most frustrating mistakes one can make in bad weather is taking the wrong route down.
Dominic Grieve
I am more than a black guy. I am a person, I’m storyteller, I’m a son, I’m a friend, so I am all those things, so it is frustrating, to a degree, to be limited by other people’s perceptions of me, but at the same time, it is true that I am a black guy, and, you know, it’s like I’m rooted in but not bound by.
Justin Simien
What is frustrating is to have others question my motivation, my ethics, and my history.
Louise Linton
I am really excited for Brooksy. Some of the things he does in training just puts a smile on your face and I want the supporters to see that. It’s been a frustrating couple of years for him. But having a fit David Brooks is beneficial to us and we will get him on the grass as much as we can.
Rob Page
I have two main reasons for retiring. The first is I can no longer play at a level I was accustomed to in the past. That has been very, very frustrating to me throughout this past year. The second one is realizing my health, along with my family, is the most important thing in the world.
Mario Lemieux
It’s frustrating when people question your integrity.
Luther Strange
At a time when 2500 American soldiers have given their lives for the cause of bringing democracy to Iraq, it is sad and frustrating to watch the Republican establishment disgrace the exercise of democracy in our own House of Representatives.
Earl Blumenauer
If the audience wants to hear them, then I’m going to play them. I’ll mess around with them a bit to keep it interesting, because it’s frustrating when you see artists refusing to play their biggest hits.
Darren Hayes