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I don't have friends when I'm on the court, besides my

I don’t have friends when I’m on the court, besides my team.
Matt Barnes
I thought I had the potential to be a better fighter than I’d ever be a football player. Besides, it was something my father always wanted me to do. He told me since I was a little kid I was a born fighter.
Tommy Morrison
I don’t think anyone likes to see a picture of themselves in a tabloid, besides a couple people who I’m not going to mention. I’m definitely not one of those people.
Gisele Bundchen
If you put four different people on a podium conducting the same downbeat, you get four different sounds. It’s a little mysterious and fascinating. There’s so much you can do with motions and body movements besides giving accurate beats.
Itzhak Perlman
It is frustrating that people have a hard time telling other female stories besides, ‘Is she going to get the guy?’
Ari Graynor
I’m only 24 so I like to think I’m still close enough to 17 to still remember what it was like. Besides, I could just fake it and get away with it… it’s not like there are any teenagers that still read comics.
Robert Kirkman
You’re in front of an audience, but you’re playing for a camera. There’s this huge adrenaline rush, because you know that besides the audience in the studio, there are millions of people watching at home.
Jon Lovitz
Sometimes I think it’s easier to play someone who’s very, very different from yourself. Besides, I wouldn’t want to play people who are just like me; that would get awfully boring very fast!
Julia Stiles
I want people to follow their dreams, yes… but I’m not interested in telling young black kids how to be rappers… I want to show them that there’s so many other paths you can take, besides a rapper or basketball player.
J. Cole
Besides infrastructure, there is a huge opportunity in housing and urbanisation of cities – not only building new ones, but also renewing the infrastructure of old cities to make them more livable. This provides tremendous scope for large investments to fuel growth.
Jamshyd Godrej
I think I would probably die without my eyeliner, but besides that I’m pretty basic.
Avril Lavigne
I force people to have coffee with me, just because I don’t trust that a friendship can be maintained without any other senses besides a computer or cellphone screen.
John Cusack
Besides the actual reading in class of many poems, I would suggest you do two things: first, while teaching everything you can and keeping free of it, teach that poetry is a mode of discourse that differs from logical exposition.
A. R. Ammons
I loved spaghetti westerns but besides these pure entertainment movies, there was also something different.
Takashi Miike
Besides Kannada, I also know Telugu and Tamil fairly well.
Nidhhi Agerwal
Besides, I always thought that one of the great attractions of practising law was what I like to call the collegiality of the profession and I think that duty of collegiality applies even when we are retired.
Len G. Murray
Our nation will have 50 percent less ability to do whatever our bidding is because the joint strike fighter program was canceled. There is nothing that is going to be a replacement besides the Joint Strike Fighter.
James F. Amos
The studios basically, besides developing some material, their strength is distribution. Distribution in any other business is a cost that you incur. You know, in a trucking business, you eat it. In a film business, distribution is a profit center.
Michael Douglas
Besides being a sportsman, I am also a human being.
Besides having an audience, the most important currency for any leader is his or her reputation. And having a reputation for over-delivering on what’s expected of you should give your visitors, subscribers and customers more reason to spend their money with you and refer their friends.
Lewis Howes
So many actors wear wigs nowadays. Besides, if someone is hiring me because of how I wear my hair, I don’t want to work with them anyway.
Maria Bello
I can’t put anyone even really close to Christina Aguilera besides Stacie Orrico.
Christina Grimmie
Who, other than a crazy person, does anything besides hang up on a robo-call? Any call, any person, anywhere, under any circumstances.
P. J. O’Rourke
Chris Candido – besides loving him like a little brother – I used to sit and watch him in awe because it was so effortless for him. He could wake up from a nap and go out and have a five-star match.
Shane Douglas
Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
Lin Yutang
Besides Christianity and specifically Catholicism being wonderful, Christmas is intrinsic to American culture and worth defending. Think of what happens at Christmas time. People play Mariah Carey Christmas songs… What else do you need in life?
Milo Yiannopoulos
I’ve seen former vice president, and now Democratic leadership candidate Joe Biden up close. He seemed a pleasant fellow. But I’m damned if I can remember anything he said, besides how much he loves everybody.
Neil Macdonald
In ‘D.A.R.Y.L.’ there was a part where I had to freeze to death, and they didn’t even use it. It can get kind of frustrating. But I don’t regret that I decided to become an actor. Besides, if I don’t like it at any time, I can stop.
Barret Oliver
I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.
Lily Tomlin
Now, what that means is that there is fundamental indeterminacy from quantum mechanics, but besides that there are other sources of effective indeterminacy.
Murray Gell-Mann
Directors have so much else to do besides tell actors what to do. There are so many issues and problems.
Michael Douglas
Prosecutors say it would be next to impossible to get o

Prosecutors say it would be next to impossible to get one teen to testify in court that another had slipped him or her a copied disc at lunchtime. And besides, isn’t sharing music a time-honored part of teen friendship?
Charles Duhigg
The lovely daisy, so justly celebrated by European poets, is not a native of our soil; we know it well, however, by cultivation in our gardens and green houses; besides, we are disposed to remember it for the sake of those who have sung its praises in immortal verse.
Dorothea Dix
We were in all four men with eight animals; for besides the spare horses led by Shaw and myself, an additional mule was driven along with us as a reserve in case of accident.
Francis Parkman
What the hell is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and what does it do besides talk about itself and sell postcards?
Steve Miller
Besides being responsible for myself, I’m now responsible for someone else. And I have to set the right examples. I have to really be someone that I would want my child to look up to.
Nicole Richie
King Lear alone among these plays has a distinct double action. Besides this, it is impossible, I think, from the point of view of construction, to regard the hero as the leading figure.
Andrew Coyle Bradley
Some artists claim praise is irrelevant in measuring the success of art, but I think it’s quite relevant. Besides, it makes me feel great.
Chris Van Allsburg
I don’t drink anything during the day besides coffee in the morning and then lots of water.
Christina Anstead
Well there’s nobody who has a more supportive husband than I do, and he has a business that he runs, and it’s his own business, so he has work to do, my kids have school to do, I mean, people have – there are other things in life besides politics.
Caroline Kennedy
‘Firewall’ seems both scary and protective at the same time. And how often does that happen within one word besides ‘military’ and ‘government?’
Adam McKay
Besides ‘Mahabharat,’ I am also acting in two serials – ‘Karam Apnaa Apnaa’ and ‘Kyunki.’ Three serials at one time mean I won’t have time for anything else.
Hiten Tejwani
So that between the Cape of St. Maria and Japan we were four months and twenty-two days; at which time there were no more than six besides myself that could stand upon his feet.
William Adams
No one has any license to brag because he is honest. That should be natural instinct and, besides, if you are not, they put you in jail. Honesty is merely a form of insurance.
Charles Comiskey
A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus.
Herbert Hoover
It’s funny: your happiness is contingent on a bigger picture besides just yourself.
Debra Granik
Besides merely some pleasure that we get out of the combinations of pitches together and lines, I think that there is some satisfaction that we get in the fact of having this diffuse thing organized very concretely and put onto a frame and have it actually decided.
Leo Ornstein
YouTube – holy cow! – I can do my career at my own pace. I didn’t have anybody to tell me I wasn’t ready, and I learned how to self-market and how to strategize. ‘Spontaneous Me’ had already been up on iTunes, but besides my mom and grandma, no one bought it. Once it was up on YouTube, it went crazy.
Lindsey Stirling
If I’m stood besides any man, I’m going to be accused of flirting.
Maura Higgins
All I know how to do is take what’s on my mind and spit it out funny. I don’t know what else I could do besides comedy.
Ron White
In our family, there wasn’t anything else besides art. Nothing else in the world existed. My father never spoke about going to a movie or listening to music, other than my mother’s singing.
Kiki Smith
Everyone wants to look good, but with CrossFit you get so much more besides looking good.
Rich Froning Jr.
If anything betrays my Ashkenazi Jewish heritage – besides the Casper-the-friendly-ghost-like skin tone – it’s my love of fishy fish.
Claire Saffitz
The rest of my work, besides sketching and keeping a diary, which was the most troublesome of all, consisted in making geological and zoological collections.
John Hanning Speke
We are aware of the strategic location of Kuwait, besides the stable region.
Emma Bonino