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Here, I have an opportunity to affect the lives of a lo

Here, I have an opportunity to affect the lives of a lot of young people – and not just on my football team. I’m not kidding myself that that would be true at the professional level.
Joe Paterno
I’m not the guy that wants to be famous and make loads of money and sell loads of records. I don’t want that. I just want to be true. I want to be… I want to serve music. I want to be honest.
Damien Rice
The funny thing about advertising is that it’s not a zero-sum game… Historically, in the digital ad world, pie has gotten larger and it’s possible for everyone to win, and it’s perfectly possible that will continue to be true for quite some time.
Eric Schmidt
You have to be true to your instinctive way of writing. You have to find your identity.
Michaela Coel
I hold it to be the most monstrous proposition ever uttered within the Senate that conquering a country like Mexico, the President can constitute himself a despotic ruler without the slightest limitation on his power. If all this be true, war is indeed dangerous!
John C. Calhoun
Technology gets a bad rap for keeping us glued to our screens instead of being present with whomever is around us, and while this can be true, it also allows us to connect with billions of people all over the world. For free.
Jen Sincero
Bottom up thinkers try to start from experience and move from experience to understanding. They don’t start with certain general principles they think beforehand are likely to be true; they just hope to find out what reality is like.
John Polkinghorne
I’ve realized through the years that I just find happiness in other things, whether it’s my dogs or my friends or, like, looking at the sunset. So if I were to wish for something else, it would just to be happy all the time, to have a superpower of not letting things affect me, and to be true to who I am, always.
Kylie Jenner
Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Keep your mind open about what you want to do and be true to yourself. So many people are governed by what’s ‘in’ or copy something that someone else has done.
Matthew Bourne
What is needed to pass gay marriage is not a Democratic majority – this past year has proven that to be true – but politicians and judges comfortable enough to ignore what the majority of the voters want and do what is uncomfortable, unpopular – and morally right.
Richard Grenell
I think people should be authentic and who they are. If that calls people to same-sex attraction and same-sex marriage, then they should be true to who they are, and I think that the world could benefit by more love.
Chris Gibson
Faith is what someone knows to be true, whether they believe it or not.
Flannery O’Connor
The 1930s birthed two great agrarian novels: ‘Gone with the Wind’ from the viewpoint of the ruling class, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ for the underclass. And both were turned into movies that dared to be true to the books’ controversial themes.
Richard Corliss
On one level, I must never lose touch with my audience. But I must, at some point, stop trying to get everybody to like me, and be true to the thing I think I need to say.
Joss Whedon
You just try to be true to your idea of what is funny and what is also interesting.
John Oliver
I identify as an agent when I’m agenting, and I identify as an author when I’m writing. I expect both those things to be true for as long as I’m able to do them.
Bill Clegg
To be a true artist, I have to be true to who I am now and write that way.
Brad Paisley
I cannot stress often enough that what science is all about is not proving things to be true but proving them to be false.
Lawrence M. Krauss
Dare to be true. Nothing can need a lie: a fault which needs it most, grows two thereby.
George Herbert
I began working quite young, writing, growing, maturing, always striving to top myself – to make people laugh hard at things they know and believe deep in their hearts to be true.
Bill Hicks
I think, at the end of the day, you have to live a truthful life and be true to yourself. You have one life, and everything has to fall into place around that.
Andreja Pejic
People may expect too much of journalism. Not only do they expect it to be entertaining, they expect it to be true.
Lewis H. Lapham
There is an art to acting, and there are techniques that are acquired. You can be as emotional as you’d like, as a person, but figuring out ways that you can bring specific emotions at specific times and have them be true, and relating to someone as someone that they’re not, is a lot.
Zoe Bell
It might be true that we all like to be entertained, but it’s also true that we all like to be equally touched by a film.
Tanikella Bharani
Even if I accepted that Jesus – like almost every other prophet on record – was born of a virgin, I cannot think that this proves the divinity of his father or the truth of his teachings. The same would be true if I accepted that he had been resurrected.
Christopher Hitchens
When Keats says: ‘Axioms in philosophy are not axioms until they are proved upon our pulses’, what he means is that we don’t necessarily believe what a poem is saying if it comes out and tells us in an absolutely head-on, in-your-face way; we only believe it to be true if we feel it to be true.
Andrew Motion
I think people love to attach themselves to the idea of an overnight success. That may be true about me.
Darren Criss
It can only be true love when you enable your other half to be better, to be the person they’re destined to be.
Michelle Yeoh
It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Let every man be true and every god a liar.
Samuel Butler
The principle that a central bank, charged with control

The principle that a central bank, charged with controlling inflation, should be independent from the government is unassailable. It may also be true that it’s easier for the central bank to guard its independence from political pressure when it mainly holds government securities.
Janet Yellen
You want a diverse writers’ room, not because it’s the fair thing to do or the right thing to do, but because it’s the best thing to do for your show. I’ve seen that to be true.
Nell Scovell
There is only one failure in life possible, and that is not to be true to the best one knows.
George Eliot
We must show our Christian colors if we are to be true to Jesus Christ.
C. S. Lewis
If it be true that our people represent a high percentage of mental vigor, the distinction is probably due, in some measure, to the extremely important part which Talmud studies have played in the spiritual life of the race.
Abraham Cahan
All views can’t be true because all views are opposite; this is the logical aspect. For example, Islam says we are good in nature; Christianity says we are born in sin. Islam says God is a man; Christianity says He is more than a man, He is God. All truths can’t be the same.
Norman Geisler
There is only one failure in life possible, and that is not to be true to the best one knows.
George Eliot
Even if I accepted that Jesus – like almost every other prophet on record – was born of a virgin, I cannot think that this proves the divinity of his father or the truth of his teachings. The same would be true if I accepted that he had been resurrected.
Christopher Hitchens
With ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ it was a different level of commitment for me with reference to helping the creators be true to their vision. I’ve been able to enjoy this game as much as a fan as I am a part of the creative process, and that’s a very rare and unique for me.
Randy Pitchford
Real beauty is to be true to oneself. That’s what makes me feel good.
Laetitia Casta
At the end of the day, the way I go about it is don’t let somebody else’s opinion of you define who you are. Don’t let other people’s thoughts or whatever it is be true.
Andy Dalton
I hope with all my heart and soul that every young man who receives the priesthood will honor that priesthood and be true to the trust which is conveyed when it is conferred. May each of us who holds the priesthood of God know what he believes.
Thomas S. Monson
The difficulty is to try and teach the multitude that something can be true and untrue at the same time.
Arthur Schopenhauer
The question I ask myself when adapting a book is how do I be true to the spirit and soul of the character? How would I describe this character in my medium? If you asked one person to do a painting of something and another to create a sculpture of it, you’ll never ask, ‘Why doesn’t the painting look like the sculpture?’
Gavin Hood
For a memoir to really succeed, the author has to do such hard work before they come to the page. They have to do a brutal self-examination of everything they believe to be true.
Alexandra Fuller
It is only the great hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly, Can never know what true friendship means.
Charles Kingsley
I want to be true to the character and maintain some consistency and give the audience what they love while at the same time keeping things fresh and grow the character.
Martha Plimpton
After all the stuff that I’ve been through, I’m trying to rebuild my brand and be true to who I am, and be authentic, and make the truest, realest content that I can.
Logan Paul
Although I loved Liza as a little girl, it would be true to say I really didn’t know her.
Lorna Luft
If evil be spoken of you and it be true, correct yourself, if it be a lie, laugh at it.
I grew up watching Oprah on television. So, to say I didn’t learn a lot from her just wouldn’t be true.
Angie Martinez
It’s important to be true to yourself and your vision.
Nicole Polizzi
Criticism is beyond your control and is a collective group of people deciding things about you that may or may not be true. Some critics look for more when there’s no need to. They have a dotto-dot picture of me they are intent on filling in.
Richard Ashcroft