Top 33 Body Needs Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Body Needs Quotes from famous people such as Jessy Schram, Michael J. Fox, Vitor Belfort, Joe Bastianich, Carnie Wilson, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

At different times in your life, your body needs differ

At different times in your life, your body needs different things.
Jessy Schram
I can’t always control my body the way I want to, and I can’t control when I feel good or when I don’t. I can control how clear my mind is. And I can control how willing I am to step up if somebody needs me.
Michael J. Fox
Sometimes I flashback and say, ‘Wow I’m still doing this. Wow, it’s crazy.’ And I’m very thankful, but I think my body needs a rest.
Vitor Belfort
Carbs – especially pasta – are the fuel my body needs to maintain an athletic lifestyle.
Joe Bastianich
All I can do is listen to what my body needs and feels.
Carnie Wilson
As a rule I start the day with a delicious health cocktail which includes soya protein powder, porridge oats, water, vitamin C, sunflower seeds and honey, plus Dr Udo’s Ultimate Oil Blend for all the essential fatty acids your body needs.
Lisa Stansfield
I know my body needs to have the proper nutrition so that I can keep kicking at a high level. The same goes with sleep.
Adam Vinatieri
Yeah, I worked with a chef when I first got into the league. We did all my blood work and found out exactly what I’m sensitive to, what I’m deficient in, what my body needs. I had to cut out a lot of things – chicken, tuna, wheat, and soy.
Christian McCaffrey
The body needs its rest, and sleep is extremely important in any health regimen. There should be three main things: eating, exercise and sleep. All three together in the right balance make for a truly healthy lifestyle.
Rohit Shetty
I can’t cook! It’s genetic. My grandmother can’t cook, my mother can’t cook. I was raised to believe you eat because your body needs fuel for energy, so I eat super foods.
Jada Pinkett Smith
But on average, I go to the gym about four or five times a week. Today, I’m so experienced in training – I’m actually listening to my body now. My body needs freedom. When I train I create serenity and I produce oxygen in my blood. It helps me to think better and relax. By training, you accentuate the problem.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Plot is what happens in your story. Every story needs structure, just as every body needs a skeleton. It is how you ‘flesh out and clothe’ your structure that makes each story unique.
Caroline Lawrence
Exercise is like an addiction. Once you’re in it, you feel like your body needs it.
Elsa Pataky
Almost 70 per cent of your fitness battle is won the day you realise what your body needs and when. I’ve made my own diets, and I decide for myself what works for me.
Arjun Rampal
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you feed yourself what your body needs when it needs it, that’s love. So give your bod some TLC and sit down and enjoy a good, substantial breakfast.
Kathy Freston
Movement is exercise. Seemingly simple things – taking a walk, for example – can be just the spark your body needs to get back on a healthy track.
David Kirsch
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
John Muir
My body needs to be aligned when I am sleeping so for that I sometimes sleep on the floor.
Rashami Desai
As an actor, your whole body needs to be expressive, and unless you know the language, your expressions will not match the character you are playing. So, I am learning Tamil to the fullest.
Shweta Tripathi
If you look in the mirror and think, ‘Boy, my body needs a good dose of middle management,’ keep in mind that tummy fat could be the result of many things.
Denise Austin
You need a good, healthy diet – it’s about finding out what your body needs. Sugar is a disaster for skin, as is white flour.
Thandie Newton
I try to start every day with some sort of vegetable and fruit juice before I eat any kind of solid food. Because that really jump starts your body and digestive system with the high content of micronutrients that your body needs.
Jake Arrieta
Your body is an amazing machine that adapts to just about anything. If you’re constantly changing what your body needs to adapt to, it’s amazing what your body can do.
Rich Froning Jr.
My body needs a lot of protein because I exercise so much. I eat dairy, meat, and gluten, but I stay away from white flour, sugar, and processed foods.
Mary Helen Bowers
I get up at 6 A.M. after sleeping for six hours, as I feel that is the ideal time that my body needs. I start my workout at 7 in the morning, with 10-15 minutes of warming up.
Sangram Singh
The body needs to rest. It needs a lot less exercise than you think.
Sylvester Stallone
If your body needs certain food, you have to give it to it. And as an athlete, if I’m doing 100 miles a week and working out, if I eat bad food one day, it’s not bad for me because I burn it off.
Mo Farah
You could be doing a million butt lifts, but your butt is not going to get any bigger because there is nothing to build on. Your body needs food to make that happen.
Erin Heatherton
Every December I take two or three weeks off. After an entire season of training and climbing, my body needs the break.
Adam Ondra
The body needs food, warmth and water, but your heart needs more.
Claire Cameron
I think, over the time that you’re in the league, you learn what your body needs: you learn the amount of soft tissue work you need, the amount of dry needling, or the amount of sleep or your nutrition. You also understand that you have to pull back.
Benjamin Watson
It took years for me to figure out what my body needs a

It took years for me to figure out what my body needs and that what works for my friends doesn’t necessarily work for me. Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body.
Kaley Cuoco
I start warming up before training an hour before at the hotel. That’s not because I feel old and my body needs it. It’s because it’s prehab. It’s preventing those injuries.
Alex Morgan