Top 33 Chinese Food Quotes

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I'm a movie buff. My mom would take me to a double feat

I’m a movie buff. My mom would take me to a double feature. We’d come out, go have Chinese food, and then go back into another cinema and see another double feature. I feel I’m a child of the movies.
Loretta Swit
I actually didn’t grow up in a household that loved Chinese food particularly, and it’s not really my go-to food or anything… We were more a pizza family, being from the Chicago area and all.
Jami Attenberg
Not like Chinese food, where you eat it and then you feel hungry an hour later.
Ray Liotta
People keep saying I’m westernizing Chinese food. No I’m not. McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, have done it big time, way before me.
Alvin Leung
I’m a big fish eater. Salmon – I love salmon. My sister loves Chinese food and sushi and all that. I’m not as big of a fan, but she likes it so we eat it a lot. So I’m beginning to like it more. I don’t like the raw sushi. I liked the cooked crab and lobster and everything.
Elle Fanning
My favourite thing in the world is going out to get Chinese food, then coming home and renting a movie.
Bindi Irwin
It would take enormous expertise for Amazon to win in every category. Do you think McDonald’s could be number one in hamburgers, seafood, and Chinese food?
Masayoshi Son
I’m doing activations with companies you would never think of. Not to say this in a braggadocious way, but I’m not putting myself in a box. The only thing that goes in a box is Chinese food and your sneakers – not me.
Karen Civil
I’m not a machine. I get really motivated, then I fall off the wagon and want to eat Chinese food and sit on my couch and gain five or 10 pounds!
Shemar Moore
I’m obsessed with Chinese food and culture. It’s food that I adore above all others.
Andrew Zimmern
A ritual or tradition can be as simple as something you do every night, like read a story to a small child, or something you do weekly, such as go out for Chinese food.
Elizabeth Berg
I got into shape because I took kick-boxing lessons every day to prepare for a fight scene with Taylor Lautner. I really wanted to lie down and eat Chinese food, but I kick-boxed every morning and ran. If someone was filming you with your kit off, you’d do the same thing.
Jason Isaacs
A dish should have flavor, texture, appearance and smell, but I’m doing it differently. We take Chinese food, play with your sentiments, memories of it, and then take you to the border; you won’t fall over the edge, but you get excitement.
Alvin Leung
As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.
Michael Chang
My food demons are Chinese food, sugar, butter.
Kirstie Alley
I love Chinese food, like steamed dim sum, and I can have noodles morning, noon and night, hot or cold. I like food that’s very simple on the digestive system – I tend to keep it light. I love Japanese food too – sushi, sashimi and miso soup.
Shilpa Shetty
Filipino food is not common when compared to your local Chinese food options.
Vincent Rodriguez III
I ate some pretty funky, authentic Chinese food in Hong Kong. There was an egg from some bird that’s not a chicken. I can’t remember what it was, but it was green and brown and not very tasty.
John Legend
I love pizza, I love Chinese food, Caribbean food, I love Italian.
Anthony Yarde
Chinese food tries to engage the mind, not just the palate. To provoke the intellect.
Nicole Mones
I can’t stay away from Chinese food. I really love that stuff.
Shaun White
In Australia, Chinese food culture has imparted flavour, dimension and excitement to the way we eat.
Melissa Leong
My brother is working to change the perception of Chinese food in America.
Lulu Wang
When it comes to Chinese food I have always operated under the policy that the less known about the preparation the better. A wise diner who is invited to visit the kitchen replies by saying, as politely as possible, that he has a pressing engagement elsewhere.
Calvin Trillin
We might be shifting away from a Eurocentric view of the United States into something that’s much more multicultural, multinational, and Chinese food is just one slice of that.
Jennifer Lee
In the States, you can buy Chinese food. In Beijing you can buy hamburger. It’s very close. Now I feel the world become a big family, like a really big family. You have many neighbors. Not like before, two countries are far away.
Jet Li
On Christmas, my family and I see a movie and go out for Chinese food. We don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, in that we do not actually celebrate Christmas.
Eden Sher
I’m something of a foodie, I guess, and I’m a big Chinese food fan.
H. Jon Benjamin
It is an honor to open in New York City and to have the opportunity to serve and share our family’s version of American Chinese food and hospitality. New York City deeply influenced my passion for food and service, and it feels good to be back.
Andrew Cherng
Everything was happening on that strip of Fulton Street. And if I wanted Chinese food, if I wanted to play video games, if I wanted pizza, if I had to go to the corner story for a juice, I had to go on Fulton Street.
The Notorious B.I.G.
One of the best times at a start-up is when you’ve got the eight people in the basement eating Chinese food and everybody kind of shares knowledge, and you share in your successes and failures together, and you learn together.
Jared Isaacman
There's a camaraderie that comes with this sport, but f

There’s a camaraderie that comes with this sport, but fighting Anderson Silva is a lot like eating Chinese food: twenty minutes after I do it, I’m going to want to do it again.
Chael Sonnen
One good thing about being brought up with Chinese food from another country means that you’re not a purist and you will accept deviation.
Alvin Leung