Top 33 Faithfully Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Faithfully Quotes from famous people such as Chuck Grassley, B. C. Forbes, Ken Livingstone, Jim Sensenbrenner, Henry B. Eyring, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

When you're encouraging - the government is encouraging

When you’re encouraging – the government is encouraging guns to be sold illegally to people that shouldn’t have them, the laws aren’t being faithfully executed.
Chuck Grassley
It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.
B. C. Forbes
I Kenneth Robert Livingstone, having been elected to the office of mayor of London, declare that I take that office upon myself, and will duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it to the best of my judgement and ability.
Ken Livingstone
The president of the United States, on Inauguration Day, takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws. Those are the laws that are passed by Congress.
Jim Sensenbrenner
We are safe on the rock which is the Savior when we have yielded in faith in Him, have responded to the Holy Spirit’s direction to keep the commandments long enough and faithfully enough that the power of the Atonement has changed our hearts.
Henry B. Eyring
The wood of any tree growing anywhere records fairly faithfully the oxygen and hydrogen chemistry of the water the plant has access to through precipitation.
Hope Jahren
My job is to take the law as it’s given to me and enforce it and implement it faithfully.
Richard Cordray
Faithfully obeying God’s commandments is essential to receiving the Holy Ghost. We are reminded of this truth each week as we listen to the sacrament prayers and worthily partake of the bread and water.
David A. Bednar
You may doubt the significance of your work, but work faithfully anyways.
Chris Long
Charged with faithfully executing the laws, the president is, in effect, the nation’s highest law enforcement officer.
George T. Conway III
Shakespeare did not consider himself the legislator of mankind. He faithfully records man’s problems and does not evidently propose to solve them.
Allan Bloom
The president’s duty to faithfully execute his office includes not only a duty of loyalty to the nation but also a duty of care – a duty to act with reasonable diligence and upon a reasonable basis.
George T. Conway III
The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside.
Dag Hammarskjold
In general, presidents do sit for interviews or respond to requests from prosecutors because they take their constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the laws seriously, and running away from a prosecutor isn’t consistent with faithfully executing the laws.
Neal Katyal
As all presidents must, Trump swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and to faithfully execute his office and the laws in accordance with the Constitution. That oath requires putting the national interests above his personal interests.
George T. Conway III
There is only one way to get ready for immortality, and that is to love this life and live it as bravely and faithfully and cheerfully as we can.
Henry Van Dyke
I feel just fine about ignoring or bypassing the rights of people I have known and loved to be rendered faithfully, or to be left in peace, and out of novels.
Colm Toibin
Peasants, who after the liberation of the country became the masters of their lands and their country under the benevolence of Comrade Kim Il Sung, launched the campaigns for increasing agricultural production and donating cereals out of patriotism, and thus faithfully supported the Party’s line of nation building.
Kim Jong-un
We don’t really need reviewers, just first-night reporters who will tell us faithfully whether or not the audience liked the show.
Carroll O’Connor
With respect to my religious sentiments, I have the firmest assurance and tranquillity. I have faithfully endeavoured to improve the faculties and opportunities God has given me, and I am perfectly easy about the consequences.
William Godwin
More than 48 million men and women have served America well and faithfully in military uniform.
Steve Buyer
Further, Take heed that you faithfully perform the business you have to do in the world, from a regard to the commands of God; and not from an ambitious desire of being esteemed better than others.
David Brainerd
Painting and music were the only things I worked at industriously and faithfully.
Pierre Loti
The point with me is that it’s always been, even with the stand-up, that the music has to be right. You have to take it seriously. You have to try and play it as faithfully as possible. That way it helps the comedy. Rather than just playing it in a silly way.
Bill Bailey
No president who performs his duties faithfully and conscientiously can have any leisure.
James K. Polk
If confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully. That would be binding precedent of the court. It’s been decided by the Supreme Court.
Brett Kavanaugh
I promise by my conscience and honor to faithfully fulfill the obligations of the office of president of the government with loyalty to the King, and to keep and enforce the Constitution as the fundamental norm of the State.
Pedro Sanchez
It has worked great good in other communities in the state where it has been honestly and faithfully tried, and I feel confident it will do the same in Pitt, if we faithfully administer the law, and that it will bring gladness and joy into the homes of the people.
Thomas Jordan Jarvis
‘Faithfully’ speaks to me. It’s about a guy who’s busy with his work, always on the road, but I’m still completely into you. If you just hold on, I’ll completely give myself to you. Just stick along for the ride.
Myles Garrett
The most dangerous area where our laws are not being faithfully executed are the laws designed to protect Americans against the millions of aliens who enter our country illegally every year.
Phyllis Schlafly
I think it’s dangerous to make a decision based on where one thinks the public may or may not be. Aside from the fact that that’s not what the law prescribes, it’s also, I think, not what reasoned decision-making is all about… You always try to look at the facts and apply the law faithfully.
Ajit Pai
There are plenty of Muslims who live faithfully in the

There are plenty of Muslims who live faithfully in the United States.
Monica Crowley
I just want to faithfully represent the public that voted for me and diligently work for all the people in Israel. If I can do that, I don’t care what anyone says about me.
Ayelet Shaked