Top 33 Freezer Quotes

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I make some of my best recipes with a simple homemade s

I make some of my best recipes with a simple homemade stock. Keep shrimp shells stored in a plastic bag in the freezer. When you have almost a gallon-bag full, you can make a stock in 30 minutes that you can use in soups and sauces. You can then freeze the stock in ice-cube trays.
Emeril Lagasse
A minister has to be able to read a clock. At noon, it’s time to go home and turn up the pot roast and get the peas out of the freezer.
Garrison Keillor
Stock up your pantry and your freezer with things that aren’t perishable: Your favorite jar of tomato sauce that lists ‘tomato’ as the first ingredient, lots of grains, olive oils, vinegars, tomato pastes, onions, shallots. When you go to the store, you only have to pick up meats and produce.
Giada De Laurentiis
The funny thing is while the grown-ups in the family may indulge, we really try to offer our son Duke clean food, as all his meals are made with organic ingredients as the rest of us eat cookies straight out of the freezer.
Bill Rancic
Open your refrigerator, your freezer, your kitchen cupboards, and look at the labels on your food. You’ll find ‘natural flavor’ or ‘artificial flavor’ in just about every list of ingredients. The similarities between these two broad categories are far more significant than the differences.
David Chang
I eventually turned the fridge and freezer off – they were empty anyway – and the boiler, desperate to save money, shocking myself awake in the morning with the shortest, coldest showers, and boiling a kettle of water twice a week to bath my young son.
Jack Monroe
Technically, fish can last up to half a year in a freezer, but their quality starts to slide after the first month.
Jonathan Miles
If I snack, it’s generally hummus on Rice-Thins or Nut-Thins crackers and some guacamole. If I need something sweet, I have dark chocolate chips stashed in my freezer, and I’ll eat a few to satisfy my sweet tooth – but only if there aren’t any cinnamon gummy bears around. I’m a sucker for those!
Busy Philipps
My beauty tricks revolve around eyes. For the early morning shoots, I pop eye pads in the freezer the night before, and when I take them out in the morning they are already cold and active and are great under my eyes. I keep my eye pads right next to my red velvet Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer.
Chrissy Teigen
I worked as a cashier. I had three bosses who were all still in high school. Before that I worked at Target in the backroom freezer, unloading frozen foods.
Scott Cawthon
When I decided to stay in Iraq, I decided to take the fear out of my body and put it into a freezer.
Asne Seierstad
I’m always a big fan of a big pot of chicken soup. I like to make a big pot of that, and I keep it in my freezer so when I come off the road and I just want to sit in my pajamas on my couch and catch up on the DVR and dig into a nice big bowl of chicken soup. It feeds my soul.
Anne Burrell
Remember in ‘Goodfellas’ when Joe Pesci stops by his mom’s house to get a knife but within minutes is served a full-on red-sauce dinner despite his mom having been asleep when he arrived? That is the constant state of preparedness that only a freezer can get you.
Chris Morocco
I have a sensitive skin, so all products I use have aloe vera in them. I wash my face a lot and avoid touching it unnecessarily. I use makeup only when I have to. All products I use have natural ingredients. For me, cotton soaked in rose water and then kept in the freezer for a bit works as a great toner.
Tena Desae
Studies on cherries, raspberries and strawberries suggest that most of their nutrition is retained when they’re frozen, so it’s a good idea to keep some in the freezer.
Michael Greger
I take everything out of the fridge and see what we can make. We talk about what we could possibly create, and if there is something on the turn that we could save, we chop it up and put it in the freezer.
Nadiya Hussain
If I buy anything for personal use or for BOB that has even the slightest hint of moth damage, I put it straight into the freezer for a few days. This might sound odd, but its the best and most efficient way to kill moth eggs.
Dawn O’Porter
When my book was first sent out to publishers, my agent told me to buy a lot of ice-cream and wait. So I bought a gigantic amount of ice-cream, and huddled by the freezer eating it and shaking, hoping someone would like it.
Sarah Rees Brennan
I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I go to the supermarket that a woman doesn’t come up and want to give me a hug. It’s a crazy thing when you’re in the freezer department and some woman comes up behind you and says, ‘Can I just hug you, please?’ When it first happened, it really blew my mind.
Ron Cephas Jones
When I had a side-by-side-style freezer, I kept everything – soup, ground meat, steaks, cooked rice – frozen in flat packs that I filed away vertically like vinyl records.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
If you take something out of the freezer, it’s cold, but what happens when it melts? It’s a cool party, a cool person, a cool collection. What does that mean? I’m more interested in things that are uncool, things that have a certain individuality, a certain soul, a certain longevity, emotion, fragility.
Alber Elbaz
My dad, Frank Addison Albini, was a terrific shot with a rifle and had generally excellent hunting skills. While my dad loved hunting and fishing, he didn’t romanticize them. He was filling the freezer, not intellectualizing some caveman impulse or proving his worth as a real man.
Steve Albini
How do I keep young? Haven’t you heard? I sleep every night in the deep freezer!
Donatella Versace
I actually believe that you should not wash your jeans, ever. In Japan, they actually put them in the freezer. That kills the bacteria and makes them not smell anymore.
Benny Blanco
A refrigerator, to me, isn’t as clever an appliance as people would have you believe. To me, it’s a cold limbo, a temporary reprieve from the inevitability of spoilage. The freezer, on the other hand, is a far more satisfying solution for keeping foods at their best.
Chris Morocco
There are two kinds of people in crisis situations – those who fight and those who freeze. I’m a freezer, and that’s just going by the couple of surprise birthday parties I’ve had thrown for me.
Cobie Smulders
My freezer is a labelled-and-dated marvel of soups, stews, braises, cooked grains, bread, and the occasional half-eaten dessert. Any of them can be defrosted and ready to eat in under 25 minutes.
Chris Morocco
I definitely recommend keeping frozen corn dogs in your freezer.
Ari Shaffir
At home, I make a large batch of tomato sauce and freeze it in meal-size portions in freezer bags.
Joe Bastianich
Make your refrigerator or freezer like a treasure chest.
Lidia Bastianich
Smoking kills you, but life kills you, and if you don’t want to die, go into a freezer when you are born and nothing will happen to you.
Marjane Satrapi
Not born to be rich, by 1981 I had nonetheless begun to

Not born to be rich, by 1981 I had nonetheless begun to use a PC that required for its operation the absorption of several hundred pages of protocols and the placement of very large floppy disks in the freezer to fix frequent crashes.
Mark Helprin
Mum bought our dinners from Bejams, a frozen food centre. We had a huge chest freezer, back in the 70s and we filled it chockablock with frozen stuff.
Gregg Wallace