Top 33 Hymns Quotes

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Easy, simple and great laws, which await nothing but a

Easy, simple and great laws, which await nothing but a sign from the lawgiver to spread prosperity and vigour throughout the nation, laws which would earn him immortal hymns of gratitude down the generations, are those which are least considered or least wanted.
Cesare Beccaria
I do a medley of hymns in all of my sets, whether I’m in an arena, in a theater, in an amusement park.
Yolanda Adams
You know when you’re young you think you will always be. As you become more fragile, you reflect and you realize how much comfort can come from the past. Hymns can carry you into the future.
Andy Griffith
Probably about 10 years ago or so I told my grandmother that I always wanted to make a record of hymns if I could ever make a career of all of this. She kind of held me to it. She passed away in 1999. I just never forgot it.
Bart Millard
My musical influences growing up were limited to Korean folk songs and hymns as I went to a Christian boarding school where I was not allowed to listen to secular music.
All of my favorite hymns are admissions of faults, and finding redemption even in those.
Julien Baker
Listening to music is such an uplifting, spiritual thing. It’s far-fetched to some – I understand that. But the way dance music brings people together, it’s not a big stretch from hymns.
One of my first public performances was singing hymns at a funeral for a friend of our family.
Christopher Jackson
I sang the hymns, and I read the Bible stories, but I was always perplexed, like, ‘Really? Jesus wants you for a sunbeam? For a what?’
Neil Peart
In their plush melodies and plummy platitudes, many Rodgers-and-Hammerstein songs were secular hymns, which so insinuated themselves into the ear of the Eisenhower-era listener that they became the liturgical music for the American mid-century.
Richard Corliss
I never force myself to be devout except when I feel so inspired, and never compose hymns of prayers unless I feel within me real and true devotion.
Franz Schubert
The great folk hymns are a perfect marriage of text and tune. There are those that have nice messages and some with good music, but it is such a bonus when they are both wonderful.
Mack Wilberg
But nowadays hymns are the norm, because people don’t have much else to sing.
Richard Morris
Sometimes I, as a public official, turn to Scripture or hymns – especially hymns, because sometimes we Catholics don’t have the Scriptures memorized like we should – to help me explain a public policy position or an idea or to be able to articulate it better when you’re talking about justice or mercy or compassion.
Bob Casey, Jr.
I am atheist in a very religious mould. I’m always asking myself the big questions. Where did we come from? Is there a meaning to all of this? When I find myself in church, I edit the hymns as I sing them.
Mark Haddon
Being part of a community with a church at its centre and singin’ hymns is a great thing to do.
Vivienne Westwood
At school, I enjoyed playing the bassoon. I was in the orchestra and played the melody when the other boys sang hymns at prayers time.
James Dyson
Most of our American musical heritage is based on European models, but the folk hymns and spirituals are one of the most fertile and unique of our American musical traditions.
Mack Wilberg
I wanted to have more songs with religious backgrounds. The Christmas record has strong, traditional hymns, but it also has a song called ‘Christmas in Heaven’ about missing someone that you love that’s passed on, and wondering what’s going on up there on Christmas.
Scotty McCreery
There’s some belting hymns. Brilliant hymns. When I was an altar boy the hymns were great.
Peter Kay
Love songs are kind of like hymns if you think about it. Gospel songs are basically songs of adoration about God, or whatever you want to call Him.
Daniel Caesar
My grandfather once ventured upon publishing a volume of hymns. I never heard anyone speak in their favour or argue that they ought to have been sung in the congregation. In that volume, he promised a second if the first should prove acceptable. We forgive him the first collection because he did not inflict another.
Charles Spurgeon
Growing up in Jamaica, the Pentecostal church wasn’t that fiery thing you might think. It was very British, very proper. Hymns. No dancing. Very quiet. Very fundamental.
Grace Jones
I grew up going to a real small missionary baptist church. We would sing a lot of the old standards… the hymns and everything. Those songs are still my favorite and are pretty timeless.
Josh Turner
The MTC is known for singing music by great master composers, hymns, American music, Broadway numbers, popular songs, and inspirational music. If the audience doesn’t like one genre, they need only wait for the next number.
Mack Wilberg
The Catholic theatrics are pretty high quality, but the Protestants have better hymns.
Greta Gerwig
By singing the Guru’s hymns, I, the minstrel spread the Lord’s glory. Nanak, by praising the True Name, I have obtained the perfect Lord.
Guru Nanak
One of the things that is wonderful about hymns is that they are a sort of universally shared poetry, at least among certain populations.
Marilynne Robinson
The democratic and pedestrian character of the new Mass itself seems to invite the ditties that pass for hymns these days.
Richard Morris
I listen to Bach a great deal. In general I like to listen to hymns and liturgical music.
Marilynne Robinson
We always try to do something for everyone. Some want only hymns; some want music of the masters; some like popular favorites.
Mack Wilberg
People love to hear the choir sing the hymns.

People love to hear the choir sing the hymns.
Mack Wilberg
When I first began to learn to sing, it took me from three to four months to learn two simple hymns.
Heber J. Grant