Top 33 Landmark Quotes

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Rap is like any other genre: There are the people who a

Rap is like any other genre: There are the people who are very creative with it and do remarkable things… and then there’s that whole quadrant that sounds alike. There’s great stuff that’s taken the genre to a new level over the years, and ‘Regulate’ was one of those tracks that was kind of a landmark.
Michael McDonald
As the former state speaker of the North Caroline House of Representatives, I helped push two landmark bills that protected and expanded gun rights for citizens.
Thom Tillis
To me, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ is definitely a landmark. It has taught me so much.
Farhan Akhtar
My commitment is that Crown Sydney won’t be just another hotel: it will be a landmark building for Sydney with a design and quality that the city deserves.
James Packer
Incredibly, almost every hotel I ever played in Vegas was blown up shortly afterward: The Dunes, The Sands, The Landmark, The Aladdin, The Frontier, The Hacienda, The Stardust – all were imploded.
Elayne Boosler
All of journalism is a shrinking art. So much of it is hype. The O.J. Simpson story is a landmark in the decline of journalism.
Dick Schaap
The truth is that politicians are basically tied to trying to get reelected, so they can’t really make landmark changes.
Jim Brown
From 1965 to 1967, my dad, Jack Gilligan, served in Congress and helped pass landmark laws like the Voting Rights Act.
Kathleen Sebelius
Very few movies remain in public memory as landmark films, and I want to see whether ‘3 Idiots’ will be up there with some of the wonderful films that have come out of this country… Hopefully, we’ll come to know in a few years whether it can become one of the great films.
Boman Irani
Those of us involved in TV have a habit of using the word ‘landmark’ a bit too readily. I have been involved in a couple of television projects that, while we were making them, felt quite landmark-ish, but that in retrospect were just good TV.
David Olusoga
When population shifts – brought about by fair housing laws, affirmative action and landmark school desegregation rulings – political power is challenged as well.
Gwen Ifill
That movie, ‘Airplane!,’ what a landmark film it was. It’s a great, great movie.
Jeff Bridges
Truly landmark pieces of legislation – including the Social Security Act, Medicare, and the Kennedy and Reagan tax reductions – historically have garnered strong support from both parties. The ACA did not.
Linda McMahon
There’s so many cool things that happen, where you want to kind of sit back and smell the roses and say, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’ But then you’re already thinking a mile ahead about what the next landmark is, what the next goal is.
Adam Cole
Trust your landmark and run through the smoke. It’s going to open up eventually.
Ezekiel Elliott
In 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision concluded that women have a constitutionally protected right to safe and legal abortions. That landmark decision wasn’t the beginning of women having abortions; it was the end of women dying from abortions.
Jan Schakowsky
On a mild day in January 2011, Republicans in the House voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It was the first of more than 80 attempts to dismantle the landmark law.
Brian Schatz
‘America 24/7’ will be a landmark series in documentary photography and the watershed event of the new digital photography age.
Rick Smolan
In a very basic way, a prominent landmark such as Mt. Holyoke tells you where you are. They let you know that you’re not the first person in a place.
Tracy Kidder
Nobody has tried anything like this in Telugu cinema. ‘Eega’ is a landmark film.
The Edmund Pettus Bridge – which in 2013 was declared a National Historic Landmark – isn’t symbolic of the Civil War in a meaningful way. It is, however, the modern-day battlefield where the voting rights movement was born.
Douglas Brinkley
I have nothing against President McKinley whatsoever, but I would rather have this peak be called by the name it has gone by for centuries by Alaskans than a man who never set foot in our state. This is the tallest mountain in North America, and we deserve to have this Alaskan landmark bear an Alaskan name.
Lisa Murkowski
The white cliffs of Dover are a significant landmark and it is so encouraging to know that they will now be protected for future generations.
Vera Lynn
Jim Crow laws stripped blacks of basic rights. Despite landmark civil rights laws, many public schools were still segregated, blacks still faced barriers to voting, and violence by white racists continued. Such open racism is mostly gone in America, but covert racism is alive and well.
Bob Beckel
My favorite way to do business is the Landmark Education Forum.
Andrew Cherng
200 for a batsman is a big landmark, and I have never been somebody who has chased landmarks, but getting a 200 will always be a proud moment for a batsman.
K. L. Rahul
I’d love to become like Bill Murray, who was so funny on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and has gone on to do some of the landmark comedies people like. And then to add this whole other phase to his career with ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Rushmore.’ I always felt to be able to have something similar to that would be great.
Will Ferrell
The Great American Outdoors Act is landmark conservation legislation to protect our public lands, including right here in New Jersey.
Mikie Sherrill
I cited ‘Catch-22’ as a landmark film and one of my favourites.
John Curran
When I was a boy in Desuq, Egypt, a city on the Rosetta branch of the Nile, about 50 miles east of Alexandria, my family lived steps away from the local landmark, a mosque named for a 13th-century Sufi sheik.
Ahmed Zewail
Sixty felt like a big landmark. Not in a dreadful sense, but none of the other birthdays have bothered me. It’s got labels on it – OAP, retirement – and I just wanted to take stock. I wanted to be in my greenhouse at home and at least give myself the opportunity of not working again.
Julie Walters
America's space program has been the envy and inspirati

America’s space program has been the envy and inspiration of the world. It has made landmark scientific discoveries that are a lasting legacy of this nation’s greatness. It has studied Earth in ways no other nation can match.
Alan Stern
I remember starting working on the concept and the script for ‘Pacific Rim’ with a very, very conscious decision to say, ‘I don’t want any of these big sequences to take place in America,’ because I feel like that’s become so regular to the disaster genre, and then it sort of devolves into landmark stomping.
Travis Beacham