Top 33 Migrant Quotes

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It is as a free French woman who has been able to enjoy

It is as a free French woman who has been able to enjoy, her whole life, the very precious freedoms fought for long and hard by our mothers and grandmothers, that I want to warn about a new form of social, human, and moral regression imposed on us by the migrant crisis.
Marine Le Pen
The best migrant is the migrant who does not come.
Viktor Orban
When you’re a second- or third-generation migrant, your ties to your heritage can feel a little precarious. You’re a foreigner here, you’re a tourist back in your ancestral land, and home is the magpie nest you construct of the bits of culture you’re able to hold close.
Ash Sarkar
In Illinois, community, migrant, homeless and public housing health centers operate 268 primary care sites and serve close to 1 million patients every year.
Jan Schakowsky
It is in the interest of France that the United States and Russia speak to each other and act in good faith against the scourge of terrorism in Syria, and contribute with our country to stabilizing a region where uncontrolled migrant flows begin today.
Marine Le Pen
Migrant workers have helped build our roads, homes and offices. We cannot stand and watch them be homeless.
Sonu Sood
The migrant question is directly linked to the crisis in Syria and Iraq.
Francois Hollande
I spent my thirties living out of boxes and moving every six months to a year. It was my cloud period: I just wandered like a cloud for ten years, following the food supply. I was a hunter, gatherer, an academic migrant.
Sandra Cisneros
When I left home after graduating high school, I left as a migrant agricultural worker with a Modern Library edition of Plato in my duffel bag. It sounds kind of crazy, but I loved it. I loved the stuff. Before I knew there was a subject called philosophy, I loved it.
Dallas Willard
My day goes by coordinating things like transport for migrant workers, taking government permissions, organizing food among other things. And I feel very happy and satisfied. If I was shooting, I wouldn’t have had all the time in the world. Now, that I have all the time, it is important to give that to the needy.
Sonu Sood
I have a very powerful sense of place, but I have a very powerful sense of being a migrant, so it’s both. It seems like I’m always leaving my home. That’s part of the formula. I love the Dominican Republic. I go back all the time. I love New Jersey. Go back all the time.
Junot Diaz
I will continue sending migrants home until the last migrant reunites with his family and loved ones.
Sonu Sood
Long before the migrant crisis, Sweden had codified its form of humanitarianism into the country’s domestic and foreign-policy framework.
Andy Ngo
Trump granted pardons because of Fox… He raged against migrant ‘caravans’ because of Fox. He accused public servants of treason because of Fox. And he got the facts wrong again and again because of mistakes and misreporting by the network.
Brian Stelter
Like so much in Singapore, admission to the Marina Bay’s casino is hierarchical: Free for anyone with an international passport, costly for locals, off-limits to migrant workers altogether.
Alan Huffman
Forced labor affects the most vulnerable and least protected people, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty and dependency. Women, low-skilled migrant workers, children, indigenous peoples, and other groups suffering discrimination on different grounds are disproportionately affected.
Wagner Moura
Both my parents were migrant workers who came to the U.K. in the Fifties to better themselves. The culture I grew up in was to work hard, save hard and to look after your family.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
One of the great mysteries of the Trump era has been the missed opportunities for the first lady to stamp her mark on the White House. With her stylish good looks, straightforward manner and unique migrant life story, Melania Trump should have been a much more popular asset to the administration.
Miranda Devine
It is virtually impossible to control Northern Kenya, which is populated chiefly by migrant nomads.
Richard Leakey
We know that ISIS desires operationally to use the Syrian refugee program to infiltrate countries, to use migrant flows as a way to gain an operational foothold in other countries.
Stephen Miller
Events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control. Donald Trump, Brexit, the War in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, random bomb attacks.
Adam Curtis
Sometimes we followed the crops, doing migrant labor. We did several years of tenant farming in Western Oregon starting in the early ’50s. Later, my stepdad managed gas stations in a small town near Portland.
Katherine Dunn
My mother was very involved with Cesar Chavez’s work on behalf of the migrant farm workers in California.
Caitlin Flanagan
Our first and main focus will continue to be producing content for a huge domestic market and the second largest migrant population in the world, which is south Asian.
Ronnie Screwvala
I started with the job of sending migrants back home the day lockdown started, and I will not end this task till the last migrant reaches home. We are working day and night to reach out to everyone so that all of them can reunite with their families.
Sonu Sood
The walk of migrant workers towards their home is a march against the stripping of their democratic rights. With their walk, they are defying the system, walking on roads which they are not allowed to tread.
Ravish Kumar
Australia’s migrant communities have built the country. It has been one of the key pillars of Australia’s prosperity over generations.
Scott Morrison
In 2020 we saw the poorest Indian citizen suffer as migrant workers, in the hundreds of thousands, fled the cities on foot, sometimes barefoot, to return to the villages.
Barkha Dutt
One of the most important improvements in the No Child Left Behind Act for migrant students was the requirement for electronic transfer of migrant student records.
Ruben Hinojosa
I am a fairly mongrelized person – you know I’ve been a migrant my whole life, and it’s hard to think of myself as any pure one thing. And so I take it, I guess, very personally – this notion that migrants are bad and that mixing is bad and that people from other places are bad.
Mohsin Hamid
Whether it is clamping down on tax avoidance by multinationals, setting ambitious targets for tackling climate change, or reforming the posted workers’ directive to better protect migrant workers, European countries are working together to get things done.
Chuka Umunna
We have to defend the migrant workers and give them our

We have to defend the migrant workers and give them our support and demand that they have the rights that workers here have from day one, but absolutely hate the system that forces people to leave their country, leave their homes, leave their families, to go somewhere else to be exploited.
Ken Loach
I’ve worked throughout California as a poet: in colleges, universities, worker camps, migrant education offices, continuation high schools, juvenile halls, prisons, and gifted classrooms.
Juan Felipe Herrera