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I graduated college in 2010, I thought I'd go to grad s

I graduated college in 2010, I thought I’d go to grad school then and I was accepted under a different program and I ended up moving away and pursuing fighting instead of graduate school, but I knew I always wanted to do it.
Tecia Torres
It gave me a moment of exquisite satisfaction to find myself moving away from civilisation in this rude canvas canoe of a model that has served primitive races since men first went to sea.
John Millington Synge
That’s what all art’s about – a sense of moving away from boundaries that you can’t in real life. Like a dancer is always trying to fly, really – to do something that’s just not possible. But you try to do as much as you can within those physical boundaries.
Kate Bush
When you look at where the Democratic field is going relative to foreign policy, they are increasingly moving away from a policy of pre-emptive self-defense that the president has adopted since September 11.
Ed Gillespie
What is good for you creatively is usually bad commercially. You thrive financially by sticking to a series and not fiddling about too much. You do yourself harm by moving away from the series and the genre. By trying things not based in that particular mode of writing, you will just lose readers.
John Connolly
Considering that Americans are now moving away from whiskey, moving away from brown spirits in general, I believe that they will all join Russians who drink vodka straight. They will sip it like cognac.
Roustam Tariko
Playing three games each week, you are away a lot. So, yeah, moving away from family and friends and being away all the time would have to be my biggest sacrifice.
Daniel James
Hogan began when tastes were changing and people were moving away from clothes that were not so formal: Hogan caught the right moment.
Andrea Della Valle
When I am disgusted by certain American politicians, I fantasize moving away to Finland – a country in which I have worked a little, and which I see as a pure blue and green place of unpolluted lakes, peaceful forests, and pristine social-democratic values.
Martha Nussbaum
It is great that the industry is open to accepting character roles and moving away from the cliched Bollywood Hindi masala films.
Supriya Pathak
I have always appreciated vintage clothing, but after working on ‘Call the Midwife’ for six months, I love moving away from vintage in my day-to-day wear.
Jessica Raine
With a film, you just don’t have time to build sympathy for the character. But I think we’re moving away from that in TV. With TV, you have a little more leeway to allow them to rise and fall and rise again and be much more complicated beings.
Rachel McAdams
The rush into scripted video by tech giants is going to accelerate an evolution of entertainment that’s already underway. We’re already moving away from the idea that drama is a 60-minute exercise with four bathroom breaks.
Steven Levy
Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.
Ben Hecht
We’re moving away from a credentialed society to a merit society.
Nolan Bushnell
I find that America is moving toward a certain type of government that everybody else is moving away from, and I find that very upsetting to me.
Rickey Medlocke
Sometimes I know what my characters are moving away from or toward; more often I just wait and see. For instance, though I knew Sinkler in ‘The Trusty’ was going for water, I did not know that he would meet a fetching young farm wife until I got him into her front yard.
Ron Rash
I’ve lost fights before where I’m landing more punches and I’m moving away from the guy. So, the way that they score things at the end doesn’t seem very consistent to me.
Nate Diaz
I’m nervous about moving away from my family. That’s one thing that I’m really scared of, but I feel like it’ll be good for me to live on my own for a bit and really knuckle down on what I really love and study.
Brooklyn Beckham
For a kid that just played for Oviedo, to then going to play for a team like Real Madrid, it felt fantastic. But being taken out of my family home and moving away alone, into the residence Madrid have for young players, it was a bit difficult. But as time passed, I got used to it.
Juan Mata
It was really tough being 14 and moving away from home.
Alphonso Davies
The really interesting moment will be when you have a critical mass of people engaging through the networks, more than through the press and TV. When that happens, the culture of politics has to change, moving away from controlled one-way messages towards a political culture that is more questioning.
Geoff Mulgan
It starts with family – they’ve sacrificed so much for me, with my parents moving away from each other when we were young, for tennis.
Jack Sock
You make choices every day and almost every hour that keep you walking in the light or moving away toward darkness.
Henry B. Eyring
Moving away from home was the biggest challenge. Leaving my mum and my sisters behind, I miss them a lot. But I wanted to do what was best for me, and that was what I did.
Jadon Sancho
I think it is absolutely essential in a democracy to have competition in the media, a lot of competition, and we seem to be moving away from that.
Walter Cronkite
I have found myself increasingly moving away from meat. It hasn’t been so much a conscious choice as an organic change.
Ben Fogle
We look at distant exploding stars called supernovae, and we’ve developed techniques to measure how far away they are and how fast they’re moving away from us.
Adam Riess
Scalability is this idea of coming up with a blockchain that can scale much larger than existing chains essentially by processing transactions in parallel. And moving away from this paradigm where every single node on the network has to process every single transaction.
Vitalik Buterin
There’s a bunch of Stephen King books I love. ‘Salem’s Lot’ was always one of my favourites. ‘It.’ ‘Needful Things.’ Moving away from King, and ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is always a good choice.
Paul Cleave
One of the most common reasons people renovate their homes is a change in their lifestyle – an upcoming wedding, a new baby, or grown children moving away.
Candice Olson
Today, loss is something everybody feels. It could be t

Today, loss is something everybody feels. It could be the loss of a friend moving away. It could be your best friend moves to the other side of town or his family does. It’s a loss.
Art Malik
I knew I needed to move away when I was 15, but when I got to Norwich, I spent nights crying myself to sleep with homesickness. For any young kid moving away from home, that is the biggest thing you have to deal with.
Craig Bellamy