Top 33 Rallying Quotes

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I admire my boss, Lorne Michaels. He never stops produc

I admire my boss, Lorne Michaels. He never stops producing. I think, for him, comedy is a tool of compassion, a way of rallying people together and saying, ‘Guys, isn’t the world bonkers? Aren’t we all just trying our best?’ There’s a tenderness in everything he does.
Kate McKinnon
If I had to choose and had one week’s holiday, I stay at home. But if I am at home and have nothing to do and have a choice, then I go rallying.
Robert Kubica
Peace, unity, love, and nonviolence should be our rallying cry and the catalyst for change in our nation.
Tony Evans
Obama will win the 2012 election, thanks in part to the tech community rallying behind him due to issues like SOPA, visas, and free speech.
John Battelle
The entire country is rallying behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and there is no alternative to Modiji.
Yogi Adityanath
I think college football is a reflection of Middle America. You go into a college football town, and you will find three generations of a family sitting together. It’s a rallying point for the university, the community, and the families.
Keith Jackson
Whenever the price of cryptocurrency is rallying, people start spending a lot more.
Erik Voorhees
My command, less than ten thousand, had found the battle on the Plank road in retreat, little less than a panic. In a few hours we changed defeat to victory, the broken divisions of the Third Corps rallying in their rear.
James Longstreet
When I did some Nascar races this year I noticed that I was increasingly missing the racing side, to race against each other, because in rallying you really race against the clock.
Kimi Raikkonen
Gay marriage is a divisive issue in France, where Fillon has vowed to block adoption by same-sex couples. The battle against Islamism also remains a rallying cry; Fillon’s campaign manifesto is called ‘Conquering Islamic Totalitarianism’.
Franklin Foer
Values can set a company apart from the competition by clarifying its identity and serving as a rallying point for employees. But coming up with strong values – and sticking to them – requires real guts.
Patrick Lencioni
If the rise of European colonisation began in 18th century India, then the rallying cry of ‘Jai Hind!’ also signalled its end in 1947.
Pranab Mukherjee
I feel I have a great responsibility to be an active Latina. I’ve been rallying for DACA, and in the summer, I’ll be rallying again so that people are aware that if certain senators are elected they can help impeach Donald Trump.
Eiza Gonzalez
I think – I hope – that we’re going to be able to build something here with U.S. Soccer, where it’s not just going to be about one lost match or one lost cycle or one lost team. It’s going to be about an entire country rallying around an entire sport in a way that lasts.
Christian Pulisic
To be sure, Kennedy did not discount the importance of words in rallying the nation to meet its foreign and domestic challenges. Winston Churchill’s powerful exhortations during World War II set a standard he had long admired. Kennedy was hardly unmindful of how important a great inaugural address could be.
Robert Dallek
Sinatra’s endurance has become a rallying point for many people who feel that their sacrifices and hard work are no longer honored.
Pete Hamill
I’m the leader that can be the rallying point for the liberal movement that we need to create to take on the forces of nationalism and populism, the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.
Jo Swinson
There is no real justification for a requirement that a budget of any sort should be balanced, except as a rallying point for those who seek to hamstring government.
William Vickrey
Actors are a lot like professors on dissertation committees – it’s a lot of ego, a lot of rallying for position, there is a lot at stake in every single interaction.
Mayim Bialik
When you’re successful, there will be friends, people, VIPs rallying around you. When you’re down and out, you’re all alone. That’s why it’s important to be a good person. Because whether you’re a successful cricketer or not can always change, but the respect you earn by being the person you are stays with you.
Suresh Raina
When markets are rallying, cash in the portfolio is a drag on performance, returning about zero.
Barry Ritholtz
The mission of Patrick Henry College was to attract and cultivate academic stars from the ranks of home-schooled evangelicals, then send them off on graduation day to ‘shape the culture and take back the nation,’ in the words of a common home-schooling rallying cry.
Nina Easton
But I could also start F1 or rallying. I love rallying much more.
Valentino Rossi
I developed the concept of the Happy Warrior as a rallying cry for those of us who want to restore America to its great foundational principles: individual freedom, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, and economic liberty.
Monica Crowley
I do try rallying. I do like rallying a lot. We have a rally car there in the countryside in Madrid. And everytime I’m there, I just jump in and have some fun. I really like rallying.
Carlos Sainz Jr.
Rallying is a sport in which accidents do happen. You have to respect the conditions you face.
Colin McRae
‘Never again’ is the rallying cry for all who believe that mankind must speak out against genocide.
Jon Corzine
Make America Great Again was a political slogan. It was used before, I believe Ronald Reagan used it before. It was about making America great and rallying America. Unfortunately, I would say 10 percent of the population that voted for President Trump has a different view. They have embraced it as ‘Make America White Again.’
How can it possibly be that so many Americans are rallying to support Ocasio-Cortez, when all they need to do is look at Venezuela to see where she is leading them?
Charlie Kirk
In order to become a complete driver I believe that rallying will give me extra bits, because of gravel, because of different characteristics.
Robert Kubica
Feminism – the word – can give us a handle, a rallying point, a common ground, and help us build a bridge. Why not claim the gift of the word as a place to begin?
Betty Buckley
People are always afraid of the unknown - and banding t

People are always afraid of the unknown – and banding together against the Thing That Is Different From Us is a time-honoured tradition for rallying the masses.
Jodi Picoult
Sweet Leaf’ and ‘Iron Man’ were the rallying points for all the young men coming back from Vietnam.
Bill Ward