Top 33 Siege Quotes

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Many people in Europe and the U.S. dispute the thesis t

Many people in Europe and the U.S. dispute the thesis that we are living through a clash of civilisations between Islam and the west. But a radical minority of Muslims firmly believes that Islam is under siege, and is committed to winning the holy war it has declared against the West.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
There’s a sense of being under siege in many Muslim communities. People just assume there are agents or informants in their mosque now. It’s a fact of life.
Ibrahim Hooper
Our elephants are under siege because of an illegal international market that has driven ivory prices in the region up significantly. I call upon the international community to join us in this fight.
Ali Bongo Ondimba
In what was called the second siege of Leningrad, thousands died, but Putin and his partners in crime got rich. Then Putin killed even more Russians when he had the FSB explode bombs in apartment buildings in Moscow in 1999 to give himself the pretext to seize dictatorial powers.
Robert Zubrin
Exactly when people are in turmoil is the time that the entertainment business has always been at its best. Because people don’t want to be reminded every day that they are under siege, or that they’re not having a great time of life.
Lionel Richie
My favorite commercial I did was my Verizon campaign, which I filmed a series of three commercials. My favorite movie I have done was ‘House Under Siege’ because it was my very first movie at 5 years old. My favorite TV show I have filmed was ‘The Night Shift,’ which is one of my favorite shows.
Raymond Ochoa
From the U.S. point of view, negotiations are, in effect, a way for Israel to continue its policies of systematically taking over whatever it wants in the West Bank, maintaining the brutal siege on Gaza, separating Gaza from the West Bank and, of course, occupying the Syrian Golan heights, all with full U.S. support.
Noam Chomsky
I cannot imagine a worse job than being president of these Untied States in these most trying of times. President Barack Obama has been under siege from every side for the entirety of his time in office.
Beth Broderick
When the woodpecker is searching for food, or laying siege to some hidden grub, the sound of his hammer is dead or muffled and is heard but a few yards. It is only upon dry, seasoned timber, freed of its bark, that he beats his reveille to spring and wooes his mate.
John Burroughs
Sturmhond, a privateer from the second book in the series, Siege and Storm,’ is probably my favorite character. He’s pure confidence and that’s always fun to write.
Leigh Bardugo
There is only so much negotiating and maneuvering that can be done while the aircraft is under siege in mid-air. Therefore, the best way to put a stop to hijacking is by having high levels of security implemented by qualified and trained personnel both on the ground and in the air.
Isaac Yeffet
This old notion that work is drudgery is nonsense. Most days, even back when Xerox was under siege, I could not wait to get to the office.
Ursula Burns
The world is under siege, in conflict, but it is enthusiastic about Argentina.
Mauricio Macri
With a vast majority of conservative voters and listeners solidly behind Mr. Trump, conservative critics of the president find themselves isolated and under siege.
Charlie Sykes
To be under occupation, to be under siege, is not a good inspiration for poetry.
Mahmoud Darwish
The liberals and free people of the world will not like to see the Palestinian people living under siege. We have received indications from the international community that they will not stop their aid.
Ismail Haniyeh
Actors want to impress at the beginning, so you take advantage of that by suddenly saying, ‘Right, you’re here for two weeks.’ What you’re doing is creating a siege mentality.
Danny Boyle
If a jerk burns the flag, America is not threatened, democracy is not under siege, freedom is not at risk.
Gary Ackerman
Now even the American command is under siege. We are hitting it from the north, east, south and west. We chase them here and they chase us there. But at the end we are the people who are laying siege to them. And it is not them who are besieging us.
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
I’m the sort of person who, if I arrive in a city under siege, in the middle of nowhere, I’ll always find my way to the leader of the rebels. I just don’t know how.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
People under siege turn to us in complete frustration and I get a chance to go in when it’s do or die.
Curtis Sliwa
We don’t have time to waste. Our communities are crumbling; our children are under siege. Failing schools and a for-profit prison-industrial complex are sucking the life out of black homes and communities. We are not going down like this!
Susan L. Taylor
What I’m trying to do with my work is to break open things that are sealed, that are under siege.
Jasmila Zbanic
We have essentially gone from being communities that were policed by people from the communities to being communities that are policed by strangers, and that’s no longer a community: that’s an area that’s under siege.
Killer Mike
I am well aware of the facts presented by numerous security experts on the many ways in which the United States’ digital networks have come under siege by cybercriminals and under daily assault by hackers in league with various foreign governments.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I’m currently working on a Mind Siege for youth.
Tim LaHaye
Art is a primal need – even under siege, especially under siege.
Haris Pasovic
The real danger to the world’s resistance movements is the attempt to distort reality and to place the blame on the resistance groups’ actions without allowing them to portray their perspective, thus ignoring the reality of the occupation and the siege, like the situation in occupied Palestine.
Hassan Nasrallah
We don’t have a state, neither in Gaza nor in the West Bank. Gaza is under siege and the West Bank is occupied. What we have in the Gaza Strip is not a state, but rather a regime of an elected government. A Palestinian state will not be created at this time except in the territories of 1967.
Ismail Haniyeh
A lot of films made me love the movies, everything from Hitchcock to Godard. But the ones that really grabbed me were Costa-Gavras’s films like ‘Z’ and ‘State of Siege.’
Paul Haggis
A siege is an act of war.
Noam Chomsky
When under siege, if we do not stand for our liberties

When under siege, if we do not stand for our liberties and for the liberties of those who are unable to stand for themselves, then the great American experience will come to an end.
Tim Huelskamp
We remain essentially a nation under siege.
Theodore C. Sorensen