Top 330 Minority Quotes

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It is very clear that the present system of innovation

It is very clear that the present system of innovation for medicines is very inefficient and really somewhat corrupt. It benefits shareholders over patients; it produces for the rich markets and not for the poor and does not produce for minority diseases.
John Sulston
Typically, during recessionary times, particular groups suffer higher rates of unemployment -African Americans, and Latinos, and in some cases other minority groups. If you don’t have a high level of training or education you’re going to fall into that category.
Hilda Solis
I had to turn off my Twitter notifications for a while as I got a small minority of people sending me some abusive tweets.
Danny Ings
Minority and low-income parents are just as capable as wealthy parents of identifying schools that are providing a first class education. Stop infantilizing us and start empowering our families with choice, with freedom, and personal responsibility.
Rachel Campos-Duffy
Every opinion must be suffered. One must listen to what may be rousing, annoying, even shocking, but it must be done honestly, fairly and with equanimity, respecting the rights of every Member of the Knesset and each faction, guarding the minority in the face of the predatory majority.
Reuven Rivlin
Why should a great and powerful nation like the United States allow its relationship with more than a billion Muslims around the world to be defined by the narrow hatred and nihilistic actions of an exceptionally small minority of Muslims?
John O. Brennan
I’ve been a speaker. I’ve been a majority leader. I’ve been a minority leader. Those are the sort of things I don’t need any more.
Dan Webster
It’s counterintuitive, but the most divisive arrangement is when the same party controls both Congress and the presidency, a situation encountered in eight of the past 10 years. With government unified under a single party, the minority has the least possible incentive to cooperate with the majority.
John Sununu
There is a qualitative difference between being a minority and being a majority. Majorities are stronger under psychological pressure because numbers count. But only if they are aware of it.
Peter Abrahams
I love it now that a large minority of people who are handicapped prefer to call themselves crippled. This is all part of the game, like queer theory.
Leslie Fiedler
We need to have a discussion on race, but we also need to have a discussion on how we are treating poor and minority people in this country.
Marcia Fudge
I am a super-confident writer, and as a joke writer and as an actress, I’m like, ‘I want to go head-to-head with every person.’ I am an Indian woman and I’m a kind of double minority in this world.
Mindy Kaling
Chess only appeals to quite a small minority. It does not have the cachet of a mainstream popular sport.
Magnus Carlsen
I have not seen ‘Legally Blonde.’ I must be in the small, ever-dwindling minority on that one.
Alfred Enoch
I really want to be the black Tina Fey, where I just am able to produce my own content and produce other content for other minority filmmakers and put their voices on screen and basically be able to have free range to produce.
Issa Rae
Republicans have to tell the truth about the issues impacting the black community. The must focus on restoring the black family, jobs, safe communities, and better schools. They have to make sure not to pander to blacks by treating them like victims or as ‘special minority’ group.
Jesse Lee Peterson
The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
Ayn Rand
No minority should climb all over the majority.
Lech Walesa
I think there is not enough understanding of the fact that in a democracy how you treat the security of the minority must be a very important part for the success of a democracy.
Shabana Azmi
The bottom line is I’m a slow zombie guy – I’m always a slow zombie guy but I also know I’m in the minority.
Max Brooks
In fact, there are more homeowners today than ever before in the history of our Nation and more minority homeowners than ever before in the history of our Nation.
Todd Tiahrt
American Jews are no longer a homogenous minority; we come in all colors and from all corners of the world.
Ilan Stavans
I hope ‘Bamboozled’ will serve as a roadmap that will assist Republicans in reaching out to women, black and Latinos. I believe once minority groups open their eyes and are not afraid to see truth, they will choose the party of Lincoln.
Angela McGlowan
Great numbers of Asian Americans do not fit the model minority or ‘tiger family’ stereotypes, living instead in multigenerational poverty far from the mainstream.
Eric Liu
Our camps and workshops offer a space where girls of color can learn computer science and coding principles alongside their peers, with mentorship from female role models who have established themselves in tech fields where women, and minority women in particular, tend to be underrepresented.
Kimberly Bryant
When you are born gay, you are born into a rich culture of politics, music, and art, but you are also a minority in your own home.
Justin Tranter
In Estonia, the Russian minority can move freely, travel freely, work anywhere in Europe.
Kersti Kaljulaid
I want to help others ‘think first’ before diving into a pool or lake to prevent these types of life-changing accidents. I know I’m in a very fortunate minority and hope my story inspires both adults and children to be more careful.
Brooke Burns
As a city, we have to face the reality that New York’s minority communities experience a disproportionate share of violent crime.
Raymond Kelly
The first shots the United States fired in its fight with the Islamic State were to protect a religious minority: the Yazidis on Mount Sinjar, in northern Iraq. And we did so within days of their first call for help in 2014.
Tom Malinowski
Growing up in America, I experienced two puberties. The first opened me up to the possibilities of adulthood. The second reinforced that for someone like me – an immigrant, a minority, an Asian-American – there were limits.
Jenny Zhang
Opponents of New York City's proactive style of policin

Opponents of New York City’s proactive style of policing struggle mightily to downplay its most obvious benefit: the largest crime drop on record, concentrated overwhelmingly in minority neighborhoods.
Heather Mac Donald
In the same way that Occupy Wall Street forever elevated that concept of income inequality, the Black Lives Matter protesters have elevated the idea of inequity in policing as it relates to minority communities.
Charles M. Blow
Our constitution got built around the idea of minority protection.
Eula Biss
Where do I fit in? That’s something I think about as an actor, especially as an actor from a minority community.
Himesh Patel
White America is in the minority.
Malcolm X
The minority of Mexicans who are aware of their own selves do not make up a closed or unchanging class. They are the only active group, in comparison with the Indian-Spanish inertia of the rest, and ever day they are shaping the country more and more into their own image.
Octavio Paz
I really think a minority Parliament delivers better democracy in Canada when parties are prepared to cooperate.
Elizabeth May
Invention consists in avoiding the constructing of useless contraptions and in constructing the useful combinations which are in infinite minority.
Henri Poincare
In East, South and Central Africa, the minority manipulated the majority into believing the minority was the majority, that there were more whites in the world than blacks; instilled in the blacks a sense of inferiority, inadequacy, worthlessness.
Peter Abrahams
When someone lives as a minority, they experience the world differently than those of us who live in the majority. We may occupy the same physical space, but we don’t occupy the same psychic space.
Jennifer Granholm
I know that as a vegan, I’m in a minority. People love their meat. It’s up there with sugar and TV and maybe even coffee on the list of inalienable American rights.
Victoria Moran
Encryption plays a fundamental role in protecting us all online. It is key to growing the digital economy and delivering public services online. But, like many powerful technologies, encrypted services are used and abused by a small minority of people.
Amber Rudd
I’m dedicated to healing the wounds between police and minority communities so both sides feel safe again.
Darryl Glenn
I’ve always had questions about what it meant to be a protester, to be in the minority. Are the people who are trying to find peace, who are trying to have the Constitution apply to everybody, are they really the radicals? We’re not protesting from the outside. We’re inside.
Gil Scott-Heron
Markets are, in the end, man-made devices for utilitarian purposes, not a force of nature that we should not try to resist. If they end up serving the interests of only a tiny minority, as is increasingly the case, we have the right – and indeed the duty – to regulate them in the interest of greater social good.
Ha-Joon Chang
When the game is played by such a high percentage of black and ethnic minority players and we’re looking at the percentage of managers and coaches, at the top level it is minimal.
Chris Hughton
It is more important to engage the public positively with choice and competition to everyone than to be directed into a benefit for a minority.
Andrew Lansley
To a considerable degree, all minority groups suffer from the same state of marginality with its haunting consequences of insecurity, conflict, and irritation.
Gordon W. Allport
I found, in the Senate, you can have significant impact whether you’re in the minority party or the majority party, and a lot of it goes back to… that you really have to be able to count to 60.
Mike DeWine
For many young people growing up in minority communities, there is a sense that their lives are disposable. As athletes, we have a platform to let those kids know that their lives are important. That their lives matter to us.
Jason Collins