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My mum didn't want me to really pursue music in the beg

My mum didn’t want me to really pursue music in the beginning, but I’m a classically trained guitarist because of her.
Jax Jones
The Bible is not only laws, it’s also stories. It begins, ‘In the beginning God created Heaven.’ If I had written these words, I wouldn’t have written anything else; it’s just enough.
Elie Wiesel
In the beginning, there was noise. Noise begat rhythm, and rhythm begat everything else.
Mickey Hart
Lionel Messi, getting to meet him, you’re a little star-struck in the beginning, of course.
Christian Pulisic
In the beginning I thought that metal was something scary, but I learned how thoughtful and amazing metal is. I’m so honored to be a part of it.
Suzuka Nakamoto
I’m still young; I’ve had a couple things under my belt. I don’t even think I’ve begun where I’m gonna be eventually. I really feel very much in the beginning of my journey. I feel very new.
Lauren London
In the beginning, it was technology, and it was fun, and then it turned to politics, and it’s been changing so many people’s lives. We didn’t realize that to begin with.
Peter Sunde
In the beginning, when I signed with Miami, they said they were never gonna trade me, and then, after first year, boom, they traded me to Toronto.
Jose Reyes
The nice girl meets a guy and acts like she joined a cult. In the beginning, a guy might ask her what she likes. The nice girl makes the mistake of shrugging her shoulders and saying: ‘I like anything you like.’
Sherry Argov
In the beginning, my blog was exclusively read by my mom.
Molly Yeh
My experience of fiction was, in the beginning, so exploratory. I wasn’t sitting down to a desk at Yaddo with a month, thinking I have to have a draft of a novel.
Bill Clegg
All musicians need a day job in the beginning. Unless they still live with their parents, I guess. I’m just lucky that my day job is simply another form of art.
Hal Sparks
In the beginning, I started doing portraits of children, and of course, children have large eyes. For some reason, they just started getting bigger and bigger. Then, when I started painting imaginary children rather than real ones, they became bigger still.
Margaret Keane
In the metal world, if you’re using a wireless mic… I was so scared to do that. I’m, like, ‘They’re gonna boo me in the beginning.’
Maria Brink
In the beginning, I took on every opportunity because I was so determined to get my name and music out there. You can get your sleep, but honestly your brain needs a break, too, and so many people forget that.
In the beginning of our career, we want to make an identity, and I am happy that people think I have good comic timing, and they are casting me in films.
Kartik Aaryan
It feels good to be featured in a film poster. I didn’t have it in the beginning of my career.
Divya Dutta
In the beginning, in school, I used to bowl medium-pace. Later, dad said that medium pacers need a proper body, and it also involves more risks of injury.
Yuzvendra Chahal
I mean, I felt terrible. And in the beginning, I mean, I was completely devastated. I mean, can you imagine the kind of guilt that you would feel, and the responsibility?
Monica Lewinsky
My best capacity is to edit. If anything, I am a specialist at editing: my usual approach is to record a song very long. In the beginning just jam, jam on and on. Then break the song and play with it.
Manu Chao
The only way that you can ever continue to have a career and have success and have hits is if you are honest to yourself in the same way that you were in the beginning.
Isaac Hanson
In the beginning, though, I have to admit that I did have a chip on my shoulder. I did want to prove everyone wrong. But after I went through the process and came out the other side, it wasn’t about anyone else.
Billy Corgan
Largely in the beginning, I did a lot of extra work because I was lighter than all the other guys. I was at a massive disadvantage, so I had to put on weight. I started with eating. I had to really focus on my diet.
David Robinson
When I read a script or I see a character, I don’t necessarily see the arc of her, that by the end she is this person, she’s different from she was in the beginning. I guess it’s more a subconscious understanding of that arc.
Shailene Woodley
Even in the beginning, when we knew there was a legal argument about how much our song sounds like his song, as one songwriter to another, I wasn’t sure that Cat Stevens would take that as bad.
Wayne Coyne
I would say the most important aspect of direction is that you, as a director, and your producer need to be on the same page, the same line of thinking. If that doesn’t happen in the beginning of the film, then that will show in the final product 100 percent.
S. S. Rajamouli
I had a brother who was bullying me to write something because we wanted to make our own movies. So it was out of necessity in the beginning. Over time, I began to see that I could create the roles I wanted to play rather than just waiting around.
Joel Edgerton
In the beginning I used to say, ‘I’m healthy, my cholesterol’s fine, I don’t have high blood pressure, I don’t have diabetes.’ By telling people that you see a doctor, and telling people that you’re healthy, it’s perpetuating the abuse against bigger bodies and the mindset that we owe it to people to be healthy.
Tess Holliday
I made a sort-of living in the beginning of my acting career as a reporter. I think my very first job was ‘Early Edition’ as reporter no. 1, and for ‘Light It Up,’ I was reporter no. 2.
Amy Landecker
In the beginning of my career I was so tough on myself, because I knew I had to cement my brand, and I wasn’t very kind to myself.
Bugzy Malone
My father told me ‘Name your price in the beginning. If it ever gets more expensive than the price you name, get out of there.’
Dave Chappelle
Compromise is not such ignoble and deplorable a thing a

Compromise is not such ignoble and deplorable a thing as we generally think. It is rather an indispensable factor in the political strategy. Any nation that rises against the oppressors is bound to fail in the beginning and to gain partial reforms during the medieval period of its struggle through compromises.
Bhagat Singh
There was a beautiful time in the beginning when I just did it and didn’t analyze the consequences, but I think that time ends in everyone’s work.
Lynda Barry
In the beginning of, we were travelling around Europe a lot. Sometimes we’d do five cities in a week.
Gillian Tans
Developing characters is a strange thing. In the beginning they are abstract and I wonder how to move on from there.
Ann Brashares
In the beginning, I thought it would be really glamorous, working in fashion. But it’s actually quite hard. You don’t even know half the stuff that goes on backstage.
Jacquelyn Jablonski
Well, ‘The Wellspring’ was written from 1983 to 1986. And it had a section in the beginning that was poems that began from others’ experience.
Sharon Olds
So I think that in the beginning of your career you’re just looking to work. Luckily for me, my first movie was ‘Rabbit Hole’ and I got to work with incredible people, a Pulitzer prize winning writer, John Cameron Mitchell, and all the actors involved. So it’s tough, man, because you want to have credibility.
Miles Teller
In the beginning, I aspired just to make a comfortable living in acting. I still feel the same – it’s just that my standards have gone up, so my comfort level is higher as well.
Michael Kelly
In the beginning you must subject yourself to the influence of nature. You must be able to walk firmly on the ground before you start walking on a tightrope.
Henri Matisse
I’ve been very fortunate to be at the startup of a lot of different things. I was the startup of the Pancrase organization in Japan. Became a big figure over there. Then I was in the UFC and was at the startup of that, and I was a big figure in that. Twice. Not only in the beginning but also when it was taken over.
Ken Shamrock
You feel like people are looking at you like, ‘I wanted the old Kathleen. Where’s the old Kathleen?’ I felt that way in the beginning of Le Tigre. I felt people were like, ‘You’re not angry enough anymore.’ People still ask me that. ‘Are you still angry?’ I’m like, ‘About what? About that question? Yes.’
Kathleen Hanna
When I start writing these novels, I go into them with a spirit of inquiry rather than to substantiate prejudices I had in the beginning. If you don’t do that, you can’t write good characters.
Ruth Ozeki
I always had a dream about trying to make a movie that had no dialogue in it, that was just music and pictures. I still haven’t done it yet, but I tried to get close in the beginning.
Paul Thomas Anderson
It is funny now, but in the beginning of my career, some of the films failed at the box office, and filmmakers stopped casting me, saying I am bringing bad luck to their film.
Taapsee Pannu
I started writing in my 20s. I just wanted to write, but I didn’t have anything to write about, so in the beginning, I wrote entertainments – mainly murder mysteries.
Alan Furst
I don’t like plots. I don’t know what a plot means. I can’t stand the idea of anything that starts in the beginning – you know, ‘beginning, middle and end.’
Maira Kalman
In the beginning, we had a great deal of freedom, and Jerry wrote completely out of his imagination – very, very freely. We even had no editorial supervision to speak of, because they were in such a rush to get the thing in before deadline. But later on we were restricted.
Joe Shuster
I do remember the people who believed in me in the beginning. I’ll never forget that.
Jana Kramer
The idea of meeting my former girlfriend’s current boyfriend seemed insane and absolutely bizarre to me in the beginning. But I am glad I gave it a shot!
Harshvardhan Rane
In the beginning, I was very stubborn and always wanted to be just an actor. I was told by a lot of people to try my hand at writing or directing, but I always thought, ‘I am an actor, and this is what I want to do.’
Kalki Koechlin