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I think people want the Cubs to succeed, and by extensi

I think people want the Cubs to succeed, and by extension, they want people associated with the Cubs to succeed.
Theo Epstein
I find that many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything when it would be cheaper and more time-efficient to delegate, even if there are monetary costs associated with that.
James Altucher
Arty. To me the word’s got as much venom associated with it as ‘wacky’.
Alex Kapranos
I think, especially when you’re on TV, once you become associated with one genre or the other, it’s near impossible to break into the other one, even if you have experience with both.
Natalie Zea
Many of Mississippi’s veterans and their families know the hardship associated with driving long distances to access VA healthcare benefits.
Cindy Hyde-Smith
Naturally enough, I couldn’t have foreseen the vast sea change which has come upon that scene as a result of German reunification and associated events.
Brian Ferneyhough
I have been president of the Indian Kabbadi Association, and likewise, I have been associated with various other sports as well.
Sharad Pawar
Roughly speaking, this hypothesis asks whether drug use causes some of the diseases officially associated with AIDS, such as immunodeficiency and Kaposi’s sarcoma.
Serge Lang
I am honoured to be associated with a brand like Movado. It believes in the art of design and is known for its perfection worldwide. I have strong faith in the pursuit of perfection. I am looking forward to a long association.
Harbhajan Singh
We promote domestic savings by also things like the personal accounts associated with the president’s Social Security initiative, which over time would generate more savings.
John W. Snow
My films are my choices and I am extremely proud to be associated with my projects.
Shefali Shah
I still went to church regularly every Sunday; that is we all went there together. I reverenced the family pew where we had assembled for so many years; and apart from that reason I hold it dear because it is associated in my memory with my mother.
Pierre Loti
A film is being made on his life, so as a daughter and as a singer I will definitely be a part of it – not only in terms of the music but also in other aspects. It’s an emotional project for us, every member of Kumar family will be associated with it. I am very happy to lend my voice in my father’s biopic.
Tulsi Kumar
Doing all we can to combat climate change comes with numerous benefits, from reducing pollution and associated health care costs to strengthening and diversifying the economy by shifting to renewable energy, among other measures.
David Suzuki
I confess that for fifteen years my efforts in education, and my hopes of success in establishing a system of national education, have always been associated with the idea of coupling the education of this country with the religious communities which exist.
Richard Cobden
If you can’t honor your contract, that’s the type of company I don’t really want to be associated with.
Quinton Jackson
I suspect the psychological pressure associated with that crisis caused the first mental blackout I had ever suffered. It contributed to a deterioration in my health that later required the insertion of a heart pacemaker.
Kamisese Mara
I haven’t personally experienced bullying, but when I was in high school, I had a best friend who became a bully. I took a stand and took it upon myself to separate from her. I couldn’t be associated with her because it wasn’t the type of person I wanted to be.
Amber Riley
No-one will protect us unless we learn to protect us ourselves… Our army should become one of the elites of Ukrainian society… The word ‘general’ should not be associated with the word ‘corruption’ but the word ‘hero.’
Petro Poroshenko
Using the word ‘bossy’ for girls can be quite harmful. What is that saying – that being focused, being assertive, being the boss has a negative attribute? And I have heard that term associated more with women than with men. ‘He’s so bossy’ – you don’t hear that. It’s a very subtle thing.
Bryce Dallas Howard
The dignity of everyday life – the beauty of it, the attitude of it – is what I live around. And it is never on screen, and it is certainly never associated with Africa. If we see Africa at all, it is always used as a backdrop: a big blob of a continent rather than a specific street or a country or a place.
Mira Nair
I wouldn’t want to be associated with one character, because I want to be able to do different roles.
Bill Skarsgard
Prior to that, I had associated this music with older people, like my father.
Benny Green
I have a Children’s Charity in Cuckfield, West Sussex, which helps young children affected by cerebral palsy and associated disorders. The perseverance these young people display every day is inspirational.
Vera Lynn
Being associated with songs that push boundaries is amazing. If the rest of my career consists of a majority of songs that are experimental, I’ll be a happy man.
Sid Sriram
On the spiritual theory, man consists essentially of a spiritual nature or mind intimately associated with a spiritual body or soul, both of which are developed in and by means of a material organism.
Alfred Russel Wallace
My name is very often associated with parties and entertaining, but it’s not true. I am not such a party person.
Roberto Cavalli
I went from a sitcom to a hospital drama, feature films. I’ve kind of been living the actor’s dream. I’m not associated with one role or one medium. You’re lucky if you’re associated with one hit show.
Rocky Carroll
So I think democracy, in the long-term, in our countries will survive if it comes to be associated with leadership, will not survive if democracy plus media brings to us more and more followship rather than leadership.
Mario Monti
Welcome to the Salvation Army. I’ve never been associated with an offense so nice about giving the ball away.
Hayden Fry
The phenomenon that is ‘Game Of Thrones’ has propelled many actors associated with it into the minds of directors and producers, and it’s a fabulous position to be in. It’s because it’s so adored and respected, of such high quality with such amazing cinematography.
Rose Leslie
Third-party publishers, like everyone, face increasing

Third-party publishers, like everyone, face increasing risks associated with creating games, and you have to target your resources to the right places and the right platforms.
Satoru Iwata
Given that Chiru also comes from a family which is closely associated with the film industry, I know I will get more support from them to pursue my acting career. I won’t stop acting. As long as we live, we will continue to act in films.
Meghana Raj
I like action-based sports, and kabbadi is my favourite. I wanted to be associated with a sport on which I really believe in, and so I bought a team in World Kabbadi League, and Toronto will host my team.
Yo Yo Honey Singh
A high nutrient density diet was associated with more feelings of hunger in the mouth and throat and less in the head and stomach.
Joel Fuhrman
As a matter of international law, the United States is in an armed conflict with al-Qa’ida, the Taliban, and associated forces, in response to the 9/11 attacks, and we may also use force consistent with our inherent right of national self-defense.
John O. Brennan
To be very blunt, I am not really that concerned with what labels get associated with somebody.
Mark V. Hurd
Ever since I was 18 or 19, I’ve wanted to question the sound, tones, and scale associated with the piano as an instrument symbolic of modern European music.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
The first reports of AIDS closely followed the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, whose ‘family values’ agenda and alliance with Christian conservatives associated AIDS with deviance and sin.
Barton Gellman
The violence associated with the A.N.C. is minimal, infinitesimal next to the violence of the apartheid regime.
Oliver Tambo
The death of my husband, coming immediately after the general knowledge of the discoveries with which his name is associated, was felt by the public, and especially by the scientific circles, to be a national misfortune.
Marie Curie
Prior to joining NSD, I was briefly associated with a small theater group in Delhi called Sakshi. Saurabh Shukla, Manoj Bapayee were my seniors in that group. I performed a few supporting roles in Sakshi plays.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Film buffs who don’t live in Hollywood have a fantasy about what it’s like to be a director. Movies and the people who make movies have such glamour associated with them. But the truth is, it’s not like that. It’s very different. It’s hard work.
John Carpenter
If I had my career to do over again, I think I would wrestle under my real name, John Hennigan, because if there was some sort of brand test associated with professional wrestling, I would hardcore fail that test because I have so many names, it’s confusing to me, even.
John Morrison
Though a fine writer, Scott Spencer will forever be associated with a cheesy, sentimental film starring the vapid box-office draw Brooke Shields.
Lionel Shriver
There’s probably 30 or 40,000 domain names associated with my name. Very few of them I have had anything to do with.
Jim Watkins
People, on their bucket lists, are saying, ‘I want to see a game at Rupp Arena.’ Magic Johnson will call and say, ‘I want to come to the game tonight. I want to see John Wall or Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.’ It’s become fashionable to be seen here, because people want to be seen and associated with success.
John Calipari
As a company dedicated to creating fun and affordable toys for children, everyone at Ty is proud to play a small part in helping children in need have a happy holiday. We are proud to be associated with Toys for Tots and congratulate our Marines for a job well done.
Ty Warner
In fact, I am proud to be associated with the Congress.
In general, I feel like when I’ve associated with someone, the association has elevated me and perhaps lowered the other person.
Andrew W.K.