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I was the good Bond girl, but I wanted to have the dres

I was the good Bond girl, but I wanted to have the dresses and the high heels. I wanted the funky, sexy name.
Izabella Scorupco
I can go from wearing Jordans and Toms to platforms and heels; it just depends on my mood.
Jeffree Star
I am still head over heels in love with my Kohinoor, Yousuf Sahab, the way I was when I first felt attracted to him as a 12 year-old.
Saira Banu
Hurricane Katrina, coupled with Hurricane Rita, which came promptly on Katrina’s heels, claimed more than 1,200 American lives. Together, they caused more than $200 billion in damage.
Ellen Tauscher
Once in a while, it’s fun to dress up for a premiere. But I’m not someone that’s going to stick on heels and a dress every day.
Emilie de Ravin
I’m really quite conscious of clothes and the way they fit and don’t regret wearing anything. Not even the five-inch stack heels I wore with three-button high-waisters at comprehensive school. Regret is for wimps.
Kevin McCloud
My concept of a ‘Doctor Who’ girl was that you screamed a lot and ran around quarries in unsuitable footwear. Of course you fell over and twisted your ankle, because you had high heels on.
Sophie Aldred
I understand that if I really need my hair to be nice, now I hire someone to do it, and I understand that putting on a pair of heels really makes a difference.
Cynthia Nixon
One hot summer night in San Francisco, roughly 10 years ago, I was sitting in a crowded Pacific Heights restaurant when Alice Adams walked in with a man. She was about 60 at the time, and she was wearing a skirt that fell an inch or so above her knees and flat heels without stockings.
Mary Gaitskill
Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels.
Gwen Stefani
I only wear heels when a stylist puts me in them.
Ginnifer Goodwin
When I played Candy Darling in ‘I Shot Andy Warhol,’ that was easy to play that part. They made me into a woman: I’m in heels; I’m waxed. I’m gonna find the femininity and lay on the bed and take the voice of an old movie star.
Stephen Dorff
One of the big misconceptions about me is that I walk around in mini-skirts and high heels twenty-four seven and go to the gym in heels.
Carmen Electra
Be able to suffer wearing a necktie or slightly high heels for an entire evening without complaint or early removal.
Marilyn vos Savant
I just wanted to experience what it felt like on the other side of the fence. As we all know, the heels have the most fun out there in the ring.
Ricky Steamboat
I wanted to create flats that are as chic as heels – flats you don’t have to apologize for.
Edgardo Osorio
My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants, and I wear diamonds.
Donatella Versace
I’m not great in heels so I have to always choose the right pair which will keep me to the ground.
Stacy Martin
I kind of felt like maybe I didn’t have what it took to look like a supermodel and wear high heels all the time and my nails.
I don’t normally do shoots in bikinis – I’m just not that kind of girl. But for ‘Maxim’ I was like, ‘Bring it on!’ I wanted to wear the higher heels and the skimpier bathing suit. I figured I’d go for it!
Krysten Ritter
I used to wear heels because I wanted to show people I wasn’t ashamed of being tall. But I don’t wear them any more because you don’t have to wear heels to be beautiful. I can’t even remember the last time I wore heels.
Elle Macpherson
I do have too many eight-inch heels which I never get to wear.
Cameron Russell
When my kids are in college, maybe I’ll drag my fishnets and high heels out.
Sheena Easton
If high heels were so wonderful, men would be wearing them.
Sue Grafton
I’m like one of the tallest ones on ‘Scandal.’ If I’m wearing my four-inch Abby Whelan high heels, I hover over everybody. I literally have a lower pair of high heels that I wear when I do one of the scenes with the guys.
Darby Stanchfield
I design flats like I design heels: They must be seductive, beautiful and comfortable.
Edgardo Osorio
Though we endow them with human features – heads, faces, heels, toes – golf clubs are profoundly inhuman tools.
Steve Rushin
I’m very honest in my music and I’m often asked to explain the lyrics; as an introvert, I find that quite hard. And I always wear high heels on stage, which can be painful.
Natasha Bedingfield
I’ve embraced comfortable, but still chic, footwear. I don’t know who I was wearing heels for – as much as I love the way they make my legs look and the power I feel when I choose to wear them – but I can do a longer and more pressing day if I’m in a shoe I can walk in.
Catherine Reitman
Feeling I’d scarcely arrived at a style, I now find I’m near the end of it. I’m not quite sure what Late Style means except that it’s some sort of licence, a permit for ageing practitioners to kick their heels up.
Alan Bennett
When I came off the boat I was very proud of the thick calluses which had developed on my feet. But now, I am struggling to get into my favourite high heels which is a shame, as I have so many.
Pamela Stephenson
From the first time I harangued my mother into buying m

From the first time I harangued my mother into buying me a pair of platform sandals at the irascible and persistent age of 11, I’ve worn heels.
Mary H.K. Choi
I’d go to lesbian parties. I felt like I wasn’t hard enough to be butch, but I wasn’t wearing heels and a skirt – I wasn’t femme – so I felt like I was sort of invisible.
Dee Rees
I actually think I think better in high heels.
Theresa May
I was born in platform heels. I actually always fall down when I’m wearing flip-flops.
Eva Longoria
High heels. I respect people who love them; they’re just not for me!
Sophie Hawley-Weld
When I was growing up, everyone dressed the same. You had to have bootcut pants and chunky heels.
Sutton Foster
I’m very grateful that I don’t have to wear heels, because I can barely walk in heels. If I were to skip, it would be deadly.
AJ Lee
I’ve got no anti-America or anti-Hollywood kick, it’s just that I never wanted to go and kick my heels around L.A. for six months hoping something would happen.
Martin Freeman
I’m obsessed with heels.
Emma Roberts
If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels.
Charlize Theron
Touch but a cobweb in Westminster Hall, and the old spider of the law is out upon you with all his vermin at his heels.
Henry Fox
Beyonce’s music is like lipstick or a decidedly tall pair of heels: It’s empowering.
Elaine Welteroth
My favorite thing about playing a vampire is the stunts. It’s just a new, fun thing to do. Especially as a girl, being able to be all dolled up in heels and little outfits and be able to kick boys’ butts, I think it’s a really fun, make-believe world to play.
Candice Accola
My mother has never approved of high heels. As a result, I have never been able to walk in high heels – and they were all I ever wanted. So of course, my daughter has two pairs.
Emma Thompson
Barbie ruined my life! It’s a really bad image for women. For a long time I thought I was deformed – because my heels didn’t touch the ground. I was walking around on tiptoes. What’s up with that? I think that it’s a bad thing for a woman to try to emulate.
Rita Rudner
I’d rather kill myself than dress like Victoria Beckham in towering heels day after day.
Britt Ekland
I really like the look of the 1950s, lots of suburban Americana influences. I’m 5’4′, so I like kitten heels occasionally because I can move around a bit easier, but pointy-toed pumps are very elongating.
Marina and the Diamonds
I never have had blonde hair. I have never had straight hair. I never wear pink clothes or spray tan and I never wore heels to school.
Carly Chaikin
When I’m not working, I just like to be comfortable: I love black, nothing tight, no heels, no make-up – it’s nice to be able to breathe!
Eva Green
I love high heels from the age of 10! Short skirts and then high heels. My classmates used to make fun of me. Like, ‘Ooh, she’s so skinny and she’s wearing high heels.’ But I just wore what I like, and I didn’t care about people’s opinions, the same as I don’t care now.
Irina Shayk
I hate the idea of natural. For example, I prefer gardens to wild nature. I like to see the human touch. High heels are a complete invention – an extravagance. They’re far from natural, but it’s the impracticality that I adore. I prefer the useless to the useful, the sophisticated to the natural.
Christian Louboutin
Bill Clinton sitting on Air Force One getting his hair cut while people around the country cooled their heels and waited for him, became a metaphor for a populist president who had gotten drunk with the perks of his own power and was sort of, you know, not sensitive to what people wanted.
Dee Dee Myers
The only thing I learn on a daily basis from law school is that I disliked it and the law so much that it’s constantly this fire at my heels.
Stephan Pastis
You can’t do TLC dances successfully in high heels.
Rozonda Thomas
I love thigh highs, heels, shorts, or a skirt.
Aja Naomi King
I have to be honest, I don’t pay as much attention to women’s fashion, but being a sneaker head, I do like it when a girl can rock a nice pair of sneakers. Not every girl can do it. Every girl looks good in heels – that’s a given – but not every girl can look good in fresh kicks.
Bryan Greenberg
People know there’s more than one side to me. You can have beauty and brains and athletic ability. You can switch up the cleats for heels once in a while. You can do both.
Alex Morgan
I really associate glamor with being happy. If you put on high heels and lipstick or get a new outfit, you feel great.
Amanda Lepore
If you haven’t got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!
Victoria Beckham
I like sundresses with cowboy boots, little shorts with big wedge heels and a big piece of turquoise. I also love classic, Old Hollywood romantic styles. I’m ‘country girl meets city girl’ circa 1930.
Kirsten Prout