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There was a strange atmosphere on the set because we we

There was a strange atmosphere on the set because we were filming in this large house, which was used for troubled children. You’d go in and find walls had been burnt down. The building was charged with this history and it stayed with us throughout the filming.
Beatrice Dalle
Lord of the Rings was just so much enjoyment. It was over about the space of a year that I was filming. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done, so emotional.
Sean Bean
Formulating the proposal is about 80% of the actual time of the process. In the end, the time spent filming, editing and postproduction is a very small proportion of the total time you spend in the production of the film.
Francis Alys
If you’re a writer, write. You just keep writing. And if you’re a filmmaker, you keep doing what you can to keep telling your stories; you don’t stay on the one. Keep moving forward and doing what you can to tell whatever story you can tell, be it via writing, be it via filming it.
Dana Brunetti
While we’re filming ‘Bake Off,’ I can get really cold, so I’m often holding a hot-water bottle or layered up under an anorak and a warm hat.
Mary Berry
On the first season of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ I was constantly uncomfortable with my eyes. It became annoying filming the show and having to turn away every few seconds and put drops in my eye.
Kyle Richards
When I’m filming, I always have to have breaks to eat.
Hafthor Bjornsson
I’ve never got a part in the same way twice. I’ve never prepared the same way. I’ve never experienced the filming the process the same way.
Rupert Friend
I could see when I was filming ’21’ that it was going to go a direction I wasn’t comfortable with it going.
Jim Sturgess
I had the most fantastic time filming ‘Downton.’
Rose Leslie
My family has had to become quite understanding about me not returning phone calls when I’m filming.
Anna Kendrick
The first act is writing, the second act is filming, the third act is releasing. If you have to partake in the third act, it hurts the first act of the next one. It’s like a prizefight. You get punched.
Albert Brooks
I think fidelity is absolutely important, especially in the acting industry, which is littered with broken relationships because people are away filming for months.
Raza Jaffrey
Sometimes I have a great day of filming and sometimes the theater strikes me better. It just depends.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
When you’re filming on the road you literally are isolated for two weeks and you may go to Alaska or Atlanta or you may go to Florida.
Jo Frost
After ‘Rings,’ I had two feelings: One, I immediately didn’t want to work on anything on a large scale. I wanted to work on something really small after I was finished filming the first three. But the other thing was that I had a continuing interest in working on things that were really different.
Elijah Wood
As colleagues, Shammi ji was my first co-actor and the hero of my debut film ‘Junglee’ in 1961. I met him for the first time at Kashmir’s Shalimar Bagh where we were filming the song ‘Kashmir ki kali hoon main.’ I was an excited teenager, fresh out of London College, and had pursued films against my mother’s wishes.
Saira Banu
My eldest daughter’s been to a few sets of mine and gets spoiled when she’s doing her nails, her hair. Though more often than not, you bring them to set, and they realize the filming process is pretty boring.
Tom Ellis
In terms of filming, yes, it really does feel over now. There’s a real sense of freedom now. It’s a good time to finish, I think. As much as I’m going to miss it I’m ready to move on and do different things.
Rupert Grint
Jewellery’s not a big thing for me. The only thing I wear is a gold cross on a chain that I got for my 21st birthday. You have to take it off every day for filming, but that’s the only time I’m not wearing it. You won’t find me in rings, bracelets or earrings.
Jonas Armstrong
Yeah, there was the Flora Plum thing, where I trained for about a month and I had taken a semester off for that, and two weeks prior to filming, the financing collapsed.
Claire Danes
I had so much fun filming ‘Starstruck.’ It was an amazing experience, and I bonded right away with Sterling Knight, so we had loads of fun together!
Danielle Campbell
I was so used to documentary filming, where it’s one take. You can’t really say, ‘Make that elephant charge again!’ And you talk to the camera. With movie filming, you’re talking to someone else.
Bindi Irwin
Amanda Bynes and I have become close since filming ‘Hairspray.’ It’s so weird because I grew up watching her.
Zac Efron
I never wore a single fedora filming ‘L.A. Noire.’ It took about an hour and a half to do the hair – it was a very precise process.
Aaron Staton
You have to spend four hours filming a 30-minute program. That seems mental to me.
John Bishop
The research period of a film is the most exciting part of the process, and filming is sometimes a letdown because when you’re dealing with biopic material, the real thing is always much more intricate than the story told in the film.
Alessandro Nivola
Imagine you wake up one morning with a knock at the door, and when you answer, there’s Denzel Washington announcing that he’s going to be filming on your street for several weeks.
Stephen Henderson
When we began filming, these people had legs, but as we were filming, they had been injured and they were brought to the hospital to have their legs amputated, and that’s where we found them and asked them to come and be part of the film.
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
There’s a way of filming where you can get rid of the vanity and of trying to make something beautiful.
Jean-Marc Vallee
With ‘Versace,’ after I had gotten the , it was two weeks of preparation before I started filming, and I had read Maureen Orth’s book; I had been able to get a hold of photos and really start to inhabit the mind of David Madson.
Cody Fern
You want the character to keep being able to grow throu

You want the character to keep being able to grow through the process of writing, through the process of filming, and editing, you want to discover things about that character.
Anna Boden
Filming is about continuing to be alert and to think, and I find it quite exhausting.
Eddie Redmayne
I go through phases when I’ve been filming where I wake up in the middle of the night and I think I’m being filmed.
Lauren Conrad
It’s like that Simpsons joke – they’re filming a cow in a movie and they go, ‘OK, we’ll tape a bunch of cats together to make a cow’, and it’s like, ‘Why don’t you just use a cow?’. For some reason that is novel – like, ‘Oh, my guitar sounds like a piano and now if I can just get my piano to sound like my guitar’.
Ian Williams
The mid-90s were really not the high point of fashion for anybody – I had a fashion disaster when I wore heavily sequined clothes which cut my armpits and I bled during the filming of my first movie!
Tisca Chopra
When I’m filming, my fitness levels fall off, but when I’m not, I try to go to the gym a few times a week.
Alexander Armstrong
Honestly, when I am filming for anything, I do it because I love it so much. And then whatever happens is fate.
Shefali Shah
When I emerge from filming I feel slightly out of synch with real life, but it’s also a relief.
Laura Carmichael
Most of the time you spend filming a show is time you spend without the cameras on, when you’re not acting.
Allison Tolman
Because I found myself telling the story of his family to people without the visual aids that I was able to employ by filming them eventually. But I very much knew exactly what I was going to do.
Terry Zwigoff
I was filming ‘The Avengers’ when I got the call for ‘Rush,’ so I went from 215 pounds, which is how much I weigh when I’m playing Thor, down to about 185 pounds to be able to fit into the car. That was all in about four months.
Chris Hemsworth
Well, that was certainly – to me, until we could film in Charles’ room, I didn’t even want to bother filming anything else. And in fact, I did hold off and that was the first thing we filmed.
Terry Zwigoff
If we’re not shooting, if we’re not filming, if you’re not standing on the soundstage, turn off your phone and go live your life.
Shonda Rhimes
Before filming ‘The Crown,’ I couldn’t care less about the royal family. But now… I’m obsessed.
Vanessa Kirby
As far as filming for TV goes, I like to go where the food is definitely of interest to British people.
Rick Stein
There’s something refreshing about going into filming and not brushing your hair, letting your toenails chip, drawing darker circles under your eyes.
Jodie Comer
When I’m in meetings until 5am and then have to get up two hours later for filming, sometimes I ask myself ‘why?’
Jackie Chan
In filming, you’re waiting – you’re waiting for lights, you’re waiting for people to set things up – and when you’re not waiting, you’re repeating.
Colin Firth
I was a TV producer at a noncommercial station, and we were producing some good documentaries – on Head Start, on poverty. But I was struck by the children, and the damage that poverty was doing to them. I didn’t think filming them was helping much, so I wondered how we could use TV for them, to teach them.
Joan Ganz Cooney
It’s a strange thing when someone passes away. It’s always when you’re not expecting it that you’re affected by it. When we first started filming, we were filming with existing characters in a location that we’d never been before.
Greg Davies
I often find myself feeling that filming music is somehow the purest form of filmmaking. This crazed collision of sound and images, the intense collaboration, these incredibly cinematic performances. And for the nights you’re filming, a non-player like me gets to feel somehow part of the band.
Jonathan Demme
I love working with the Farrelly brothers. I’m a big fan and feel very lucky to have gotten to work with them a few times. One thing that I learned while working with them is that you have to keep your cell phone off when filming scenes, or you owe them a lot of money!
Carly Craig