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Most success springs from an obstacle or failure. I bec

Most success springs from an obstacle or failure. I became a cartoonist largely because I failed in my goal of becoming a successful executive.
Scott Adams
I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.
H. L. Mencken
It is unclear exactly how many law enforcement agencies are currently using this capability, but it is reasonable to say that while resource limitations used to discourage the government from tracking you without a good reason, these constraints have largely disappeared.
Ron Wyden
Travel, which was once either a necessity or an adventure, has become very largely a commodity, and from all sides we are persuaded into thinking that it is a social requirement, too.
Jan Morris
Burt Lancaster was largely responsible for me becoming a director.
Sydney Pollack
Strangely enough, my favorite airport is Logan Airport in Boston – but largely for sentimental reasons. My first real summer job was working as a journeyman for the airport’s resident maintenance crew – a small army of union electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.
Amor Towles
It used to be that one poet in each generation performed poems in public. In the twenties, it was Vachel Lindsay, who sometimes dropped to his knees in the middle of a poem. Then Robert Frost took over, and made his living largely on the road.
Donald Hall
Although drag has a long cultural history in America, it remained largely underground till the late 1980s.
Jenna Wortham
All of us in the modern world are constructing our identities, largely through social media, for a larger audience.
Laeta Kalogridis
My children are largely unimpressed with what I do for a living. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Joshua Malina
Our understanding of Shakespeare already depends largely on the vitality of Renaissance elements in our education. Each man must live in his own generation, as the saying is; but the generations are bound together by the golden links of the great tradition of civilization.
George Edward Woodberry
For years, women in India were largely discouraged from participating in high-level sports – and, unless the women were wealthy, good facilities were hard to come by, anyway.
Mary Pilon
We’ve had a long wrangle with the pharmaceutical industry about parallel imports, and what we were saying is we want to make medicines and drugs as affordable as a possible to what is largely a poor population.
Thabo Mbeki
Psychologists, for reasons of clinical necessity or vagaries of temperament, have chosen to dissect and catalog the morbid emotions – depression, anger, anxiety – and to leave largely unexamined the more vital, positive ones.
Kay Redfield Jamison
Servers make very little in regular wages and largely rely on tips to pay the bills and budget for weeks ahead.
Kevin McCarthy
Duty largely consists of pretending that the trivial is critical.
John Fowles
One of the things I’m proud of at Planned Parenthood is the number of health centers providing trans care, which was largely driven by young activists.
Cecile Richards
I deliberately keep myself apart from a lot of stuff; I don’t Tweet, I don’t do Facebook, I don’t blog, and that’s largely because I spend my working life staring at a screen and hitting a keyboard, I am trying to cut down on that, not increase it.
Iain Banks
Despite our high rate of unemployment, 300,000 jobs go unfilled largely because many of the unemployed lack the skills needed today as a result of technological progress.
Kim Campbell
The thinning of the ozone layer is blamed on logging of tropical forests. The fact that the burning of fossil fuels and release of CFCs (chloro-fluoro-carbons) into the atmosphere occur largely in the rich countries are significantly ignored.
Mahathir Mohamad
When I was 15, I changed my name legally. I think it was largely due to my struggle about being gay. Everything just didn’t fit, and I was trying to find things I could identify myself with, and it started with my name.
Portia de Rossi
We’re pretty sure there’s plenty of organic material on Pluto. The atmosphere is largely methane, and in sunlight, methane builds organic molecules. We see reddish stuff on the surface that we think is organic material.
David Grinspoon
Oil is largely our energy past, and Keystone does little to respond to the actual challenges and opportunities before us.
John Delaney
The reader is going to imprint on the characters he sees first. He is going to expect to see these people often, to have them figure largely into the story, possibly to care about them. Usually, this will be the protagonist.
Nancy Kress
Saying Kaepernick is a distraction is based largely on opinion. You could say his decision to kneel for the national anthem was detrimental to the team. If that is so, I would hope you’d note that Kaepernick’s teammates gave him the Len Eshmont Award at the end of the season.
Joy Taylor
America’s future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach, and how we live.
Jane Addams
Commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief that outgoing college students should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.
Garry Trudeau
Without knocking Impact Wrestling, your contribution was largely limited to what you could do in the TV show. WWE is a bigger company with a bigger infrastructure and a lot more ways to make a contribution.
Mick Foley
TV news has largely given Trump editorial control.
Campbell Brown
This is largely the methodology I’ve used throughout my career – that is, starting with a question as to what might be the properties of a set of compounds that could be invented which were unusual and unpredictable. Many times I’ve felt a bit like Columbus setting sail.
Donald Cram
To investors, the media is largely undependable as a source of policy information they have been wrong far too often. And business leaders and industrialists are obliged to make welcoming statements, whatever their real sentiment.
Sucheta Dalal
Americans fear losing control if they're forced to ride

Americans fear losing control if they’re forced to ride in autonomous vehicles. These same Americans fly in airplanes every day that largely are flown by computers, and impressively efficient ones at that.
Adam Lashinsky
First of all, ‘Sarkar’ is not an underworld film. It’s about a man at the head of a feudal set-up in the middle of a cosmopolitan city, where he almost runs a parallel government largely due to his personal charisma. And the film is about his friends and enemies and his family.
Ram Gopal Varma
Hating Wall Street is an American tradition that dates back even to the days when Thomas Jefferson cursed that money lover Alexander Hamilton. And for centuries, the complaints about it have largely stayed the same: ‘It does nothing! It creates chaos! It’s a parasite that sucks hardworking Americans dry!’
Adam Davidson
It’s largely a misconception that Tame Impala is a band. We play as a band on stage, but it’s really not how it is at all on the album. The album is just me.
Kevin Parker
To the European immigrant – that is, to the aliens who have been converted into Americans by the advantages of American life – the Promise of America has consisted largely in the opportunity which it offered of economic independence and prosperity.
Herbert Croly
In ‘Dancing Drums,’ I’ve touched on music that largely brings the ethos of religions other than my own together.
Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.
Bertrand Russell
I write largely plot-driven stories.
Ravi Subramanian
A largely unregulated Internet has created knowledge and wealth, but it’s also long provided a medium for predatory, abusive and bullying behavior.
Adam Ostrow
Intelligent policies will be largely self-regulating in the sense that the system of incentives and standards makes it absolutely ludicrous to not move towards clean, internalized systems of cost and production.
Paul Hawken
Because I was aspirational, I did my work, I was respectful to my teachers, I experienced a lot of bullying from the black kids. My friends were largely white or Asian.
David Oyelowo
Greatness, in the last analysis, is largely bravery – courage in escaping from old ideas and old standards and respectable ways of doing things.
James Harvey Robinson
I think filmmaking is largely about preparation and taste and luck. If you have all of those three things, I think you will find you can work somehow.
David Slade
Largely this is a class thing – writers tend to be cosseted little middle-class kiddies who think that the world owes them a royalty cheque. But just doing it – being in your room for years on end, locked in your head, alone with invented ghosts – it weakens and softens the body. And I know I can’t just live in my head.
Tony Parsons
What Snapchat said was if we try to model conversations as they occur, they’re largely ephemeral. We may try to write down and save the really special moments, but by and large, we just try to let everything go. We remember it, but we don’t try to save it.
Evan Spiegel
Yes, the hunky barista looks even more terrifically masculine with three days’ growth on his chin. Guys under 50 mostly do. But when your beard is partly or largely grey, that stubble can just look a little unwashed. Sadly, when you’re over 50, different rules apply.
Russell Smith
As a fellow science fiction author, Heinlein largely raised me, and I resent it when some folks lazily dismiss Heinlein as a ‘right winger’ or even ‘fascist.’
David Brin
Well, first of all the defensive three-seconds rule doesn’t allow you to play a true zone like you would in international ball and college. Another key factor is training. It is a very different defense to coach, in a pure sense. Not many coaches in the NBA have focused on that, they’re largely man-focused.
Daryl Morey
Computers are the most powerful tools that humanity has ever created. Yet, we treat them largely as a black box; as if it were an alien artifact that magically appeared on desks, in homes, and in our pockets.
Tobias Lutke
The most characteristic aspects of the Clintons, a political couple who might otherwise largely see themselves as practical-minded centrist consensus builders, is, of course, how much personal hatred they inspire.
Michael Wolff
Because homophobia is still largely driven by the church, it’s legitimised. It’s also tied to sexism, because those two are never far apart.
Marlon James
The literature of the inner life is very largely a record of struggle with the inordinate passions of the social self.
Charles Horton Cooley
One of the many misconceptions about the blind is that they have greater hearing, sense of smell and sense of touch than sighted people. This is not strictly true. Their blindness simply forces them to recognize gifts they always had but had heretofore largely ignored.
Rosemary Mahoney
I consider creativity to be a more non-rational, subconscious thing. You have a relationship to your creativity – you can feed it with content, with some rational prodding and sleep and things like that, but the mechanisms by which your creativity work are largely unknown.
Ze Frank
I voted for Barack Obama largely on the basis of his temperament, which I thought superior. He is only 47 years old, but to me seemed older than that: a man of precocious aspect and judgment.
Christopher Buckley
Cruz named Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm as his economic guru. This guy virtually crashed the U.S. economy. Gramm is largely responsible for two bills which led to the speculative bubble which popped in September 2008.
Roger Stone
I grew up in the Mission District in San Francisco, which was largely Hispanic at the time. I was raised in a household that was really welcoming to diversity and encouraging about different people’s viewpoints and ideas and backgrounds.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
President George W. Bush won reelection in 2004 largely because he was seen as comfortable in his own skin, while rival John Kerry was viewed as a flip-flopping opportunist.
Ron Fournier
The critical role of Congress in the adoption of international agreements was clearly laid out by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution. And it’s a principle upon which Democrats and Republicans have largely agreed.
Tom Cotton
The Middle East that Obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace, for the surge in Iraq had beaten down the al Qaeda-linked groups. U.S. relations with traditional allies in the Gulf, Jordan, Israel and Egypt were very good. Iran was contained, its Revolutionary Guard forces at home.
Elliott Abrams
Before the widespread rise of the Internet and easy publishing tools, influence was largely in the hands of those who could reach the widest audience, the people with printing presses or access to a wide audience on television or radio, all one-way mediums that concentrated power in the hands of the few.
Matt Mullenweg
One of the great, and largely forgotten, triumphs of Am

One of the great, and largely forgotten, triumphs of American society and government has been how smoothly U.S. farmers and their communities negotiated the creative destruction of the early 20th century and emerged triumphant when it was over.
Chrystia Freeland
It is true that some liberals and humanists, along with the laid-back Danes, deny the existence of evil. This is largely because they regard the word ‘evil’ as a device for demonising those who are really nothing more than socially unfortunate.
Terry Eagleton
We are sold the idea of a refugee as a tiny child sitting crying, as a way of raising money, but elderly ladies and kids largely can’t move. The demographic is mostly young men.
Mary Beard
One of the major problems with China is that its innovation is largely borrowed technology.
Alan Greenspan
Those projects most successful on Kickstarter – those that receive funding completely and quickly – do so largely because the creator has a strong social network and invites people to be engaged.
Lisa Gansky
Modernity has been largely shaped for Jews by three momentous experiences: the acquisition of citizenship by individual Jews in secular nation-states, the destruction of one-third of Jewry in the Holocaust, and the founding of the State of Israel.
David Novak
I think there are more good sportswriters doing more good sportswriting than ever before. But I also believe that the one thing that’s largely gone out is what made sport such fertile literary territory – the characters, the tales, the humor, the pain, what Hollywood calls ‘the arc.’
Frank Deford
The press is largely directed at white society or the so-called electorate whose values are laced with racial prejudice against black people.
Steven Biko
Between 1857 and 1929, while regulators largely stood idle, the American economy swung through 19 national boom-and-bust gyrations that sometimes threatened to wipe out whole industries within months.
Charles Duhigg
Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
William Feather
Every U.S. president enters office promising stronger ties with our southern neighbors, only to thereupon largely ignore them.
Thomas P.M. Barnett
India’s educated youth is skill-deficient, risk averse in attitude, and largely unemployable in the cutting-edge manufacturing sector.
Subramanian Swamy
If you don’t like the word ‘religion,’ you can replace it with ‘ideology’ – it’s largely the same thing. At the heart of both religion and ideology is the question of authority and where authority is coming from.
Yuval Noah Harari
Almost everything I’ve been paid to do was something that was largely self-taught.
John Knoll
I was brought up largely by my grandfather because my father only returned from a prisoner-of-war camp in 1947 and worked in the nearest small town, so I hardly ever saw him.
W. G. Sebald
Painful events leave scars, true, but it turns out they’re largely erasable. Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroanatomist who had a stroke that obliterated her memory, described the event as losing ’37 years of emotional baggage.’
Martha Beck
The Catholic teaching against murder, for example, is largely the same as our secular laws. But as a law, it obviously has a secular rationale at least as strong as its religious rationale.
Mario Cuomo
When you look at the ‘New York Times,’ you look at other elite media, what you largely get are pictures of very wealthy nations and the nations we’ve invaded.
Ethan Zuckerman
Could it be that my circle is largely black and that it is why I am influential in black circles but not in white circles?
Louis Farrakhan
There was every reason to honestly say that 3D was a gimmick. And it’s largely true. And it’s largely pretty bad. When you put a filter in front of the projector, and you put on your glasses and cut the light in half again, the movies are dim as hell, and they give you headaches and eye strain, and it’s terrible.
Douglas Trumbull
It is not so much that women have a different point of view in politics as that they give a different emphasis. And this is vastly important, for politics is so largely a matter of emphasis.
Crystal Eastman
There are all kinds of humor and I have largely indulged in clean comedy.
Kiku Sharda
I think that the world has largely ignored Belize and the political situation and the plight of its people because it’s one of the smallest countries and, in terms of the world economy, one of the least significant.
John McAfee
The book of Revelation is written largely in symbols.
Joseph Franklin Rutherford
People who are in power make their arrangements in secret, largely as a way of maintaining and furthering that power.
Don DeLillo
The Framers of the Constitution expected the presidency to be occupied by special individuals, selfless people of the highest character and ability. They intended the Electoral College to be a truly deliberative body, not the largely ceremonial institution it has become today.
George T. Conway III
The history of liberty has largely been the history of the observance of procedural safeguards.
Felix Frankfurter
My own view is that left-wing positions largely come about from resentment – I agree with Nietzsche about this – a resentment about the surrounding social order. They have privileges, I don’t. Or, I have them and I can’t live up to them.
Roger Scruton
I think the kind of person I am, and the kind of upbringing I have had, I have my mother’s aesthetic. So my choice of films will largely reflect that.
Konkona Sen Sharma
When I lived in England my perception of what people thought of me was largely formed by the media.
Terence Trent D’Arby
Largely, I began skating because I wanted stuff to do outside of school. My mom decided to put me into figure skating.
Nathan Chen
The fight for justice for the transgender community is

The fight for justice for the transgender community is largely invisible to our fellow citizens, despite the rampant systematic discrimination of trans people – those whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.
Chelsea Manning
Many of the ethnic and other parochial tensions that have tended to create insecurity and outright conflict, time and time again, are largely as a result of failure to deliberately undertake nation-building efforts.
Yemi Osinbajo
Even more troubling, not only are Asians largely unseen at the front line of the immigration debate, they are not using the resources available to help them manage their undocumented status.
Alex Wagner
I’m perennially intrigued how people who lead largely evidence-based lives can, in a belief-based part of their mind, be certain that an invisible, divine entity created an entire universe just for us, or that the government is stockpiling space aliens in a secret desert location.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I have always loved the wild places between the Sierra Nevada range and the Rocky Mountains. The east face of the Sierra Nevada is steep and largely unknown, a wonderful setting.
Ann Maxwell
As millions of people know, one of the great pleasures of walking in areas of the uplands managed for grouse is to see and hear large numbers of curlew, lapwing and golden plover – all ground-nesting birds largely absent or in rapidly declining numbers elsewhere.
Nicholas Soames
Those is power being largely corrupt, recognize that a non functional and corrupt judiciary will allow them to escape punishment even when they get caught.
Prashant Bhushan
To be honest with you, I worry about concentration of ownership in media, where you have a handful of media conglomerates largely controlling what we see, hear and read.
Bernie Sanders
Men even contract the dirty, filthy habit of chewing tobacco, and when the habit gets a good hold upon them they are never satisfied except when they have a wad of the stuff in their mouth. So with drinking. It is largely a habit.
Thomas Jordan Jarvis
I don’t hold America responsible for the largely oppressive governments in the 22 Arab countries. There are repressive Arab governments that are our allies and there are those that are our nominal enemies. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to what extent we’re involved in propping up those governments.
Lawrence Wright
In fiction workshops, we tend to focus on matters of verisimilitude largely because such issues are so much easier to talk about than the failure of imagination.
Tim O’Brien
I’m largely interested in people who are just great actors, and they’re not necessarily hugely famous.
Tobias Menzies
It simply feels right to me to blend the glittery delights of New York City with a largely raw vegan diet – with the soul-deep conviction that animals are not ours to eat, wear, exploit or experiment on.
Victoria Moran
‘Data scientist,’ as a profession, is largely a fad.
Harper Reed
After my undergraduate, I’ve written a thesis that was in the government department, but largely, it turned out almost an economic type of thesis. And I was very interested in that, and I wanted to go get a Ph.D. in Economics.
David Einhorn
Pacing has become more important than ever, largely because of other media. I’ve always tried to start my stories out with a bang, something that will hook their attention.
Will Hobbs
My first novel is loaded with food references largely because my cupboards were bare, and I was writing hungry.
Jan Karon
The most striking thing is that even before Osama bin Laden was killed, he seemed largely irrelevant to the Arab Spring.
Paul Wolfowitz
Harvard is a wondrously tolerant climate for debate and exchange among a wide variety of thoughts, backgrounds, and beliefs, but the voice of religion on campus is largely inaudible.
Alexandra Petri
Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.
Linus Pauling
I’ve done enough for a while and people get fed up of seeing you, but apart from that, although I’m young, I need a bit of rest. You could say I have become a house husband. It’s not a new man thing, it’s just largely a boring man who doesn’t mind staying in the house thing.
James McAvoy
As America prepared for war in 1941, discrimination largely shut black Americans out of job opportunities in the growing defense industry.
Tom Perez
Today’s white majority is largely silent about the race question.
Constance Baker Motley
The Peckman River Basin has frequently flooded, and for more than a generation, the towns of Little Falls and Woodland Park have faced these challenges largely on their own.
Mikie Sherrill
We must recognize that all the civil rights laws in the world are not going to solve the problem of minority underachievement. Ultimately, blacks and Hispanics are going to have to see that their solution is largely in their own hands.
Richard Lamm
We also thought of ourselves in racial and largely ethnic terms.
Samuel P. Huntington
We need to open the frontier between the Earth and Moon to large-scale human activities, we need to establish human outposts and communities off the Earth and begin the job of doing so right away – and do so largely based on letting the people take over most of the jobs.
Rick Tumlinson
Cities generate most of the global economy, and most of its energy use, resource demands and climate emissions. How we build cities over the next decades will largely determine whether we can deliver a bright green future.
Alex Steffen
For decades, activist shareholders were an entertaining, but largely ignored, Wall Street sideshow. Disgruntled investors would attend annual meetings to harangue executives, criticize strategies – and protest that their complaints were being ignored.
Charles Duhigg
‘Wayward Pines’ has largely been, in my experience, a show left to the actors.
Melissa Leo
Realism hasn’t fallen out of favor with most people, who are interested in people’s lives rather than gymnastics of style or literary trends. It’s a certain kind of academic who undervalues realism, largely because it is not amenable to endless exegesis.
Vikram Seth
Global fuel and consumption, however, is projected to i

Global fuel and consumption, however, is projected to increase by 100 to 150 percent over the next 20 years, driven largely by the rapidly growing Chinese and Indian economies; and this growth and this increase in demand will force prices even higher.
John Shadegg
Perhaps the prevalence of pedantry may be largely accounted for by the common error of thinking that, because useful knowledge should be remembered, any kind of knowledge that is at all worth learning should be remembered too.
Albert J. Nock
Book collecting is a largely solitary, mostly male, and completely absorbing activity.
Jacob Weisberg
Until relatively recently, law enforcement’s ability to determine an individual’s location and track their movements was largely limited to natural human powers of observation.
Ron Wyden
I’ve been to the Bahamas before, and it’s so crass. You land in Nassau, and the whole island is replete with beauty and culture, but there’s a lot of poverty. It is a largely black population; then they build these places like Atlantis and The Cove that are walled off.
Matt Skiba
Politics, after all, is largely about power. And power goes to the core of our issues of control and narcissism and need to be right and tendency to divide the human race into ‘us’ vs. ‘them.’
John Ortberg
Are we blasphemous in saying that 2-D is largely a thing of the past, and computer-generated animation is the present and future? It’s all about creating a better experience for the viewer – and that includes 3-D.
Bob Iger
Since so many romantic comedies vary little in their storyline, the success or failure of such movies depends largely on whether we believe in the relationship of the protagonists.
Mariella Frostrup
The challenge of a president himself struggling to find the conjunction between the right words and honest expression, a use of language that respects intellect, truth, and sincerity, has largely been abandoned.
Fred Kaplan
I’ve definitely received a lot of support in Nashville; it’s a huge music town. I like country music. Like any genre I’m largely unfamiliar with, there are elements I really enjoy and elements that go over my head.
During the surge in Iraq, we were able to roll back the tide of al-Qaeda and associated insurgents because we succeeded in mobilizing Iraqis – especially Sunni Arabs – to join us in fighting against the largely Sunni extremist networks in their midst.
David Petraeus
Their lives have been largely defined by failure and you would think the prospect of marriage, which is supposed to be bountiful and hopeful, it’s just really another kind of tangential thing in his life.
Thomas Haden Church
As a woman, I don’t trust Boris Johnson with my rights and that’s largely because of the things that he has said and done in his political life.
Jess Phillips
At the turn of the 20th century, the disparity in literacy here in the U.S. largely came down to race. Nearly half of minorities at that time – 45 percent – were illiterate, while 94 percent of white citizens were literate.
Peter Diamandis
Tory MPs largely do not care about these poorer people. They don’t care about the NHS. And the public has kind of cottoned on to that.
Dominic Cummings
The accumulation of personal wealth and the extension of commercial transactions have developed a great and lamentable increase in certain classes of crimes, while the improvements in transport have largely facilitated the escape of fugitive criminals.
Edward Blake
Baidu Research has three labs – two in Beijing that are already largely built up, and the Silicon Valley one is being built from scratch. We’re hiring pretty rapidly, about one person a week, but we are about a month in, so honestly, we haven’t done that much work yet.
Andrew Ng
Our safety at home and the cause of freedom abroad is largely contingent upon our success in Iraq.
Ron Lewis
Of course, all writers draw upon their personal experiences in describing day-to-day life and human relationships, but I tend to keep my own experiences largely separate from my stories.
Jeffery Deaver
Washington – having spent a lot of time there, I grew up there and have spent a lot of time there recently – is largely defined by detailed analytical views and policy choices that are not very good. You know, each policy choice has a winner and a loser, right? Somebody’s ox is getting gored.
Eric Schmidt
My expenses are largely a fixed, sunken cost, regardless of how much revenue I earn.
John Isner
Our success as a party will largely be determined by how well we do here in the heartland… The time has come to be secure about our values. The time has come to lead.
Evan Bayh
Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of 6, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it.
Bruce Lipton
People’s fates in life are decided largely by their schools.
Peter Hitchens
The freedom that women were supposed to have found in the Sixties largely boiled down to easy contraception and abortion; things to make life easier for men, in fact.
Julie Burchill
I am from a very vague caste. I don’t belong to any of the four. I am kayastha. They are well read, largely clerks so they get treated respectfully.
Anubhav Sinha
But you can catch yourself entertaining habitually certain ideas and setting others aside; and that, I think, is where our personal destinies are largely decided.
Alfred North Whitehead
The name Noel Skelton is largely forgotten today, but his legacy in the Conservative Party in the 20th century was enormous.
Kwasi Kwarteng
Most meetings largely take place in one physical location, and then people plug in remotely. But they are a little bit off to the side; they can’t participate in the meeting as fully as you like.
Andy Jassy
Both of our wars in Iraq were, on American television, largely bloodless.
Bruce Jackson
The problem with the mobile industry is that it deals with an intangible service which is largely similar across major players. Most consumers cannot tell the difference between Vodafone and Orange, or AT&T and Verizon in the U.S., beyond the colors and the logos. I suspect neither can the companies.
Nirmalya Kumar
The comics I made from 1990 to 1997 were largely based

The comics I made from 1990 to 1997 were largely based in vaguely urban, vaguely dystopic settings because that was my reference point for comics storytelling in general.
Nate Powell
After Nixon resigned in 1974, he engaged in a very aggressive war with history, attempting to wipe out the Watergate stain and memory. Happily, history won, largely because of Nixon’s tapes.
Bob Woodward
Republicans working in leadership and the trenches are largely old, white, male, out-of-touch, out of ideas, technology averse, and living in the past.
Mark McKinnon
Our assessment of socio-economic worth is largely a sham. We scientists should not lend ourselves to it – though we routinely do. We should, instead, insist on applying the criterion of quality.
John Polanyi
I live and work alone and travel light, relying largely on my memory and making a point of letting intuition guide my way.
Lyall Watson
When I was younger, I’d buy a vinyl album, take it home and live with it, and I think that attachment’s largely gone for the file-sharing generation.
Anton Corbijn
Both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile had guns on them, which is part of their Second Amendment right. It is a part of a culture that is largely protected by special-interest groups like the N.R.A., but the right to bear arms, it seems, only exists for white people.
Alicia Garza
The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions.
Robert Louis Stevenson
So we in Congress have a very clear choice. We can take largely symbolic action and sit back and fiddle while Americans burn more gasoline. Or we can pass concrete, effective legislation that will save consumers money while significantly reducing U.S. oil consumption.
Sherwood Boehlert
Make it new is the message not just of modern art but of modern consumerism, of which modern art is largely a mirror image.
Christopher Lasch
You know, frankly speaking, money just doesn’t figure largely in my world view.
Norman Finkelstein
When gene therapy was believed to harbor latent risks, research was largely put on hold until the risks were better understood. Sometimes, the theoretical risks have led to a principle of absolutist precaution that impedes progress.
Scott Gottlieb
Luck consists largely of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way.
Aaron Allston
Not only have I made films about the subject, but I’ve largely funded them on my own, so I’m fully committed to doing whatever I can to change the audience’s respect and appreciation for the ocean. In 100 years I want whales, dolphins and sharks to still be around, and the ocean to be a healthier place.
Greg MacGillivray
Great businesses can be built on scale. I think Amazon has built a phenomenal commerce business largely on scale. Their network effect isn’t obvious to me, but boy, have they used scale effectively.
Jeff Jordan
The notion that employees and companies have a social contract with each other that goes beyond a paycheck has largely vanished in United States business.
Alex Berenson
Sometimes I make an analogy that each scientific paper is like putting out another record. And some people have careers that are nothing but a one-hit wonder. And then there are people who are only appreciated by aficionados but largely forgotten by the wider community.
Eric Betzig
Even though I was making documentaries, my films had fictional elements to them. I think I like blurring those distinctions because so much of what we see on television purports to be the truth, but it’s often largely imaginary – or wishful thinking, or any number of less honorable things.
Ruth Ozeki
If we don’t do as well as we know how and we are prepared to do, it’ll be largely because we act and make choices as though we’re going to stay here, as though this life is all there is, when that is not the case.
Sheri L. Dew
Strong moral arguments exist for why we should often try to ignore stereotypes or override them. But we shouldn’t assume they represent some irrational quirk of the unconscious mind. In fact, they’re largely the consequence of the mind’s attempt to make a rational decision.
Paul Bloom
Grozny’s been largely rebuilt. But at the same time, I think the war is very much being waged inside its survivors.
Anthony Marra
While the United States has largely been missing in action from the diplomatic game, the European Union and Iran have been making progress at developing a formula that would lead to the suspension of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program and the start of serious negotiations.
Earl Blumenauer
The overall effect of the Kid Vid rules has been to force networks to prioritize less popular content. Some of this programming attracts reliable viewership among older children, but younger children largely aren’t watching.
Michael O’Rielly
Although awareness of cancer’s prevalence in the United States improves and medical advances in the field abound, pancreatic cancer has largely been absent from the list of major success stories.
Chris Van Hollen
If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this.
C. S. Lewis
The primary victims of Katrina, those who were given the least help by the government, those rescued last or not at all, were overwhelmingly people of color largely hidden from the mainstream of society.
Jonathan Kozol
In the early 1900s, wrestlers who attained main event success were largely all tough men who could handle themselves in any environment whether it be in a wrestling ring or a tavern.
Jim Ross
When I did ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera,’ there was a big fuss, largely centered around the misrepresentation of its content. Had Twitter existed then, that would have been over in a week because people who had actually seen it would have been able to get control of the story through social media.
Stewart Lee
We live in a disposable, ‘cast-off and throw-away’ society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. Ours is a world of expiration dates, limited shelf life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing is absolute.
Myles Munroe
I think ‘community,’ in the sense in which politicians use, it is largely a cant term.
John Lanchester
My mother was largely a housewife until she and my father were divorced. No one in the family read for pleasure – it was a very unintellectual household – but my mother did read to us when we were little, and that’s how I started to read.
Andrea Barrett
I think in the case of my father, in terms of the thing

I think in the case of my father, in terms of the things that influenced me, he never pressed me to go into academics or pressed me to go to a field, and indeed, my behavior was largely to move as far the other direction. I don’t think that’s uncommon with people with very successful parents.
Robert C. Merton
Gen Y is depicted as self-centred and apathetic when it comes to politics, but it doesn’t help that we are largely overlooked. There have been policies to woo parents, pensioners and the sick, but the young do not appear to rank high on any political agenda.
Alexandra Adornetto
Regulators around the world have achieved an unprecedented level of collaboration since the financial crisis to create global standards for financial institutions. American regulators have largely viewed these international standards as a floor, and imposed higher standards on U.S. institutions.
James P. Gorman
New data suggests contamination in rivers and streams, as well as on land, is increasingly common, with most of the pollution in the form of microscopic pieces of synthetic fibers, largely from clothing.
Tatiana Schlossberg
Doctors quickly learn that how much they make has little to do with how good they are. It largely depends on how they handle the business side of their practice.
Atul Gawande
I think that everything you do helps you to write if you’re a writer. Adversity and success both contribute largely to making you what you are. If you don’t experience either one of those, you’re being deprived of something.
Shelby Foote
During my own gap year, I learned an invaluable lesson – that I was a lousy teacher. Even though the children I ‘taught,’ in upcountry Uganda, were desperate for qualifications, they largely ignored me. Until, that is, I realised that they wanted to hear about other young persons around the world.
Simon Hoggart
Often, foreign policy – which, by definition, is largely out of American control – is simply a matter of not doing the wrong thing, the unwise thing.
George Packer
Women in mystery fiction were largely confined to little old lady snoops – amateur sleuths – who are nurses, teachers, whatever.
Marcia Muller
The struggle to modernise the Labour party, which started under Neil Kinnock in the 80s, took more than a decade – and they were swimming in a largely friendly sea.
Damian Green
Spending on largely ineffective programs – although well intentioned – is a detriment to fostering real job growth.
Phil Gingrey
Historically speaking, the French economy was largely driven by the demand side.
Emmanuel Macron
Writing is largely about time, while visual art is largely about space.
Douglas Coupland
Unlike other sports, which are largely determined by individual athletic ability or team strength, NASCAR requires its competitors to cooperate in order to win.
Charles Duhigg
Obamacare mandates a largely uniform structure and set of benefits and insurance design across the entire country. It leaves consumers with very little real choice of the health benefits they want.
Scott Gottlieb
Crime is interesting. It’s huge and fascinating, and it’s what my business, TV and film, is largely based on. But the realities are tragic, and in crime drama you rarely see the pain of bereavement or any consequences. It’s reduced to a chess game.
Peter Capaldi
Early investors in Uber and Airbnb, though they remain private companies, have valued them at stratospheric multiples based largely on the notion that Uber will transform and dominate local transportation and Airbnb will revolutionize the hotel industry.
James B. Stewart
Human beings, viewed as behaving systems, are quite simple. The apparent complexity of our behavior over time is largely a reflection of the complexity of the environment in which we find ourselves.
Herbert A. Simon
I like to think of deviled eggs as a suit. The egg white and filling are like the jacket and pants – they’re the main attraction, and the part that the egg is largely going to be judged by.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
Trying to make something as tricky as ‘Room’ really believable is extremely hard, and it largely rests with that relationship between the actors and the director, and the director and the crew.
Lenny Abrahamson
OpenAI is doing important work by releasing tools which promote AI to be developed in the open. Compute power is largely produced by NVIDIA and Intel and still relatively expensive but openly purchasable. Blockchains may be the key final ingredient by providing massive pools of open training data.
Fred Ehrsam
Support for alternate languages will largely depend on the underlying OS.
Bill Hayden
The issue with race particularly within this country is largely because of lack of dialogue.
Tituss Burgess
I would go on the record with my respect for Mike Madigan, which will probably upset a lot of friends. He’s enormously skillful at what he does. The only speakers of any House who survive are the ones who can keep their majority and keep everyone going largely in the same direction. Mike Madigan is superb at that.
Fred Eychaner
There is the GIS world that is largely managing authoritative data sources, supporting geocentric workflows like fixing roads, making cities more livable through better planning, environmental management, forest management, drilling in the right location for oil, managing assets and utilities.
Jack Dangermond
It is a startling and solemnizing fact that even as late as the twentieth century, the Great Command of Jesus Christ to carry the Gospel to all mankind is still so largely unfulfilled.
John Mott
From what I’ve read, Gen Z largely favors players over teams and that’s one of the reasons it’s so important to showcase MLB player personalities.
Trevor Bauer
Just as the Security Council was largely irrelevant to the great struggle of the last half of the twentieth century – freedom against Communism – so too it is largely on the sidelines in our contemporary struggles against international terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
John Bolton
I just… my childhood seems, when I look back, to be largely composed of reading, lying on the bed. I mean, my mother was always shouting, ‘Go outside!’ But she shouted it at all of us. I think I was just kind of… rather an introverted child, probably.
Helen Garner
My fans are probably largely female; it wasn’t until ‘How to Make it in America’ that guys started coming up to me: ‘You’re Bryan Greenberg.’ ‘Yeah… Don’t hurt me. What do you want?’ ‘Love the show.’
Bryan Greenberg
The shortcoming of purely political discourse between Christians and Jews arises from the fact that it is largely built upon the perception of a common enemy.
David Novak
Weddings to me are largely an ego-centric waste of time

Weddings to me are largely an ego-centric waste of time and money.
Brian Quinn
The battle for women’s rights has been largely won.
Margaret Thatcher
Unlike the visible and heavily regulated airborne emissions from power plant smokestacks, coal ash is largely unseen unless there is a major spill and, until recently, far less effectively regulated.
Tatiana Schlossberg
Educational legislation nowadays is largely in the hands of illiterate people, and the illiterate will take good care that their illiteracy is not made a reproach on them.
Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould
Policy is no longer being written by politicians accountable to the American public. Instead, policies concerning the defense budget, deregulation, health care, public transportation, job training programs, and a host of other crucial areas are now largely written by lobbyists who represent mega corporations.
Henry Giroux
A female friend who caught me watching Fashion TV reckons its audience is largely made up of slobbering men who are just taking a break from the appalling Men & Motors channel. I don’t agree.
Arthur Smith
You largely constructed your depression. It wasn’t given to you. Therefore, you can deconstruct it.
Albert Ellis
It would not occur to me to write a joke like, ‘This would be great if I was more like Andrew Dice Clay.’ It’s not the voice I write in – which is largely an extension of the voice in my head that I think in.
Josh Gondelman
Republicans believe largely in the market working, Democrats believe stereotypically that you’ve got to give people something. So why not give people a chance to let the market work for them.
Harold Ford, Jr.
I’ve been largely an improvisational actor for most of my career, except for when I’ve worked with the Coen brothers.
Billy Bob Thornton
Unilateral sanctions on Cuba have been oppressive and largely ineffective, and that’s why the public largely supports lifting them.
Ben Domenech
Yes, Obama took over two wars from Bush – just as President Richard Nixon inherited Vietnam from President Lyndon Johnson and President Dwight Eisenhower inherited Korea from President Harry Truman. But at least the war in Iraq was all but won by 2009, thanks largely to the very surge Obama had opposed as a senator.
Bret Stephens
Your outlook upon life, your estimate of yourself, your estimate of your value are largely colored by your environment. Your whole career will be modified, shaped, molded by your surroundings, by the character of the people with whom you come in contact every day.
Orison Swett Marden
Indeed, the woes of Software Engineering are not due to lack of tools, or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient technical competence.
Niklaus Wirth
The adoring crowds and overwhelming Democratic support in the 2008 election was based largely on joy at jettisoning Bush and the appeal of electing a superbly qualified charismatic African American leader.
Mary Frances Berry
I don’t put a ton of time into my on-stage style, largely because I’m dumb about clothes. But I have friends who are very smart about clothes, and they teach me things. For the show, I’m mainly concerned with feeling comfortable, being able to jump around and get wild.
K. Flay
Conscious listening is very largely overlooked in the mainstream of education. It’s such an important skill in life. And yet we expect children to pick it up from home or from peers informally.
Julian Treasure
The FDA first began prohibiting gay and bisexual men from donating blood in the early 1980s, at the height of the AIDS crisis, when the risk from blood transfusion was just beginning to be understood. In the decades to follow, the ‘lifetime ban’ was left largely unchanged.
Mike Quigley
Long Island is shaped the way it is largely because of Robert Moses. Long Island is a perfect example of how political power shapes people’s lives every day.
Robert Caro
More particularly, having a largely German-oriented education has made me very responsive to 19th-century German literature.
John le Carre
Disease and ill health are caused largely by damage at the molecular and cellular level, yet today’s surgical tools are too large to deal with that kind of problem.
Ralph Merkle
In 1975, the collapse of a cascade of Chinese dams during a flood killed a hundred and seventy-one thousand people, but the event is rarely discussed, and the names of the victims are largely unrecorded today.
Evan Osnos
Nigerian politics has been, since the military dictatorships, largely non-ideological. Rather than a battle of ideas, it is about who can pump in the most money and buy the most access.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Geologists are rapidly becoming convinced that the mammals spread from their central Asian point of origin largely because of great variations in climate.
Ellsworth Huntington
The most common and most important result of them is that the nature and size of the effect on corresponding series of different elements are largely an expression of the peculiarity of their atomic structure – or, at least, of the structure of the surface.
Johannes Stark
I have no definite talent or trade, and how I stay alive is largely a matter of magic.
Charles Bukowski
The Conservative party now exists largely to misinform the public, to convince voters struggling through austerity that they have the same interests as billionaires and corporations.
Frankie Boyle
Appointments’ is largely just derived from pieces of dialogue with another person, and then also what’s going on inside of my own mind, or a person’s own mind. They’re intended to be a little bit exaggerated and a satire of things that we’re not sure are entirely true, or maybe biased.
Julien Baker
The me you see on stage is largely a construct, based on me at my worst, my most annoying, my most petty, and my most patronizing.
Stewart Lee
Largely, the people driving abolition did it because of what they believed from the Bible.
Eric Metaxas
Universal literacy was a 20th-century goal. Before then, reading and writing were skills largely confined to a small, highly educated class of professional people.
Hugh Mackay
Most were beginning to feel they had learned enough to

Most were beginning to feel they had learned enough to last for the rest of their lives. They remained mathematicians, but largely went their own way.
Benoit Mandelbrot
Marriage largely entails love, respect, honesty, understanding and trust between two people, which only you can create for yourself to make it last.
Riya Sen
Ironically, one of the clearer threats to consumer privacy is the government’s largely unchecked ability to collect your sensitive information without due process.
Marsha Blackburn
By the time a second term rolls around, the illusions about a president have largely evaporated.
Robert Dallek
I’ve been visiting Thailand for more than 20 years but didn’t fall in love with it until I visited Phuket Town in Phuket. The northern part of Phuket is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been, and largely unspoilt and unknown.
Tony Parsons
America’s greatness is largely because of how we value the weakest among us.
Rick Scott
I’ve largely focused on Japan my whole career, so I was interested to see how my music would be received by people of different backgrounds, religions and cultures.
Joe Hisaishi
As a largely unsuccessful comedian, I’ve become someone that younger people sometimes find and ask for advice, which I’m happy to give, even though it makes me feel old.
Chris Gethard
Eminem was someone that I discovered I liked, largely because of his relationship to language and to his mother.
Hilton Als
The success of ISIS is largely tied to the safe haven it has in Syria.
Jack Keane
The East Turkestan Islamic Movement, named for an old Uighur name for Xinjiang, is a shadowy group that operates largely out of Afghanistan and Pakistan and is devoted to expelling the Chinese Communist Party from northwestern China.
Barbara Demick
Breast cancer is being detected at an earlier, more treatable stage these days, largely because women are taking more preventive measures, like self-exams and regular mammograms. And treatment is getting better too.
Elizabeth Hurley
From the outside, Qatar and U.A.E. likely look like twins – small, oil-rich Sunni monarchies that are largely friendly to the U.S. But their philosophies on the region are very different – Qatar does not fear Islamism as does the U.A.E.
Chris Murphy
I believe Indian banks have a strong funding profile with largely deposit-funded balance sheets, a large physical presence to cater to the needs of customers, and ability to provide comprehensive solutions to customers.
Chanda Kochhar
Hinde Esther Kreitman is a forgotten literary foremother, her works largely lost, ignored and out of print.
Clive Sinclair
One of my chief criticisms of U.S. international policy is that Congress has largely abdicated its foreign policy-making responsibilities to the executive branch.
Chris Murphy
I’ve been largely undecided about everything for most of my life. I can barely commit to a phone bill… Somewhere along the line it has become my career due to continuing work.
Robert Sheehan
My own position is, that it is largely up to the work itself to suggest the nature of these referential points without dimensions in and through the processes by which the distance between them is maintained.
Brian Ferneyhough
There are several forms of oppari, but cinema largely uses only one format.
Santhosh Narayanan
When I was eight years old, I wrote a paragraph-long short story about a goat on my mother’s hundred-pound, black-and-white-screen laptop. The story came about largely because I liked the way the word ‘goat’ looked on the page, but I decided then and there that I wanted to be a writer. That desire never changed.
Tea Obreht
The odds are stacked heavily against women in politics. They are up against strong, entrenched and largely patriarchal lobbies in political parties.
Podcast listening, much like radio listening, is largely a question of habit. And the most powerful habits are the ones that fit into our daily routine.
David Hepworth
As a political current, Maoism was always weak in Britain, confined largely to students from Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Tariq Ali
I was a pretty angry kid, and I got into military history largely as a way to vent my own anger. As I got older it narrowed down to a more specific focus on individual violence. I’m just trying to understand where it came from.
Caleb Carr
The money from wealthy nations to confront some very real global poverty and economic issues is largely given out of guilt.
Richard Grenell
Communism, like any other revealed religion, is largely made up of prophecies.
H. L. Mencken
The power that you have as a young woman, unless you have great self-esteem, is largely based on how the rest of the world reacts to you. And so it’s kind of a superficial confidence that you have, you know?
Amanda de Cadenet
I’ve gone through a whole series of careers where something started as a hobby of some kind. Almost everything I’ve been paid to do was something that was largely self-taught.
John Knoll
I emphasize teachers because they are largely left out of the debate. None of the bombastic reports that come from Washington and think tanks telling us what needs to be ‘fixed’ – I hate such a mechanistic word, as if our schools were automobile engines – ever asks the opinions of teachers.
Jonathan Kozol
The annual stream of tens of thousands of newcomers, who largely end up as illegal aliens, must stop. Full is full. We’re living on a small piece of land here.
Pim Fortuyn
Crumb was such an influence on me. He’s such a visionary, such a great artist, that he so shaped my artistic sensibilities on a certain level that I do owe everything to him. The way I see the world is largely changed by him.
Terry Zwigoff
While today's fraternities are hardly the literary- and

While today’s fraternities are hardly the literary- and debate-inspired groups of yore, their core mission – or, at the least, their ideal core mission and the one touted loudly in their public chapter and promotional materials – remains largely unchanged.
Maria Konnikova
With the demise of the biblical religions that have provided the American people with their core values since their country’s inception, we are reverting to the pagan worldview. Trees and animals are venerated, while man is simply one more animal in the ecosystem – and largely a hindrance, not an asset.
Dennis Prager
England’s dominant schools, universities, professions and enterprises are largely in the ideological and filial grip of the Conservative party. This isn’t always obvious but it is emphatic, especially when they are threatened.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
The refugee problem is definitely a disaster for the entire region. Putin – the refugee problem in Chechnya was largely contained inside of Russia itself although there were tens of thousands of Chechens who sought refuge across Europe. Putin wasn’t swayed by that issue when it came to Chechnya.
Fiona Hill
There are things that I am nostalgic about from the ‘good old days.’ I loved motion control cameras, actually. I love the way they sound. I used to do a lot of miniature work, and it’s still warranted, but it’s done less often, largely for budgetary, schedule, and flexibility reasons.
John Knoll
Perhaps the single most effective antagonist of American business is Ralph Nader, who – thanks largely to the media – has become a legend in his own time and an idol of millions of Americans.
Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
The venture community is largely male.
Sandra Lerner
When I was born, the wisdom was that homosexuality was an illness; that it was caused largely by somebody’s mother, and a distorted relationship with the mother. And now, as I live my life – married to a husband, with kids – it’s an identity.
Andrew Solomon
The origins of modern marital instability lie largely in the triumph of what many people believe to be marriage’s traditional role – providing love, intimacy, fidelity, and mutual fulfillment. The truth is that for centuries, marriage was stable precisely because it was not expected to provide such benefits.
Stephanie Coontz
I’m largely health-conscious and work out during the week, but I don’t punish myself at the weekends.
Trudie Styler
Although baseball actually began as a game played largely by urban toughs, its image was soon reconstructed to mirror the country’s pastoral myth.
David Grann
Not only is self-regulation largely a fantasy, but repeated scandals across multiple industries have proved that companies are fundamentally incapable of self-regulating for the greater good.
Maelle Gavet
Writing novels is largely about endurance and patience. I take a lot of breaks, hit walls, and go do something else while I think things through. But I do it every day, and I try to treat it as a job, something that is not dictated by whimsy or muses.
Adam Mansbach
The American order reveals a method that was largely the outcome of material necessity, as exemplified by the Colonial style and the grid.
Stephen Gardiner
We aren’t into the consumer space because that space is largely dominated by search and advertising, and it has a consumer face to it.
Jack Dangermond
Indeed, it was largely the clubbiness of the Washington village press corps that let Nixon get away with Watergate and still win his landslide in 1972.
Rick Perlstein
There are many people who think I’m actually a gangster or a mafioso, largely because of ‘Goodfella.’
Paul Sorvino
Brazil is a country largely resistant to ideology. This is a strange fact given its founding by followers of the French philosopher Auguste Comte, who inscribed an epigram from his philosophy of positivism in the national flag: Order and Progress.
Franklin Foer
We’re living in a tremendously new landscape, and the possibility of what can be created is immense. These tools of the moving image have a relatively short history in art, and what we can do with them is still largely unknown. We are still innovating and finding ways to tell stories.
Doug Aitken
Marriage in our Constitution is very clear that it’s a man marrying a woman, largely with a view to having a natural family, and if they are unable to do that, obviously then they can adopt.
Leo Varadkar
The greatly increased consumption of alcoholic beverages is very largely a direct result of the increased purchasing power created by wartime expenditures.
William Lyon Mackenzie King
The phrase ‘no burden’ largely captured what I wish people believed about themselves.
Lucy Dacus
Cyber war takes place largely in secret, unknown to the general public on both sides.
Noah Feldman
The United Nations has become a largely irrelevant, if not positively destructive institution, and the just-released U.N. report on the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, proves the point.
Linda Chavez
For decades, media companies have largely controlled the tools through which consumers were told what to buy, wear or think. Now consumers possess the same ability to produce, distribute and curate content and distribute it to their peers in real time across social media platforms.
Simon Mainwaring
Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history, largely to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel. This has resulted in a substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversity of life on Earth.
Gary Larson
The wealth in many large estates has never been taxed because it is largely in the form of unrealized – therefore untaxed – capital gains.
Richard Thaler
Companies like Papa John’s are largely a collection of small independent businesses.
John Schnatter
Barriers today are largely class-based – income, networks, education. And those affect many white people as well.
Munira Mirza
Education is largely run at the state level.
Mitt Romney
Again and again as president, Reagan let it slip that he concurred with fundamentalists’ belief that the world would end in a fiery Armageddon. This did not hurt him politically. The kind of people offended by such talk had already largely abandoned the Republican Party.
Rick Perlstein
Life is largely a matter of expectation.

Life is largely a matter of expectation.
My personal style really started in my teens when I gained purchasing power to actually buy my own damn clothes. For so long, my parents dictated what I wore, which largely was their way of containing me within the gender binary.
Janet Mock
Nuclear proliferation is on the rise. Equipment, material and training were once largely inaccessible. Today, however, there is a sophisticated worldwide network that can deliver systems for producing material usable in weapons.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Blue oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me.
William Rose Benet
The tax on being different is largely implicit. People need not act maliciously for it to be levied. In fact, at its heart is a laudable sentiment: ‘prove it to me.’ The problem is that we are requiring different levels of proof without realising it.
Vivienne Ming
There was a real fear that a euro-zone bank might fail, that we’d have a sovereign debt problem in one of the larger European economies. That’s dissipated, thanks largely to the action of the European Central Bank.
George Osborne
In Iraq and Afghanistan, our soldiers signed up intentionally. That’s a huge difference from the largely conscripted army of my era.
Tim O’Brien
I have lost count of how many wars I have actively and largely ineffectively tried to stop.
Mark Kurlansky
I mean, at the simplest level, my entire background was in marketing, which largely is about understanding a customer, being able to be intuitive, being able to be empathetic.
Marc Randolph
My parents never referenced Ethiopia that much, largely because of the circumstances under which we left. We left during a time of political upheaval, and there was a lot of loss that came with that, so my parents were reluctant to talk about those things. So I had, by and large, an American childhood.
Dinaw Mengestu
The Indian business has largely grown on the back of exports. The domestic markets, as far as our Indian business is concerned, actually have contracted because of the contraction in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle space.
Baba Kalyani
The president of the United States from the 1940s until 2017 was considered the leader of the free world – probably the most powerful person in the world – not simply in terms of America’s military might but in terms of the moral authority of the president. Donald Trump has largely abdicated that.
H. W. Brands
Although I’m largely doing other things in life, it’s very nice occasionally to put my toe back in the waters of show business.
Hugh Grant
I do not trust technology. I mean, I don’t think we’re in any danger of kids, you know, doing without video games in the future, but I am saying that their lives are largely out of balance.
Richard Louv
In the past, modeling influences were largely confined to the styles of behavior and social practices in one’s immediate community. The advent of television vastly expanded the range of models to which members of society are exposed day in and day out.
Albert Bandura
I live in a village where people still care about each other, largely.
Jan Karon
The health care industry can play a great role in this by being aware of the fact that these children form perhaps the most neglected group of people in the country, largely because it is hard to find them.
C. Everett Koop
Our approach to education has remained largely unchanged since the Renaissance: From middle school through college, most teaching is done by an instructor lecturing to a room full of students, only some of them paying attention.
Daphne Koller
In the past, action to combat climate change was viewed largely as running counter to economic growth, with ‘going green’ implying a sacrifice of prosperity for the sake of the environment. Today, we know better.
Guy Ryder
For many years, Myanmar’s leadership was largely shut out from the world of international diplomacy.
Najib Razak
For a gut punch of nostalgia, consider that Saturday morning cartoons are now largely a thing of the past.
Michael O’Rielly
Hollywood is largely about scammers and con men. It was my main livelihood for about 25 years, and the scams were beautiful and ugly, cheap and expensive, but, wow, were there a lot of scammers.
Ben Stein
If this humor be the safety of our race, then it is due largely to the infusion into the American people of the Irish brain.
William Howard Taft
We shifted our philosophy from being a computer mapping group that would support planners to the idea of building actual software that would be well engineered. Because at that time, our software was not well-engineered at all; it was basically built with project funding and for project work, largely by ourselves.
Jack Dangermond
I believe that if we don’t make moves to get people who don’t play games to understand them, then the position of video games in society will never improve. Society’s image of games will remain largely negative, including that stuff about playing games all the time badly damaging you or rotting your brain or whatever.
Satoru Iwata
In this country, we force millions of people – who are largely black and brown – into a permanent second-class status simply because they once committed a crime.
Michelle Alexander
Resilience presents a challenge for psychologists. Whether you can be said to have it or not largely depends not on any particular psychological test but on the way your life unfolds.
Maria Konnikova
People like me, whose income largely comes from dividends, should pay more taxes. The problem is that taxes aren’t used efficiently.
Mian Muhammad Mansha
The aim of militants such as Boko Haram, whose very name means ‘Western education is a sin,’ is to sow hatred and enmity between Muslim and Christian communities, which have co-existed largely peacefully for generations. Education, in particular the education of women, is a threat to Boko Haram’s goals.
Ann Cotton
Now, national conventions are largely an excuse for companies and party leaders to throw parties for delegates to attend, to network and have a good time.
Bob Barr
The frontiers we broke into in the ’60s are still largely unexplored.
Ken Kesey
Shockingly, a University of Pennsylvania study says the

Shockingly, a University of Pennsylvania study says the number of young people addicted to gambling – largely due to increased exposure to the Internet and Internet gambling – grew by an alarming 20 percent between 2004 and 2005 alone.
Spencer Bachus
In my grandfather’s time, the FN was founded largely as an anti-Communist party.
Marion Marechal-Le Pen
The American army between world wars after World War I had virtually disintegrated. It was a very small force, given largely to practicing cavalry charges on western outposts.
Rick Atkinson