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Administrators are there because of the fans and the cr

Administrators are there because of the fans and the cricketers to run this game, so credibility of a game, or a board, or even a government for that matter, is important irrespective of what you do. If you are in public life, it is important.
Rahul Dravid
If we are to stop bullying in schools, we have to start with teachers and administrators. If we want to stop it, we have to stop it.
Chris Crutcher
The ‘safe spaces’ for minority students on university campuses are actually redemptive spaces for white students and administrators looking for innocence and empowerment.
Shelby Steele
Financial Aid Office (FAO) administrators are scrambling to educate students on repaying loans, but a disparity in knowledge persists.
David Fahrenthold
One of the responsibilities of Congress is the power of the purse, but there is also oversight. In order to have proper oversight, you have to have agency administrators, directors, and secretaries of those agencies speak frankly and about the facts.
Paul Gosar
Even beginning to teach cybersecurity awareness at an early age can pique the interest of future researchers, engineers, and administrators.
Ken Xie
I get invited to a lot of college campuses, and administrators think it’s going to be a lecture on ‘trans-ness’ or whatever. But when young people get there, their questions are about just life.
Janet Mock
There have been a lot of critiques of the finance industry’s having possibly foisted subprime mortgages on unknowing buyers, and a lot of those kinds of arguments are even more powerful when used against college administrators who are probably in some ways engaged in equally misleading advertising.
Peter Thiel
For all its shortcomings, Wikipedia does have strong governance and deliberative mechanisms; anyone who has ever followed discussions on Wikipedia’s mailing lists will confirm that its moderators and administrators openly discuss controversial issues on a regular basis.
Evgeny Morozov
There’s a common perception among college administrators that they should conceal the high level of sexual assaults that take place on their campuses because it would bring discredit to the university, bring them a bad name if it was publicized.
Jimmy Carter
I’m convinced many of America’s heroes are public school teachers and administrators. Many of these people do what they do because of their faith.
Adam Hamilton
I’ve become more and more aware of the promise and struggle to teach the global mind nowadays because I use every chance I get to ask faculty and administrators of management education programs why we don’t offer at least one course – not even required, just an elective – on the world’s religions.
Warren Bennis
Harvard produces leaders. People with Harvard degrees go on to become administrators in high-level positions in state educational departments and in public schools around the country.
Christina Hoff Sommers
I’m grateful for the educators and administrators who have helped make charter schools available to students and parents, and look forward to their continued success in educating America’s next generation of leaders.
Tommy Tuberville
On the IRS website, they claim to be one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators. The IRS officials might know how to collect taxes, but surely know how to misspend the funds.
Mercedes Schlapp
An extended school day gives administrators the ability to ensure children get a well-rounded education.
Geoffrey Canada
Somehow we must reintegrate the scientific with the popular and reconnect the future to the present. This is less a job for scientists, engineers, bureaucrats, and administrators and more a job for novelists, moviemakers, popularizers, and politicians.
Newt Gingrich
Two conditions of self-sustaining growth are that a country has acquired a cadre of domestic entrepreneurs and administrators and, secondly, that it has attained to adequate savings and taxable capacity.
Arthur Lewis
I’m not a detail guy. I depend on accountants and administrators to do my detail stuff for me, but I do know the overall picture and I know that if you put business people together in a room, not just politicians, they could shrink the deficit tremendously by good business tactics.
John Paul DeJoria
As I’ve said, basketball has been, I think, a real cooperative venture. There have been a lot of people that have been involved in it: coaches, administrators – not recently – fans and nobody, nobody any more so than students over the years.
Bobby Knight
Do we really want Washington administrators coming between us and our doctors?
Foster Friess
Though blessed with many able administrators, the British found India just too large and diverse to handle. Many of their decisions stoked Hindu-Muslim tensions, imposing sharp new religious-political identities on Indians.
Pankaj Mishra
Indian cricketers need more exposure, and as cricket administrators, we need to beef up the domestic circuit. Only then will fresh talent come up.
Sharad Pawar
Administrators and scientists are excited by buckyballs for their own sake, and if they turn out to have practical applications, so much the better.
Richard Smalley
There needs to be a dialogue between coaches, fans, players and administrators to promote positivity in the stands.
J. J. Redick
I have a great relationship with the whole Missouri athletic department. I made friends with everyone from the administrators to the janitors and everyone in between.
Ben Askren
Pakistan is rich in sporting talent, but the only thing needed is to have sincere and honest administrators who should be held accountable by the government. Pakistan should be recognised as a sporting nation and not as a terrorist country.
Jahangir Khan
The sports world, the administrators and the leagues, they need to place a high premium on the health of America, the health of the world and certainly this country.
Myron Rolle
We have to find a way to get the two forms of the game co-existing – and that involves administrators sitting down and banging their heads together and working out a framework. I understand the politics but I’m more interested in what’s best for the game.
Andrew Strauss
Media were never allowed into an Australian dressing room until I became skipper. I changed that and invited them in at the close of play each day, thereby confirming for many administrators they had appointed a madman as captain.
Richie Benaud
In talking with affirmative-action administrators and with blacks and whites in general, I found that supporters of affirmative action focus on its good intentions and detractors emphasize its negative effects. It was virtually impossible to find people outside either camp.
Shelby Steele
Big Linux deployments have reached the point where it's

Big Linux deployments have reached the point where it’s become a real problem for administrators that they don’t have nice tools to manage their servers and desktops.
Nat Friedman
I taught in a small teacher’s college for three or four years, at which point all the administrators got a pay raise and the teaching faculty didn’t.
David Eddings
When Department of Health and Human Services administrators decided to base 30 percent of hospitals’ Medicare reimbursement on patient satisfaction survey scores, they likely figured that transparency and accountability would improve healthcare.
Alexandra Robbins
New security loopholes are constantly popping up because of wireless networking. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and system administrators is still in full swing.
Kevin Mitnick