Top 35 Calculation Quotes

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With English literature, if you do a bit of shonky spel

With English literature, if you do a bit of shonky spelling, no one dies, but if you’re half-way through a maths calculation and you stick in an extra zero, everything just crashes into the ravine.
Mark Haddon
I’ve done the calculation and your chances of winning the lottery are identical whether you play or not.
Fran Lebowitz
I emphasize that virtually every engineering calculation is ultimately a failure calculation, because without a failure criterion against which to measure the calculated result, it is a meaningless number.
Henry Petroski
Losses from partnerships and limited-liability companies, the entities through which the Trumps report much of their income, do not have to be added back as part of the A.M.T. calculation.
James B. Stewart
Computers were programmed to swap out error-prone, inconsistent human calculation with digital perfection.
David Autor
We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Experimental work of great refinement is necessary in order to determine atomic weights. No relationships between them have yet been certainly found which make it possible for us to compute by any sort of calculation exactly the value of any one atomic weight from any other.
Theodore William Richards
Calculation has its advantages, but no one likes naked calculation.
Rich Lowry
Everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of reason and calculation.
Charles Baudelaire
A lot of folks look at the political calculation and then determine the policy. I think that’s backward.
Patrick Murphy
Even in modern art, artists have used methods based on calculation, inasmuch as these elements, alongside those of a more personal and emotional nature, give balance and harmony to any work of art.
Max Bill
There will be no misgiving, no shrinking back, no calculation of overpowering odds, no terror of possible consequences, if you frankly accept the gift which God offers you tomorrow.
Joseph Barber Lightfoot
In any crass political calculation, drilling for oil will always win more votes than putting a price on carbon. But if I recall what I was taught in fifth-grade American government class, we elect presidents to do more than crass political calculations.
Jeff Goodell
To a theoretical physicist, there is no greater joy than to see that this curious activity we call calculation – the depositing of ink on paper, followed by throwing away the paper and depositing new ink on more paper – can actually tell us something about reality.
Alan Guth
How much is an hour of your time worth? It’s worth whatever wage you would get if you spent that hour working. If you work for an hourly rate, this is an easy calculation. Even if you work for a salary and a fixed number of hours, the principle is the same: It’s whatever your salary works out to per hour.
Emily Oster
Robots have already surpassed human beings in calculation and memory, but I have no doubt that the time will come when they will surpass in wisdom as well.
Masayoshi Son
All which is beautiful and noble is the result of reason and calculation.
Charles Baudelaire
At a moderate calculation, among a million of persons inhabiting the metropolis, there are, at least, twenty-five thousand children who attend these schools, and cost their parents as many pounds sterling, per annum.
Joseph Lancaster
Common sense is the measure of the possible; it is composed of experience and prevision; it is calculation applied to life.
Henri Frederic Amiel
You could argue that war is always an irrational act, and yet many states enter into military conflict out of rational calculation or national interest or the stability or longevity of their regime.
William C. Kirby
Most of the tasks we do are for humans. For example, a tax calculation is counting numbers so the government can pull money out from my wallet, but government consists of humans.
Yukihiro Matsumoto
Common sense is calculation applied to life.
Henri Frederic Amiel
Indeed, as the above calculation indicates, to take full advantage of the memory space available, the ultimate laptop must turn all its matter into energy.
Seth Lloyd
The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.
Mary Ritter Beard
People can make any political calculation they want. I make decisions what I think is in the best interest.
Terry McAuliffe
Here’s the thing. You can’t get ten thousand hours of skiing. You spend so much time on the chairlift. My coach did a calculation of how many hours I’ve been on snow. We’d been overestimating. I think we came up with something like eleven total hours of skiing on snow a year. It’s, like, seven minutes a day.
Mikaela Shiffrin
Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.
Henry R. Luce
Failure is central to engineering. Every single calculation that an engineer makes is a failure calculation. Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail.
Henry Petroski
Time-space as commonly understood, in the sense of the distance measured between two time-points, is the result of time calculation.
Martin Heidegger
If I were to run for Senate, my calculation is, what kind of an impact am I going to have were I to win?
Diana Taylor
Deng Xiaoping made a calculation. He bet on demographics. What he knew was that China had this enormous population of young, underemployed people, people who he could move from the farms to the coast and put them to work in factories, and that would be the lifeblood of China’s economy.
Evan Osnos
Calculation never made a hero.

Calculation never made a hero.
John Henry Newman
If we just had an election which is a kind of desiccated calculation, obviously I think the Conservatives have the best economic plans, but it is about more than that. It is about the overall person.
Liz Truss
I would really want all my films to make money. But this weekend calculation is the most dangerous thing because, based on the amount collected in the first weekend, they start declaring the film a hit or a flop. It can’t be.
Manoj Bajpayee
However I am is however I am. When you see me onstage or in the press, there’s not a lot of thought and calculation that goes into it.
Sheryl Crow