Top 35 Fashions Quotes

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My guilty pleasures are the websites where you can look

My guilty pleasures are the websites where you can look at the fashions and see how different outfits will look. You can even take a picture of yourself and download it and play with the fashions! I love playing with these websites to see what I can learn.
Indra Nooyi
There is no contradiction between effective law enforcement and respect for civil and human rights. Dr. King did not stir us to move for our civil rights to have them taken away in these kinds of fashions.
Dorothy Height
I’ve been arrested several times. I’ve been known to dress in ludicrous fashions. I’ve also built a career out of negative reviews.
John Waters
Fashions have done more harm than revolutions.
Victor Hugo
Growing up with a bold feminist in my mother, I witnessed her march magnificently from mini to maxi, fashions so obviously linked to powerful statements of female progression, equality and recognition. I knew no other than freedom of expression in all the forms it came in; art, theatre, fashion, literature and music.
Esther McVey
The funny thing is that the fashions from the ’90s seem to sit so well with the fashions of 2016. Everything from then somehow skipped and came back.
Edward Enninful
The dead and past stories that I have told again in divers fashions, are not set down without authority.
Marie de France
My cousin was Ron O’Neal, who was ‘Superfly.’ Films like ‘Shaft’ and ‘Superfly’ were the biggest things out there in the early ’70s. It’s hard to remember just how big they were – how much impact they had on the culture, the music, the fashions, the hair styles.
Kym Whitley
I’m a multi-racial person – I’m black and white – and growing up in North Carolina, I’ve dealt with a lot of racism. Growing up as a kid, I’ve seen it. I’ve been through it in many forms and fashions.
Jimmy Graham
Based on a lifetime of observations and a few decades in the markets, I understand that societies, beliefs and fashions all move in long arcs of time. We call these arcs several things: cycles, periods, eras.
Barry Ritholtz
England used to be known for making beautiful things. Then we became the rag trade, known for our street fashions, which were picked up around the world. I want us to be recognized for quality. We have the hands to make the clothes. What we need is the motivation.
Anouska Hempel
When I travel, I love speaking to women around the world about the things that inspire them, the fashions they like, what makes something good and what would make it even better.
Maria Sharapova
He fashions evil for himself who does evil to another, and an evil plan does mischief to the planner.
Pop music is a fashion, and fashions come and go. The public retires you as their tastes change.
Cliff Martinez
You see, in chess we have styles – like in any other field. There are also fashions in the kinds of systems that people play. So I’m trying to know my opponent as much as possible.
Judit Polgar
Enjoy the fashions, read the good articles, and when you feel threatened, turn your mental gaze inward, but keep your eyes on the road, or you won’t know where you are going. Have a practice or discipline that lets you be in touch with your inner self, your soul.
Rebecca Pidgeon
In the end, what I’m trying to say as a person who does all this travel and fashions these images is that you arrive at an approximate location but never one destination.
Kehinde Wiley
I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me.
Bettie Page
Award season is such an exciting time of the year and I enjoy seeing who is nominated, who wins and – like most women – the fashions.
Camille Grammer
Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
A politician is the devil’s quilted anvil; He fashions all sins on him, and the blows are never heard.
John Webster
Then years back, when I moved to California, I happened to see a book about fashions of 19th-century Victorian England, only four pages of which was devoted to the dress of the working class.
Martin Cruz Smith
Everybody has ideas. The vital question is, what do you do with them? My rock musician sons shape their ideas into music. My sister takes her ideas and fashions them into poems. My brother uses his ideas to help him understand science. I take my ideas and turn them into stories.
The customs and fashions of men change like leaves on the bough, some of which go and others come.
Dante Alighieri
Empty-brained triflers who have never tried to think, who take their creed as they take their fashions, speak of atheism as the outcome of foul life and vicious desires.
Annie Besant
Russian women are now interested in clothes. But they will never attach supreme importance to fashions as do Europeans and American women, because they are too vitally interested in all the various projects going on in their country.
Elsa Schiaparelli
The fashions of the ages vary in this direction and that, but they vary for the most part from a central road which was struck out by the imagination of Greece.
Gilbert Murray
If you look at Washington right now, we do not have a system that the Founding Fathers envisioned, where people go to Washington and be part of the servant class. Instead, we have a permanent political class that fashions itself the rulers of the people.
Ron DeSantis
I’ve always been committed to tuning out the trends of drag and doing styles and fashions and performances that are really true to what I love, to the movie references I’ve always loved, fashion that speaks to me for whatever reason – no matter what people say.
Sasha Velour
I always sold other peoples’ fashions, so I wore jeans and t-shirts, and I put on what they needed to sell, and I’d sell it. So as far a nurturing my own style, it took me quite a long time to do it.
Brooke Shields
I try to avoid the ‘art world’ as much as possible. It’s too much about fads and fashions – who’s getting the best prices at auction and things like that.
Cornelia Parker
In words, as fashions, the same rule will hold; Alike f

In words, as fashions, the same rule will hold; Alike fantastic, if too new, or old: Be not the first by whom the new are tried, Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.
Alexander Pope
Fashions fade, style is eternal.
Yves Saint Laurent
At first, I was only interested in music, but I spent so much time in the clubs and seeing fashions change. So naturally, I developed an interest in it.
A human being fashions his consequences as surely as he fashions his goods or his dwelling. Nothing that he says, thinks or does is without consequences.
Norman Cousins