Top 35 Handmade Quotes

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Now having said that, I realize that releasing a film i

Now having said that, I realize that releasing a film in the real world is like trying to get General Motors to release a handmade car.
Godfrey Reggio
The hardest thing to do with an animated movie is to not make it feel synthetic: to feel like it’s handmade, where you can sense the human hand in it.
Phil Lord
Etsy is fundamentally a creative community. On eBay, or Amazon for that matter, practically anyone can sell practically anything. On Etsy, you can only sell handmade goods, vintage goods over 20 years old, and craft supplies for making.
Caterina Fake
With horror movies, a bigger budget is actually your enemy. You want to feel the rough edges, the handmade quality to good horror films. It’s a genre that benefits from not having everything at your disposal.
Drew Goddard
CG can do anything, but it can’t do everything well. What it naturally can do is special effects. But using stop-motion comes from our desire to do handmade stuff. There are always going to be kids who get out whatever it might be – clay, bits of wire, Barbie dolls, Legos. They want to tell little stories.
Henry Selick
Stop cutting on a glass or bamboo cutting board and invest in a nice, handmade hardwood one.
Brad Leone
I’ve always wanted to sail around the world in a handmade boat, and I built a boat.
Will Ferrell
Naples is famous for its handmade ties so I always buy them there.
Gino D’Acampo
Unlike film and TV, theater is a luxury object, but one that ordinary middle-class people can still afford. Above all, it isn’t a mass medium: Live theater is a small-scale, handmade art form. Intimacy is what makes it special.
Terry Teachout
When I started Amos Content Group in 2009, I made a simple bet: our handmade, contextual, and authentic content will stand out in an increasingly information-saturated world.
Shawn Amos
Most of my instruments are handmade.
Xavier Rudd
I am obsessed with the Mylkman. His fresh, handmade Almond Mylk is nondairy and the best I have ever had. It tastes like dessert.
Mandy Ingber
I seriously love to cook… My grandmother was an amazing cook. As a kid I used to help her make handmade pasta, Cavatelli and Ravioli. It was one of my favorite things to do. I love the idea of making whatever is in the fridge into something.
Bradley Cooper
Salvatore Ferragamo have done some nice handmade suits for me.
Hugh Jackman
I love making handmade gifts.
Vanna White
I’m doing a lot more handmade gifts. When I go to a party, I cook whatever it is I need to bring instead of just grabbing a bottle of wine.
Jen Lancaster
I always have my journal with me. It was handmade by a guy at the San Telmo market in Buenos Aires. If you go there he can make you one. It’s leather and bronze and I’m able to replace the paper when it runs out. It has a lion on the cover that I say is there to protect my thoughts.
Blake Mycoskie
Handmade things tend to be so expensive that only a small part of the population can afford them. And yet making things with hands is such an essential part of being human.
Jessica Stockholder
Harris Tweed as been around since before the Industrial Revolution when it was a handmade cloth from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.
Hilary Farr
I have a wonderful piano that I really love: a handmade Yamaha grand. Sometimes I’m sitting there, and it sounds so good that I find some little melody or a phrase that leads me into a song, but probably more often than not, I actually grab a notebook.
J. D. Souther
Etsy radically simplified and amended their policies. Sellers of handmade goods can now hire as much help as they need to run their shops. They can apply to sell designs they produce with the help of outside businesses.
Caterina Fake
My favorite things often have a story behind them and are usually handmade or discovered at a flea market.
Amy Sedaris
I was the child at school in second-hand or handmade clothes and, as I grew older, I craved material wealth, a big house and designer clothes.
Roz Savage
When I think about the real pioneers of the psychedelic movement in a musical sense, not just the culture, everything had a handmade sort of vibe to it. We’re inventing our culture as we move along into this.
Chris Robinson
I’m a control freak, and anytime I direct something, I try to make it as homemade and handmade as possible. I feel like that’s my favorite type of filmmaking, where you can see the seams, and it doesn’t feel like a swiftly produced, whole seeky-eyed event.
Matthew Gray Gubler
In tribal Botswana, I received some woven necklaces and a handmade bow with three poison arrows. It’s framed and hanging on the wall in my living room and is, without a doubt, one of my favorite possessions.
Andrew Zimmern
I happen to love creating handmade ornaments even when I mess up I still have fun.
Hilary Farr
Kids go crazy for the Krampus tradition and dress up as little monsters – they have beautiful masks, handmade from wood. Our village in Austria puts on a special play in which the creature tells an old beggar to repent his sins; when he refuses, he’s beaten up by lots of Krampuses at once.
Conchita Wurst
I love and admire the American culture and the American dream. I learnt so many things about the American shoe industry and marketing strategies. I caught the secrets of American casual wear, that is elegant and wearable, retro and modern, and mixed it with an Italian touch, luxurious and handmade.
Diego Della Valle
Old typography or letter woodblocks that are hand-carved, cracked, and worn are especially beautiful. I love that aged, handmade effect, and that’s why I don’t muck around much with Photoshop.
Ben Eine
The Learning Hub is a collection of handmade concrete towers surrounding a central space that brings everyone together, interspersed with nooks, balconies and gardens for informal collaborative learning.
Thomas Heatherwick
For me that's one of the great indulgences in life - a

For me that’s one of the great indulgences in life – a hand-tailored suit, and a great pair of handmade shoes.
Hugh Jackman
Making duck calls is the hardest thing that we make, so there’s skill involved, and they’re all handmade.
Willie Robertson
I look back at 1993 or 1994 when I made it to the National Championships, and I was on used skates and handmade or borrowed costumes. But my mom was there every step of the way for me: she was the one traveling with me all over the world at age 13.
Michelle Kwan
Unlike Etsy, which is all handmade, we print and ship the products, not the designers. We relieve the designer from having to make and ship everything, package it, and provide customer service. All the designer has to do is submit art and keep doing what they love doing.
Mariam Naficy