Top 35 Incremental Quotes

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In terms of my career, it's been a lot of incremental i

In terms of my career, it’s been a lot of incremental improvement slowly over time.
J. J. Redick
Development is an endurance exercise with incremental improvements.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
No matter who the prime minister is, incremental changes take place. The economy moves on.
Kapil Sibal
Incremental increases in the minimum wage won’t address the underlying skills and investment gaps in Illinois.
Bruce Rauner
On balance, I am a supporter of the minimum wage going up. We’ve got to be very careful what we wish for because some employers – and there could be a lot of them – will be scared away from hiring new people or creating incremental hours for part-time people as a result of that wage going up.
Howard Schultz
From year to year, environmental changes are incremental and often barely register in our lives, but from evolutionary or geological perspectives, what is happening is explosive change.
David Suzuki
At many companies, business development is treated as a sales tool for incremental growth, but I believe that business development can bend our growth curve in a big way. It should accelerate our ability to grow, helping us quickly close gaps or leap ahead of competitors.
Peggy Johnson
Working with film directors helps me grow, but nothing like the incremental jumps I make onstage.
Scott Glenn
I think about the automobile, I think about like, when I was a kid, you know, the invention of the answering machine, which I was like, ‘Wow.’ Or call waiting, which was, like, very big. It was a very big thing. Call waiting was a very big thing. And these incremental innovations happen constantly.
Ashton Kutcher
The repression of virtuous instinct in the modern world is an incremental tragedy. Repress one instinct, and you repress many; other parts of consciousness go down, also.
Michael Leunig
Transformation in real life is extraordinarily incremental, and that’s all I’m going to say.
Jillian Michaels
I wanted fame, but I thought it would be incremental, and I became afraid of the overnight-sensation thing.
Wes Bentley
Change is incremental. Change is small.
Theodore Melfi
Under stable and incremental conditions, a free-market economy spurs entrepreneurship, ensures efficiency, and generates wealth. Those conditions no longer apply.
Johan Rockstrom
When I’m working on a short story, I could duck into a bathroom at a crowded party and write a scene, which is to say I can work in a very incremental way.
Laura van den Berg
One of the remarkable things about my career is that it has been marked by steady, incremental progress. No sudden spikes up, and no sudden downfalls, either.
Phil Hartman
With regard to electric vehicles, I am all for them because most of the incremental electricity needed to run those vehicles will come from gas-fired electric generation. However, I do not believe it is wise for America to substitute dependence on foreign oil for dependence on Chinese batteries.
Aubrey McClendon
In contrast to how tech firms want to disrupt and break things – developing drugs must be incremental and step-by-step. This is the kind of work that involves people putting their lives on the line every day with clinical trials.
Vivek Ramaswamy
Our goal has always been to make broadcasters on TwitchTV feel like they own their channel pages, and we’re continuing to make incremental improvements there.
Justin Kan
A platform is essentially a business model that thrives because of the participation and value added from third parties with only incremental effort from the owner of the platform.
Om Malik
It’s probably fair to say that Obama’s ideas were too big for America’s appetite. It would have been nice had he made a few incremental repairs to the economy and left the transformative events for a less stressful time.
Kathleen Parker
Science is so incremental and so full of setbacks and small steps forward. In order to really thrive in this business, you have to be able to glean as much joy from the failure days and from the small increments as you do from the breakthroughs.
Hope Jahren
In general, there will likely be an expanding market around mobility management services that could offer incremental job growth.
Cathy Engelbert
If we have learned nothing else from the 20th century, we should at least have grasped that the more perfect the answer, the more terrifying its consequences. Incremental improvements upon unsatisfactory circumstances are the best that we can hope for, and probably all we should seek.
Tony Judt
I hear music that comes out of need, out of grief, sorrow, suffering and out of overcoming these things, as well. That journey to freedom still goes on today. It’s an incremental change, the culmination of many events in your own life and the lives of your children and grandchildren.
Kathleen Battle
Everyone has all the power of a bank branch in the palm of their hand. And so in that world of software at scale, theoretically the incremental unit cost of something at scale approaches zero.
Dan Schulman
Our investments in data, Internet and international have been particularly timely and have positioned the company to post industry-leading incremental revenue gains.
Bernard Ebbers
Military leaders, many of whom were students of counterinsurgency, recognized the dangers of an incremental escalation and the historical lesson that ‘trailing’ an insurgency typically condemned counterinsurgents to failure.
Stanley A. McChrystal
Peer review is fine, as long as you’re making incremental improvements to a technology.
Lonnie Johnson
I love writing in compressed time periods because the act of survival in the midst of panic and fear, that’s where true heroism comes. If you have a uniform, and you’re expected to do things, it’s a sort of incremental heroism.
Peter Landesman
The impact of Brexit is likely to be slow and incremental, hardly the sudden transformation that some Leave voters wanted. Immigrants will not disappear, and manufacturing will not immediately return to northern-English cities – quite the contrary.
Anne Applebaum
Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change,

Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change.
Larry Page
Every rejection is incremental payment on your dues that in some way will be translated back into your work.
James Lee Burke
The presidential candidates are offering prescriptions for everything from Iraq to healthcare, but listen closely. Their fixes are situational and incremental. Meanwhile, the underlying structural problems in American politics and government are systemic and prevent us from solving our most intractable challenges.
Larry J. Sabato
Real progress in understanding nature is rarely incremental. All important advances are sudden intuitions, new principles, new ways of seeing.
Marilyn Ferguson