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If I don't do high-intensity interval training classes

If I don’t do high-intensity interval training classes for an hour every morning and yoga a few days a week, I get depressed.
Davinia Taylor
Cardio should remain low-impact at first. You can gradually kick up the intensity. Interval training is a great way to incorporate short bouts of strength and cardio efficiently, too.
Anna Kaiser
In fast moving fields like cancer, where doctors tailor treatments based on evidence that’s constantly evolving, two years can be an eternity of waiting to learn about important science. For some patients, that interval can be fatal.
Scott Gottlieb
The interval between the decay of the old and the formation and establishment of the new constitutes a period of transition which must always necessarily be one of uncertainty, confusion, error, and wild and fierce fanaticism.
John C. Calhoun
Ideally, it would be five days a week, spending at least an hour at the gym doing cardio three of those days and resistance training all of those days. My cardio is typically interval training.
Ian Ziering
There is usually a long interval between important scientific discoveries and impact on human health.
Mark Walport
I love being in the gym and am training six days a week; I do a lot of high-intensity interval training so that my heart rate gets really high, and I practice, as I’m doing that, taking really deep breaths, and that really helps in a song and in a style of music where you have to sing long, flowing lines.
Joshua Henry
Clearly, enriching the cosmos with heavy elements takes a while. So there’s inevitably an interval between the sterile aftermath of the Big Bang and a time when the cosmic chemistry set had enough ingredients to make rocky planets (and squishy biology).
Seth Shostak
I remember that Pu La had come for one of my premieres and I was patiently waiting to hear his verdict of my acting, but when he came out of the theatre during interval, all he asked me was about my father and his well being, such was their friendship.
Ashok Saraf
In my final year at Bristol University, I wrote a play called ‘White Feathers.’ It was produced in the studio theatre at the students’ union in early 1999, when I was 21. It’s 100 pages long: a very traditional play, with an interval, about deserters in the First World War.
Laura Wade
I remember, when I was doing ‘Nicholas Nickleby’, James Archer came to see me at the interval and said, ‘My father would like to see you after the show.’ It felt rather as if I had been summoned by the Queen, and I was cocky enough to think, ‘Who the hell is he to summon me?’
Damian Lewis
In the case of composite colour, an infinity of systems must be obtained for maxima infinitely slight and with an infinity of interval values separating them – that is to say, the whole thickness of the sensitive layer is occupied in continuous manner by these maxima.
Gabriel Lippmann
A desire arises in the mind. It is satisfied immediately another comes. In the interval which separates two desires a perfect calm reigns in the mind. It is at this moment freed from all thought, love or hate. Complete peace equally reigns between two mental waves.
Swami Sivananda
I usually suggest that people do their steady-state cardio on the days that they’re not with me; they really don’t need a cardio babysitter. When working with athletes, I try to pair the interval with the exertion patterns of their respective sport.
Gunnar Peterson
And the only thing to do with a sin is to confess, do penance and then, after some kind of decent interval, ask for forgiveness.
Joseph J. Ellis
It depends on various things like if the promoters want to have a break so they can sell more T-shirts and booze, then they ask if we can do an interval. I personally prefer not to do that. Once you get onstage, I like to stay there.
Chris Squire
Happiness is the interval between periods of unhappiness.
Don Marquis
We come from a dark abyss, we end in a dark abyss, and we call the luminous interval life.
Nikos Kazantzakis
It was the noise Of ancient trees falling while all was still Before the storm, in the long interval Between the gathering clouds and that light breeze Which Germans call the Wind’s bride.
Charles Godfrey Leland
Once I went to watch ‘Hatari’ with my Mama and there was a rhino attack scene where I cried so much that they had to take me back home at interval.
Saswata Chatterjee
Love is the delightful interval between meeting a beautiful girl and discovering that she looks like a haddock.
John Barrymore
Even during my short film days, I approached theatres with the idea of playing them during the interval. They thought it was problematic to screen an offbeat short film in between a commercial film.
Karthik Subbaraj
I do interval training, high intensity dance, and yoga. I do run a lot, but more for speed.
Rachele Brooke Smith
No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation.
Walter Bagehot
Reading a book you are not enjoying is a torture not to be undertaken without a reward. I leave plays at the interval, too!
Mariella Frostrup
The interval between a cold expectation and a warm desire may be filled by expectations of varying degrees of warmth or by desires of varying degrees of coldness.
Samuel Alexander
My favorite thing do is HITT workouts, or high interval intensity workouts. like to do that because I’m not really a cardio person.
Maryse Mizanin
When I’m not on the ice, I do interval work on the bike or the elliptical, trying to mimic a four-minute routine. But it doesn’t come close.
Tessa Virtue
Japanese naval officers in dress whites are frequent guests at Pearl Harbor’s officers’ mess and are very polite. They always were. Except, of course, for that little interval there between 1941 and 1945.
William Manchester
I’m kind of like a middle mix between a warrior diet and a Paleo diet, so I only eat once a day and it’s at night – so kind of like interval fasting. But I eat until I’m full, I eat as much as I want, and I really don’t eat anything that you couldn’t find, you know, 10,000 years ago.
Ronda Rousey
Darkness is to space what silence is to sound, i.e., the interval.
Marshall McLuhan
There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.
George Santayana
My central quest was to have a piece played on the saxophone sound like more than one instrument, exploiting different registers and wide interval leaps.
Roscoe Mitchell
I still do intense interval training. I like miles and quarters best. In races I can set my mind, and I believe I could break 2:20 again.
Catherine Ndereba
The interval allowed was only five minutes, at the end of which I resumed the lecture; but so refreshing was the effects of the brief rest and, above all, the admission of pure air, that during the second hour the attention was as completely sustained as during the first.
George Combe