Top 35 Litter Quotes

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There aren't many things that are universally cool, and

There aren’t many things that are universally cool, and it’s cool not to litter. I’d never do it.
Matthew McConaughey
We were empty nesters, our last-born child having departed for Duke. Meredith decided we needed a dog to fill the vacuum. She heard about a litter in Colorado sired by Chopper, the legendary avalanche dog at the top of Aspen Mountain.
Tom Brokaw
I hate the hand that comes out of a car and just drops litter in the street. I hate that! For some reason, it just fills me with fury! It’s just utter laziness, lack of interest in other people, lack of interest in the planet, in the hedgehog who might eat the plastic bag, it’s a lack of concern.
Joanna Lumley
‘In Search of Excellence’ was an afterthought, the runt of the McKinsey consulting litter, a hip-pocket project that was never supposed to amount to much.
Tom Peters
Healthy camel crickets spend a lot of their waking hours grooming, so I have learned to recognize the ones that will soon die because they walk about encrusted with sand and bits of litter, having lost all interest in keeping clean.
Sue Hubbell
You litter poems with too much learning when you’re younger.
Tony Harrison
The eldest and biggest of the litter was a dog cub, and when he drew his first breath he was less than five inches long from his nose to where his tail joined his back-bone.
Henry Williamson
I had always been told that you shouldn’t clean the litter box when you’re pregnant, because of your cat. And I think that is overblown – unless you have, like, three kittens in your house that are living outside and eating raw meat, this shouldn’t really be a significant source of concern.
Emily Oster
I sort of felt like the runt of the litter. My brother was just great. If you gave him a cricket bat he’d score 100. If he walked into a party he’d pull the best-looking girl. He was my hero.
Jeremy Kyle
I see litter as part of a long continuum of anti-social behaviour.
Bill Bryson
In ‘Sidney’s Comet,’ thanks to all the consumerism, all the garbage had to be put in deep space, even though we’re not supposed to litter the cosmos – that was an environmental message. Although it was funny, it had an important message.
Brian Herbert
I’ve had cats all my life and obviously loved them, but the litter box, and the having to always get a house sitter, they’re just too – they’re too rigid. Cats are too needy somehow.
Martha Plimpton
I hate when people litter.
Joe Thornton
The interesting thing about being a mother is that everyone wants pets, but no one but me cleans the kitty litter.
Meryl Streep
As my mum still candidly says, I was the runt of the litter.
Nick Moran
One of my pet peeves, one of my obsessions, is litter.
Amy Wax
I would teach U.K. parents how to stop their children throwing litter. London is a beautiful city but its streets are disgusting.
Britt Ekland
There are thousands of ways to take action. For example, plant trees, pick up litter, join an organisation or movement that makes a difference and especially try to influence adults and put pressure on people in power.
Greta Thunburg
Often, a seemingly clear clean beach has a huge amount of hidden litter.
Ben Fogle
I’m a working actress in Hollywood. You unfortunately don’t get the pick of the litter when it comes to auditions and jobs.
Madelaine Petsch
If you are a woman with your own money, you have confidence. You have the pick of the litter.
Loni Love
Of all the failed technologies that litter the onward march of science – steam carriages, zeppelins, armoured trains – none has been so catastrophic to prosperity as the last century’s attempt to generate electricity from nuclear fission.
James Buchan
On ‘State of Affairs,’ we’re going after some names that you wouldn’t think would traditionally do TV. A show that shoots in Los Angeles is such a rare bird in hand that I think we’re gonna have the pick of the litter.
Joe Carnahan
If what I write is literature, I guess you’d better emphasize the ‘litter.’
Lydia Lunch
My dad’s a professor of medicine; my mum was a nurse. My little sister is going into healthcare. My older sister is a nurse; my brother’s in finance – I’m the runt of the litter.
Will Poulter
Sometimes when I’m going to the supermarket to get the coffee and cat litter, I get freaked out and see all these people staring, and you turn around and there’s, like, 40 people all looking at you… and when you go around the corner, they’re all following you! You start freaking out like a trapped animal.
Kate Bush
Humans pull together in an odd way when they’re in the wilderness. It’s astonishing how few people litter and how much they help one another. Indeed, the smartphone app to navigate the Pacific Crest Trail, Halfmile, is a labor of love by hikers who make it available as a free download.
Nicholas Kristof
Some exfoliates have rocks in them and it makes your skin really smooth, and cat litter is a good substitute. I haven’t broke out at all yet!
Nicole Polizzi
In the countryside, litter doesn’t have a friend. It doesn’t have anybody who’s saying, ‘Wait a minute, this is really starting to get out of control.’
Bill Bryson
Every time I pass a litter box I clean it.
Beth Ostrosky Stern
I don’t like litter and blight.
Sixto Rodriguez
I loved performing; I was always trying to impress my s

I loved performing; I was always trying to impress my siblings by being a clown. I think that came from being the runt of the litter.
Rose Byrne
There was one ‘crime’ during the whole time I was at school, when a fountain pen went missing. Stealing just didn’t happen. I was taught not to shoplift, not to steal, not to behave badly. We weren’t even allowed to drop litter.
Joanna Lumley
I’ve found that I snack less and concentrate better when I chew on a plastic stirrer – the kind that you get to stir your to-go coffee. I picked up this habit from my husband, who loves to chew on things. His favorite chew-toy is a plastic pen top, and gnawed pen tops and little bits of plastic litter our apartment.
Gretchen Rubin
People who drop litter really stress me out. I have been known to chase after people and say, ‘Sorry, but you’ve forgotten something,’ and then hand it back to them.
Ainsley Harriott