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I've never had trouble finding inspiration for new song

I’ve never had trouble finding inspiration for new songs, no matter what I’m doing.
Ed Kowalczyk
Good new songs are the backbone of the music industry. There isn’t an artist out there who could survive without hit songs.
Kara DioGuardi
I can’t wait to front my band with these new songs and play for fans, but I’ve decided to keep my day job too.
Richard Marx
Actually, the funny thing is, after all these years, I’ve got all these new songs to learn for the show we’re doing at Joe’s Pub, so it’s kind of fun to get down and rehearse new things, and also rethink some of the older songs, how we’re going to do them.
Lesley Gore
During the day I’ll work on music. I have a sampler and a drum machine out with me and I write new songs while we’re on the road.
Wayne Static
I’m self-deprecating, but I’m an artist, too. I have to write new songs to chronicle stuff for myself. I write a song like ‘Middle Age’ or ‘Responsibility’ or ‘I Just Work Here,’ and it’s about how bleak life can be. But it’s real.
Steve Forbert
We’ll only be playing four new songs live, but all the material for the next album is basically finished.
Daisy Berkowitz
Playing new songs at festivals is weird, obviously. People at festivals are always a bit drunk, and probably just want to hear stuff they know by bands they love, or are checking you out and don’t know your stuff very well.
Dan Smith
Amy Winehouse asked me a while ago if I had written any new songs. I played her something, and when I had finished, she looked at me and said, ‘Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?’
Pete Doherty
I’ve been singing one kind of genre for a long time but have always tried to push to new auras about picking new songs or the same kind of genre but trying to sing it differently, treating it differently.
Arijit Singh
I don’t live in the past or focus on making new songs sound like my old stuff; it would be stupid, and I don’t think anyone would like it.
Juicy J
I don’t believe in, and I am a devout non-believer, in playing new songs live if the subjected and pathetic crowd has not heard them before because I consider it like mass psychosis and genocidal.
Peter Steele
If it’s a whole show of my own, I’ll do more of what I think Del Shannon is. But for shows like Disneyland, I’ll just do mainly hits. That’s what they want to hear. I don’t want to bore people. If I wanted that much to play nothing but 12 new songs, then I should go do it in a bar somewhere for peanuts.
Del Shannon
We’ll go out and we’ll be playing in front of 15,000 people and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to do three new songs from something we just recorded’ and 5,000 people get up and go get a hot dog and a beer and they don’t come back until they hear the opening strings of ‘The Joker’ or ‘Fly Like an Eagle.’
Steve Miller
Yeah, I could get an internet page and maybe get a thousand downloads of new songs but it’s a lot of work. I’m 57 now, I really feel like I’ve got the T-shirt. I just like performing. It’s instant. I go off, I do the show, it’s over. I like that.
No, I got my web site going and said I have the record out. People were just falling on the floor – they couldn’t believe it – after all that time. You know, it wasn’t a compilation, it was new songs.
Jackie DeShannon
I don’t know if there are artists out there who love their own records. I haven’t met any, and I’m kind of extreme in the other direction, but therein lies the impetus to keep working and keep making new songs and new records.
Ani DiFranco
But we will play 6, 7 new songs each evening, approximately a third in the concert. I think it’s a good balance. It will be very interesting to see the public’s reaction. But i think when we’ll play the very first new piece, we will be scared.
Ed O’Brien
My initial ideas are just a starting place. As a record goes along, it becomes more about making discoveries and getting excited about new songs.
Paul Gilbert
Yeah, but on the U.S Tour we threw a new song into the set almost every night. Ofcourse, you can’t do too many new songs every night as they’ve never heard it.
Glenn Tipton
When I’m not touring, I hardly ever leave my house. Part of it is I get to do what I’m most passionate about, which is work on music and make new songs.
Washed Out
Greatest hits is easy because one has nothing to do – except that we both, Roger and I, felt that new songs should be there because I’ve been away for awhile.
Tina Turner
I have no reason to sit home and write songs all day without going out and playing for the folks. And I have no reason to go play for the folks unless I’m writing new songs so they can sort of feed off one another. And I just try to do the best I can.
Guy Clark
As long as you continue to have new songs, there’s usually some new topic or something to present.
Brad Paisley
I started writing rather late in the game. I was fascinated about the story about how Bob Dylan, for ‘Nashville Skyline,’ wrote between takes. So I’d try to sing new songs off the top of my head. I had rather less than spectacular success on that. But a lot of my songs were done that way.
Leon Russell
We strive to have new records. We strive to have new songs on the radio. That feels good that we can gain those new fans and still bring out our fans that have been with us for some of the ride or all of the ride.
David Bryan
We always try to get new songs. That’s what AC/DC has always been about. You can listen to what we do, and you can go, ‘Well, it’s AC/DC, but it’s a new song.’ So that’s what we’ve always tried to achieve. So we’ve always got that style.
Angus Young
I love working and writing new songs. But sometimes you need to wait, to have something in your mind, and then you can let yourself play music.
Yann Tiersen
I’ve got all of the old school vinyls from the ’70s – even further back, like the jazz music in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s. Then I’ve got all the ’80s stuff underground, hip-hop when hip-hop really first started. The ’90s stuff. All of the good stuff, because I’m really into music, and it helps me create new songs now.
Ty Dolla Sign
I’m free to make music – I’m sitting on about 40 or 45 new songs that I can’t wait to put out.
Cliff Martinez
Yeah, I started on YouTube. I posted videos every Friday and wrote new songs every week. Back then, I was in a very vulnerable place with all my fans. Now in a pandemic, it feels like I’m going back to my roots and playing on my OG piano that I played when I first started.
Tate McRae
On its fifth full-length album, 'Cervantine,' A Hawk an

On its fifth full-length album, ‘Cervantine,’ A Hawk and a Hacksaw’s love of the Balkans continues unabated, but with new songs and collaborators. In ‘Uskudar,’ the music finds an equal balance of sweet, sour and earthy sounds with nimble string melodies and a grunting tuba.
Anthony Fantano
‘American Top 40’ allowed me to be current without my having to force change to keep up with things. The new songs kept us up to date, so every show sounded fresh.
Casey Kasem
Due to the Internet, we don’t perform new songs until a release. Don’t get me wrong, I love new technology, but in the case of a new song we would like the original recording and production to be heard first.
Curt Smith
I was a student at Columbia College, actually, in the Architecture school. Paul would drive in from Queens, showing me these new songs. I can’t remember us working it out.
Art Garfunkel