Top 35 Peninsula Quotes

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I grew up in Northern California on the peninsula. It w

I grew up in Northern California on the peninsula. It was a beautiful house, but it was very traditional. It wasn’t midcentury modern. I’m talking 1970s, early ’80s – design didn’t even go ‘Wall Street’ until, like, 1986.
Eric Dane
I have a lot of family in Marquette. I’m way more familiar with the U.P. than I am with the lower peninsula. I’ve visited Michigan every couple of years since I was a kid.
Adam Conover
You’ve gotta understand: in July of ’44, the Allies were still contained on the peninsula in western France and the destruction of Europe had not really begun. War had not really touched the European continent at that point.
Christopher McQuarrie
The whole Baja California peninsula is an energetic place, and it’s incredibly alive.
Gael Garcia Bernal
My father liked doing carpentry work, construction work, in the summer vacation. And so my mother designed a cabin, a log cabin, like a – it was like a Swiss chalet. I was twelve years old, and my father and I built it on a rocky point peninsula out into Lake Superior.
John Lautner
South Korea was able to build its national security thanks to the U.S., and the two nations will work together on the North Korean nuclear issue. However, I believe we need to be able to take the lead on matters in the Korean Peninsula as the country directly involved.
Moon Jae-in
Denuclearization and the lasting peace on the Korean peninsula cannot be abandoned or delayed, as they are the historical assignment.
Moon Jae-in
Since the Korean War, U.S. and South Korea have established an enduring friendship with shared interests, such as denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, combating aggression abroad and developing our economies.
Charles B. Rangel
Beijing cannot sit by and let her North Korean ally be bombed, nor can it allow U.S. and South Korean forces to defeat the North, bring down the regime, and unite the peninsula, with U.S. and South Korean soldiers sitting on the Yalu, as they did in 1950 before Mao ordered his Chinese army into Korea.
Pat Buchanan
It is our Party’s unshakeable stand to prevent a new war from breaking out on the Korean peninsula and accelerate economic construction in a peaceful environment, thus resolving at an early date the problems related with the people’s livelihood.
Kim Jong-un
Seoul will co-operate with the national government so that the 2032 Summer Olympics become something more than a sports festival – an opportunity to change the fate of the Korean Peninsula.
Park Won-soon
About 3,500 years ago, when a patriarch called Moses was supposed to be leading a tribe of Seth’s descendants out of the deserts of the Sinai Peninsula, another tribe of shepherds and pastoralists had already established a small kingdom for itself at Balkh.
Terry Glavin
As an A-10 squadron commander in the Air Force, I was required to be ready to deploy my 24 Warthogs and team anywhere in the world within 24 hours, including the Korean Peninsula.
Martha McSally
So such an American troops presence in Korea in the South and Japan, total some 100,000 should stay there forever, even after unification of Korean peninsula.
Kim Dae Jung
‘Silicon Valley’ has come to mean the Bay Area, not just down the Peninsula.
Mitch Kapor
The United States and the D.P.R.K. will not overcome a legacy of 70 years of war and hostility on the Korean Peninsula through the course of a single Saturday.
Morgan Ortagus
I don’t think that anyone seriously fears that the world can be blown to pieces all together. But what one can fear and rightly so are regional things, like in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the Korean Peninsula, borders in Africa, etc.
Hans Blix
The men and women who serve this great nation, whether they are stationed in Iraq, Fort Riley, or the Korean Peninsula, or they serve us at home as our community first responders, serve because they believe in America.
Kathleen Sebelius
In 1736, Bakhchisaray had been burned to the ground by the Russians, and when Catherine II’s army completed the conquest of the peninsula in 1783, the last khan, Sahin Giray, took refuge in Turkey, where he was eventually executed.
Tim Cope
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, like his most recent predecessors Mohamed Morsi and Hosni Mubarak, rarely mention the Sinai Peninsula other than to celebrate its liberation from Israeli occupation in 1982.
Mona Eltahawy
And as part of my activity there, he had indicated he wanted me to work with him on that and conduct the various technical tests. And so a few months later I moved from Southern California up to the Monterey Peninsula where I still live today.
John Sexton
To realize peace on the Korean peninsula, and to develop exchange, cooperation between both Koreas, they are the, you know, immediate target of our government.
Kim Dae Jung
In the 1970s, the only places on the Arabian Peninsula where women were working outside the home or school were Kuwait and Bahrain.
Jamal Khashoggi
The Peninsula – it’s a combination of great service and good design.
Peter Marino
We know that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has some very dangerous, very important leaders who are tied directly to the top leadership of al Qaeda central, including a man who was formerly Osama bin Laden’s secretary.
Richard Engel
From the rugged cliffs of Cape Liptrap peninsula jutting bravely into the swells of Bass Strait, the coast arcs southeast, hugging the waters of Waratah Bay with sweeping flat lines of fine pale sand and knotty scrub.
Tim Cope
‘Ghost Canoe’ takes place on the storm-tossed tip of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, where I spent a lot of time hiking and exploring.
Will Hobbs
I will do whatever it takes to help settle peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Moon Jae-in
The Dumnonii, whose city or fortress was at Exeter, were an important people. They occupied the whole of the peninsula from the River Parret to Land’s End. East of the Tamar was Dyfnaint, the Deep Vales; west of it Corneu, the horn of Britain.
Sabine Baring-Gould
The Florida peninsula is, in fact, an emerging plateau, honeycombed with voids and vents, caves and underground waterways. Travelers on Interstate Highway I-75 have no idea that, beneath them, are cave labyrinths still being mapped by speleologists – ‘cavers,’ they prefer to be called.
Randy Wayne White
The endgame is peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.
Lee Myung-bak
No one shall take a military action on the Korean Penin

No one shall take a military action on the Korean Peninsula without South Korean consent.
Moon Jae-in
How many Americans, for example, are aware of the fact that U.S. planes dropped on the Korean peninsula more bombs – 635,000 tons – and napalm – 32,557 tons – than during the entire Pacific campaign against the Japanese during World War II?
Mehdi Hasan
I spent the first 12 years of my life growing up in Singapore. Back then, in the early ’80s, it was still a tropical island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula striving to shine on the world stage.
Kevin Kwan
There is this idea of ‘north,’ and if you’re from Michigan and you wandered the Upper Peninsula, you know what it feels like. The sky has a particular vibe, a coldness, stretching into the upper reaches of Canada.
David Means