Top 35 Subtlety Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Subtlety Quotes from famous people such as John Schlesinger, Johnny Flynn, Virgil Abloh, Mira Nair, Judy Davis, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Symbolism perhaps is a bit in your face, and I've tried

Symbolism perhaps is a bit in your face, and I’ve tried my best to control that as best I can as I’ve grown older and thought that one could approach something with a little more subtlety.
John Schlesinger
It’s interesting to marry American musical traditions with the subtlety of English-style storytelling and folk singer-songwriters like Martin Carthy and Bert Jansch – they’re two heritages that are distinct but also cross over on so many levels.
Johnny Flynn
For me, there’s a subtlety in focusing on the right shape of T-shirt and pant. I recognise that it’s boring, but the idea is to catch people off-guard and reward them in some valuable way.
Virgil Abloh
I often begin movies with music in my head; it’s a very important dimension to me. Not just the music itself, but how to use music in film: when and how and subtlety. I don’t like to be too sweet in my stories, and I like the abrasive clang, the contrasting of sounds and cultures.
Mira Nair
It’s not a country of articulate people, sophisticated people. There’s too little subtlety. Men and women don’t enjoy each other very much in Australia. I don’t find very many men sexy in Australia. Of course, I’m married and out of it, but still.
Judy Davis
Spirit of place! It is for this we travel, to surprise its subtlety; and where it is a strong and dominant angel, that place, seen once, abides entire in the memory with all its own accidents, its habits, its breath, its name.
Alice Meynell
The sexiest thing that a woman can do, wear, and say all fall under one word to me: subtlety. To be subtle in the things that she does and the things she says and the things she wears – I appreciate the details.
Dwayne Johnson
The manager believes soccer is a science and the field a laboratory, but the genius of Einstein and the subtlety of Freud is not enough for the owners and the fans. They want a miracle worker like Our Lady of Lourdes, with the stamina of Gandhi.
Eduardo Galeano
An action movie should, like any other, follow the narrative traditions of literature. That means there should be subtlety, a slow build and a gradual bringing together of all the separate threads of the plot. To see all of it coming together slowly is very rewarding for the audience.
Shane Black
I’m a writer; I like to retain subtlety and nuance.
Lois Lowry
I appreciate subtlety. I have never enjoyed a kiss in front of the camera. There’s nothing to it except not getting your lipstick smeared.
Hedy Lamarr
Menswear is about subtlety. It’s about good style and good taste.
Alexander McQueen
Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.
Oliver Cromwell
Pantomime is a big thing in the cultural calendar of my country, you know. So subtlety’s not my forte.
Alan Cumming
I think the worst thing you could ever do is label comedy. I’m a fan of the broadness of Lucille Ball, the subtlety of Peter Sellers and the oddballness of Fred Armisen and the wittiness of Marty Short. I’m a fan of all of it, and I want to do all of it.
Sean Hayes
Subtlety doesn’t work with kids.
Rumaan Alam
There’s the conventional wisdom, of which I have none, where you get a record deal, you get a publicist, you get a campaign, and you do the tour, but none of that adds up to things like nuance and subtlety and dynamic.
Chris Robinson
I like very dry humor. I don’t like things that are over the top. I like subtlety. I like things that are nonchalant. I like characters that are sort of monotone and based in dark comedy.
Emily Rios
Rebecca is an example of how not to manage men. The rules of the game never change, it requires subtlety.
Mary Wesley
Perhaps it’s an accident of nationality, but the English treasure subtlety and appreciate not having everything spelled out for them, while Americans want everything made apparent.
Tim Pigott-Smith
One of the biggest problems in literature is the lack of subtlety.
Mo Yan
My idol was Jack Benny and he was the master of subtlety and timing.
Don Knotts
I’ve learned a lot about doing accessories and making shoes and handbags. I don’t think my perspective has really changed. The subtlety of understanding yarns, what makes a fabric what it is – I’ve learned technical skills and more about the craft.
Marc Jacobs
If we do away with semi-colons, parentheses and much else, we will lose all music, nuance and subtlety in communication – and end up shouting at one another in block capitals.
Pico Iyer
When you’re in seeing someone like Ellen Page, and you’re right then, it’s just the two of you. You’re locked in. There’s this incredible subtlety and control of the actor who’s sitting across from you that you’re really required to step up your game.
Aidan Gallagher
There was a subtlety about Peggy Lee. It was powerful. There was a valuable use of space. Everything was not cluttered. Her voice was out front and was the key instrument.
Rita Coolidge
You don’t want to hit readers over the head like they’re completely incapable of picking up on subtlety.
Mark Waid
Johnny Winter doesn’t know the word ‘subtlety.’ But it works, it works.
Butch Trucks
Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.
Leonardo da Vinci
If you’ve ever watched a television cartoon, you know that kids don’t appreciate subtlety, though perhaps that’s because they’re not often offered it.
Rumaan Alam
Sexiness, particularly in movies, is the chess game in the ‘Thomas Crown Affair’. It’s, it’s, I don’t know, but Faye Dunaway comes up a lot in that thinking. It’s the subtlety of sexiness. The moment you try to be sexy, then it’s not.
Daniel Craig
I've always adored the filmmaker Sam Fuller. The first

I’ve always adored the filmmaker Sam Fuller. The first time I watched ‘Shock Corridor’ was such a magnificent discovery. I love his lack of subtlety, the way he tackles serious topics with bold and inappropriate humor.
Lisa Lutz
When you are trying to express things with metaphors and much more subtlety, that’s when you are doing yourself a disservice by making a video.
George Michael
When playing big festivals, I tend to play big, over the top techno tracks, like hands in the air songs that make sense being played in front of 30,000 people. I steer away from subtlety in the interests of big bombastic dance music.
To pull off successful attacks in debates, you have to execute with nuance and subtlety. It has to be artful.
Mark McKinnon