Top 35 Withstand Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Withstand Quotes from famous people such as Livy, William Shatner, Franck Ribery, George Washington, Steve Smith, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Fortune blinds men when she does not wish them to withs

Fortune blinds men when she does not wish them to withstand the violence of her onslaughts.
A tree you pass by every day is just a tree. If you are to closely examine what a tree has and the life a tree has, even the smallest thing can withstand a curiosity, and you can examine whole worlds.
William Shatner
You have to be mentally strong to withstand the ridicule of other children and the stares of adults.
Franck Ribery
True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.
George Washington
I think I’ve been able to withstand pressure and know that things get easier and I think, when they’ve got easier, I’ve cashed in.
Steve Smith
Family ownership provides the independence that is sometimes required to withstand governmental pressure and preserve freedom of the press.
Katharine Graham
I noticed words crudely spray-painted upon the wall, perhaps by a young Berliner: ‘This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality.’ Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.
Ronald Reagan
The biographies and autobiographies are on the whole more impressive than the fiction of the last two decades, but the freakish best sellers among them are least likely to withstand the test of time.
Harold Acton
A two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a region free of Iranian nukes are worthy goals that should be able to withstand public scrutiny in every Middle Eastern capital.
Edgar Bronfman, Sr.
The Society of American Civil Engineers, someone who’s going to come in and say to the public, we’ve looked at, we’ve examined, we’ve reviewed the repairs and we think they’re strong enough to withstand the type of hurricane that – that could hit the city this season.
Marc Morial
No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.
My body is durable, my body is able to withstand a lot of practices, a lot of punishment.
Michael Chandler
Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.
George Washington
Unfortunately, history suggests that dictatorial regimes can withstand years, even decades, of economic sanctions.
Max Boot
There aren’t many strong or charismatic candidates today, because many people can’t withstand the scrutiny.
Tom Ford
America needs a sensible, sustainable Iran policy that can meet U.S. security and economic interests, command international support and withstand the shifting Middle Eastern sands.
Samantha Power
From reinforcing beaches in the Rockaways to installing generators at the Coney Island Houses and sealing holes in the subway system, New York is fortifying our ability to withstand future storm surges.
Frances Beinecke
Two European nations emerged with credit from the Iraq disaster: France and Germany. Both had the courage to withstand the Bush administration and oppose the U.S.-led invasion.
Martin Jacques
We need a resilient, well-capitalized, well-regulated financial system that is strong enough to withstand even severe shocks and support economic growth by lending through the economic cycle.
Jerome Powell
The American claim that the bombing of North Vietnam was directed against military targets does not withstand direct investigation.
Noam Chomsky
While exceptional employees don’t seek conflict, they don’t run away from it either. They’re able to maintain their composure while presenting their positions calmly and logically. They’re able to withstand personal attacks in pursuit of the greater goal and never use that tactic themselves.
Travis Bradberry
The right way to deal with a budget problem that was years in the making is by formulating a credible plan to reduce the deficit over time and as the economy is able to withstand the necessary fiscal belt-tightening. That is what President Obama is doing.
Christina Romer
There isn’t a bank in the world that could withstand a run. They all borrow short and lend long, regardless of what they say.
Wilbur Ross
Women with education, skills, and independent sources of income are more able to withstand the pressures of the patriarchal family and more able to express their opinions and to move freely within their communities.
Deeyah Khan
I work on my body tremendously to be able to withstand whatever is thrown my way.
Karl-Anthony Towns
I’ve had moments where I realize my body isn’t going to withstand many more seasons, but I am very satisfied with my career and I am trying not to look at retirement as a sad thing.
Cat Osterman
To build a great business, you have to do something hard just to be able to withstand all the competition that will later come your way.
Glenn Kelman
What I know for sure is that we are all created with this phenomenal force inside of us that can have us withstand – that God never gives us more than we can handle.
Debbie Ford
It takes a lot for a show to withstand the test of time.
Rebecca Serle
Fitch isn’t as much of a finisher as Thiago Alves, he’s more about grinding his opponent into the ground – literally. With my jiu-jitsu, I could withstand that and do better than a lot of guys have done.
Carlos Condit
I think I feel fortunate to have been very well educated in terms of strength and training while I was at school at Stanford, and I think our strength coaches here on the Colts do a great job. A big part of being able to withstand hits is making sure that you’ve got a good base.
Andrew Luck
I do whatever is necessary in order to maintain the equ

I do whatever is necessary in order to maintain the equanimity we all need to withstand the disappointment and rejection that are the lot of every writer, no matter where we are in our careers.
Dani Shapiro
As long as we have decided to coexist in peace, we must do so on a firm basis that will withstand time and for generations.
Yasser Arafat
Movies are visual, aural, they involve people, and life, and ideas and art, they are so elastic. They can hold anything, withstand everything, and make you feel anything. Other arts can do that, but movies are the only ones that can incorporate other media into cinema.
Wesley Morris
Sometimes, the startup game works in your favor just because you got in at the right time and right environment. Other times, you’re a little too late entering an already crowded space. But startups with strong fundamentals withstand external conditions and come out ahead in good or bad times.
Cheryl Yeoh