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If there's no relationship with a father who's absent,

If there’s no relationship with a father who’s absent, nobody talks about it.
Charles B. Rangel
Why would it matter to anybody if a game developer talks about a project that they worked on ten years ago that was canceled? It really bums me out to think about how many of those games have been lost to time.
Jason Schreier
You know, when George Bush talks about freedom not being America’s gift to world but God’s gift to all humankind, it smells like market testing to me.
Joe Klein
I was born to be married. I just feel comfortable there. I love the idea of being partnered for ever. I love my girlfriend, we’ve been best friends since I was 18. There’s not a thing we haven’t been through except for marriage… We’ve had talks about what we would name our kids since we were in our 20s.
Beth Ditto
I’m an active author: I travel to give readings and talks, although I know it’s risky.
Felice Picano
No artist that beefs with me or talks down on my name has that many platinum songs. They’re all gold.
Trippie Redd
When I talk to Steve Martin, he’s joyful when he talks about comedy.
David Steinberg
The media talks a lot. The media, they don’t know. They are not in the team, they are not training with me, they are not playing with me, but they are talking a lot about me in Europe.
Marko Arnautovic
If someone has given a hit in the industry, and everyone talks about the song and artist, that’s a hit.
Guru Randhawa
If there’s any message to my work, it is ultimately that it’s OK to be different, that it’s good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color.
Johnny Depp
That money talks, I’ll not deny, I heard it once: It said, ‘Goodbye’.
Richard Armour
Money talks. It starts rumors about careers and complicity and speaks of the tragedies and triumphs of our social lives.
Barbara Kruger
The basketball stuff has been the easiest part. The stuff that comes out of it, you lose a game and everyone talks about it on TV the next day. They may say some things that you may not agree with.
Rodney Hood
A loser doesn’t know what he’ll do if he loses, but talks about what he’ll do if he wins, and a winner doesn’t talk about what he’ll do if he wins, but knows what he’ll do if he loses.
Eric Berne
Speech and silence. We feel safer with a madman who talks than with one who cannot open his mouth.
Emil Cioran
It’s necessary for Israelis and Palestinians to make the compromises that are required to get the direct talks back on track.
William Hague
When Kobe talks, I shut up and stay out of his way.
Metta World Peace
Everybody talks about talent. But talent is not only athleticism. It’s not only tennis shots. It’s everything. It’s the attitude you have about life.
Gael Monfils
Any league that talks about that – they care about their players – is lying.
Diana Taurasi
In my 20 years of baseball, I’ve been misquoted three or four times, and for someone who talks as much as I do, that’s incredible.
Curt Schilling
Our talks in Paris tackled economic, democratic, security and political issues; we talked on means for combating terrorism, in addition to latest regional and international developments of mutual interest, especially those in region.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
Money talks. This is the thing, at the end of the day, I do what I have to do, and I’mma keep doing what I have to do.
Lil’ Kim
I wrote that song ‘Black,’ and it was just this idea that I had been married for 10 years. Everyone talks about ‘happily ever after,’ but there’s so much more to it than that.
Dierks Bentley
Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll.
Keith Richards
There are times when I consciously give the character something physical – a walk, the way he sits, how he talks, or his lack of physicality, which is like a physicality.
Michael Keaton
Literally everybody talks about 56 percent completion percentage. It gets brought up in every meeting. It’s something I’m trying to work on.
Josh Allen
One of the chapters outlined in my book talks about the Iranian influence with Venezuela, these terror flights that go back and forth that we don’t manifests on, and then nuclear material smuggled across our unsecure southwest border from Mexico into the United States.
Michael McCaul
The Pentagon talks about our power to ‘overkill’ Russia ten times, twenty times, perhaps forty-eight times. For my tax money, it is sufficient to overkill them once.
Gore Vidal
The Taliban has not, in my judgment, in any significant way changed their fundamental goal and objective, which is to take over Afghanistan and return to running that country. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have negotiation talks with them. I think we should. But we’ve got to be clear-eyed about it.
Jack Keane
I’ve learned the hard way at the national level that any erroneous statement will very quickly be magnified. So, as someone who talks for a living, I’ve learned to check, double-check and triple-check my sources.
Michele Bachmann
One of my favorite books was ‘The Book of Immortality’ by Adam Leith Gollner, which talks about cheating death and life extension and frames with a story that David Copperfield finds a fountain of youth on an island he bought.
Scott Snyder
Every entrepreneur talks about the passion you have for

Every entrepreneur talks about the passion you have for your work, and I think that’s what’s missing with a lot of women in business.
Martha Stewart
The song ‘Paradigm’ talks about nanobots – and how they can potentially be used to cure diseases and help you live forever. But how much of a human being would you be at that point? If you’re 70 percent machine and 30 percent human, are you going to lose yourself?
M. Shadows
You know who’s messianic? Netanyahu, because he talks that way. And that’s a very risky position.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
People always say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and you always think they’re right, because it seems self-evident: nobody’s going to buy a magazine that nobody ever talks about, so people should want to buy a magazine that everybody’s talking about.
Rachel Johnson
The crimes of the U.S. throughout the world have been systematic, constant, clinical, remorseless, and fully documented but nobody talks about them.
Harold Pinter
You don’t talk to Richard Petty unless he talks to you.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
One always talks of surrendering to nature. There is also such a thing as surrendering to the picture.
Pierre Bonnard
Billy Graham talks about how he doesn’t judge people. I don’t either. Some people I am just pissed at.
Jessica Hahn
Valencia approached my agent and said they want to buy me which is flattering, but it wasn’t like it was reported in the media. People said I’d demanded talks with Jose Mourinho when I’ve demanded nothing.
Andreas Pereira
It’s always that time of year around January where trade talks come.
Andre Drummond
One of the most comical comments that my ‘Wendy’ watchers said is, ‘She talks too much!’ Duh, I’m a talk show host!
Wendy Williams
Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.
Angela Ahrendts
Adopting mannerisms is called mimicry. That is not a good way to do things. You don’t start to imitate somebody, the way he walks and talks, that is a very irrelevant element of acting.
Neeraj Kabi
I look at myself more as a storyteller than a screenwriter, as pretentious as that may sound, but that’s what really attracts me to TED Talks. For me, the really effective ones are being presented by expert storytellers.
Damon Lindelof
Most directors that I’ve worked with – I’ve worked with before, especially in Holland – and they know that I’m somebody who talks and asks, and talks, and talks, and talks and questions and turns things around. I’m like a little cat, walking around my little nest until I find my place.
Carice van Houten
The more money the louder it talks.
Arnold Rothstein
I love covering politics at that early stage where you can walk up to Mike Huckabee, who gets out of his car by himself. A car that he drove, who just walks up and talks to you because that’s the only way he can get his message out.
Dana Bash
Blanche talks about aging, and why should she be considered poor, because physical beauty is transitory and fading and she has such richness of the soul. I think that speech is so beautiful, and so telling and so true.
Delta Burke
The person who talks most of his own virtue is often the least virtuous.
Jawaharlal Nehru
True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Everybody talks about that one when they first meet me. ‘Man, I still remember the play you shook Jordan.’ Everybody gonna always remember it because it was Jordan.
Allen Iverson
It is a very happy feeling that a legend like Rahul Dravid talks highly about me. But I can’t just sit back and be happy about it. I have to back it up with my performances.
K. L. Rahul
Fame doesn’t make me any different. I am the same man now who grew up in the hard streets of Panama. I am just myself. I always will be. Whoever wants to talks to me, talks to me. Whoever loves me, loves me for who I am.
Roberto Duran
Kerry Washington is the most fun: she cracks me up! Everyone talks about how drop-dead gorgeous, smart, and fashionable she is, and she is all of that, but I must add she’s the hugest goofball. She has the best sense of humor and lightheartedness that makes coming into work every day so delightful.
Darby Stanchfield
He who talks more is sooner exhausted.
Lao Tzu
Most fiction says you may or may not be alive tomorrow; science fiction talks often about the future.
Harlan Ellison
Any time the president talks, you listen.
Ben Nelson
Let’s face it: Russell Crowe is fat and no one ever talks about it.
Nia Vardalos
Bulking up for the Twilight films was one of the hardest things I’ve done… I had to give myself a lot of pep talks, as there was just so much gym time.
Taylor Lautner