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I spent one semester in Air Force ROTC, as I wanted to

I spent one semester in Air Force ROTC, as I wanted to be a pilot.
Katie Jacobs Stanton
More people saw the pilot of ‘Glee’ than saw me in my entire 10-year career on Broadway.
Matthew Morrison
I couldn’t tell you a good, bad or ugly pilot just from reading it, but I can tell you a character I want to play.
Jim Parsons
I was a part of the planning and attack package intelligence team for the strike against Syria in 1983 – in which we lost a pilot and had another one captured until Jesse Jackson got him out – and numerous other operations against Syria both before the Iraq war and during the insurgency.
Malcolm Nance
We’re going to come back to Oregon, whether it’s with another show, or a pilot, or a movie. We love working up there. I think it’s got one of the most amazing talent pools of any state in the union.
Dean Devlin
I was a complete unknown when I did ‘Karate Kid.’ I’d just done a pilot for a TV show called ‘Call to Glory.’ And I sat down with John Avildsen and brought still pictures from the show. I brought pictures! At that point, I would’ve been happy to be in a dog-food commercial.
Elisabeth Shue
My main incentive now is to be so successful that I can get a private jet and sit with the pilot. I got upgraded to first class the other week, but even there I was still scared. I could be massaged for the whole flight and still think I’m going to die.
Sam Smith
As a military pilot and a test pilot, handling unusual situations and aircraft malfunctions was part of the business.
Fred Haise
There’s no such thing as a natural-born pilot.
Chuck Yeager
I’ve always said that it’s like being the winner of three separate lottery tickets – getting a pilot, getting the pilot picked up, and having a show that actually lasts. There are no guarantees, and no one knows where a show is going to go.
Rick Hoffman
Being a display pilot is probably the thing I’ve been most proud of in my life. Don’t really fly anymore now though. I have three small children and as most of my friends were killed in different accidents, I realised that it was probably just a matter of time before I went that way.
Gary Numan
Let’s take flight simulation as an example. If you’re trying to train a pilot, you can simulate almost the whole course. You don’t have to get in an airplane until late in the process.
Roy Romer
I love the music, I love the times, so to me that was exciting personally just to play something that starts in 1986 with graduating high school, we’ve got a great soundtrack in the pilot.
Will Estes
I worked with people I admire; Josh Lucas, who I’d worked with many many years ago on a pilot called The Class of 61 and Kurt Russell, and so there were a variety of different people that I enjoyed working with.
Andre Braugher
Every pilot I’ve ever written, I’ve fallen deeply and madly in love with. It’s the only way I work.
Amy Sherman-Palladino
I would like to pilot a government-led scheme, alongside Help to Buy, to offer a loan to young people on a reasonable income to be able to pay the deposit on a new home and then swap their high rents for a mortgage and actually have a place of their own.
Andrea Leadsom
The truth is, I’ve been going pretty much nuts all year. I constantly have to fight being scattered. I feel like I’m on automatic pilot from fatigue. The hardest thing is trying to be present, living for the moment, for everybody in the family.
Patricia Richardson
I got to do Disney Sunday movies. I got to do a TV pilot there. And it really helped me to realise that I needed to not just be a writer, but a producer, to see my work up on the screen the way I wanted it to look and play.
Chris Carter
Dylan, myself and my father were in a two hour movie called The Sand Kings, which started off the Outer Limits series. It was sort of the two hour pilot movie.
Beau Bridges
And, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a natural pilot; I’ve had to work at it.
Duane G. Carey
I remember when I did the pilot, and I though no network is going to want to do this. How could that happen? A half Chinese guy walking the old west that doesn’t fire one gun and never gets on a horse?
David Carradine
The task of the mediator is to help the parties to open difficult issues and nudge them forward in the peace process. The mediator’s role combines those of a ship’s pilot, consulting medical doctor, midwife and teacher.
Martti Ahtisaari
Each test pilot I know considers him, or herself, now that there are women, to be the very best. It’s very demeaning to step down the ladder once in a while.
Wally Schirra
When I was first told about ‘Game of Thrones,’ I didn’t know the books, anything. So I read the pilot, and when I got the first script, it was clear the story was about these people and families and a constant battle for power.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
I was a fighter pilot, flying Hurricanes all round the Mediterranean. I flew in the Western Desert of Libya, in Greece, in Syria, in Iraq and in Egypt.
Roald Dahl
My grandfather was an engineer who invented the automatic pilot for airplanes.
Temple Grandin
I’m 100 percent sure I’m becoming a really good helicopter pilot.
Felix Baumgartner
When you make a pilot, you’ve never seen the show before; you don’t know what it is.
Jonathan Krisel
When I was a young girl, I used to dream about what I would be when I grew up. I thought that I wanted to be a nurse, then a teacher, even a pilot at one point.
Anna Todd
Airline pilots are men to be admired and respected. Men to be trusted. Men of means. And you don’t expect an airline pilot to be a local resident. Or a check swindler.
Frank Abagnale
Being a consultant is like flying first-class. The food is terrific, the drinks are cold. But all you can do is walk up to the pilot and say, ‘bank left.’ If you’re in management, you have the controls.
Greg Brenneman
I directed a half hour comedy pilot, 'Upgrade,' and had

I directed a half hour comedy pilot, ‘Upgrade,’ and had one of the best times ever! I had such a great time directing; I would love to get to direct another project.
Daniella Alonso
I think my being a combat pilot, being a woman who has had to break down barriers and succeed in a male-dominated environment, and, I think, just being in the military for 26 years have all helped me.
Martha McSally
I started to book good television jobs in 2010. I started to get really close to exceptional jobs in 2011, and then I got ‘Arrow’ in 2012. I know how lucky I am because just getting the lead in a pilot doesn’t guarantee that that pilot is going to turn into something great.
Stephen Amell
I’m rubbish at maths but I would like to have been a pilot.
Francesca Hayward
I use Pilot’s document ink, but their drawing ink is OK, too. It’s just that I don’t like the impression that clings to the pen tip.
Akira Toriyama
I won’t name any names, but I’ve done a couple of shows where once the pilot got picked up, the creators openly said, ‘I have no idea where we’re going.’
Natalie Zea
If I’m not on stage, I’m a pilot. I like flying planes; I have a little plane back in Nashville.
Dierks Bentley
The most important decision you can make as a showrunner when you’re doing a pilot is who’s in it and who’s directing it.
Greg Berlanti
My father was a fighter pilot, so I moved around the world when I was young. Then I ended up in Kansas. I’d just sort of gravitated toward the arts, and I had always loved music and really loved theater even though I didn’t want to act.
Patty Jenkins
And so, I was not a military test pilot, but as soon as NASA expressed an interest in flying scientists and people who were not military test pilots, that was an epiphany that just came like a stroke of lightning.
Story Musgrave
I decided I’d never do a series again, but I was offered a pilot for a series through Eddy Murphy Productions, and that was the gig that got me Parker Lewis.
Corin Nemec
This pilot, by far, was the best I ever read – and I hope that insults every other pilot I worked on.
Will Arnett
I worked as a stuntman on the ‘Star Trek’ TV series pilot.
Hal Needham
I thought I’d join the RAF and become a wing commander. I realised this wasn’t possible, although I do have a pilot’s licence.
Mike Oldfield
I was fortunate enough to book a pilot, and we just got picked up for a midseason replacement for ABC. It’s called ‘Romantically Challenged,’ and I’m going to be playing Alyssa Milano’s little sister. The other actor in it is Kyle Bornheimer from ‘Worst Week’ – he’s hilarious.
Kelly Stables
People always say I write a lot of pop culture references. Can somebody please count the pop culture references in ‘Firefly?’ Because I don’t know how to put this to you, but there was one. I referenced The Beatles in the pilot.
Joss Whedon
When I moved to L.A. in 1989, the very first thing I did was this horrific pilot called To Protect And Surf.
Thomas Haden Church
I wanted to be a pilot, but I was always drawing bodies. When I realised I wanted to pursue something creative, my parents pushed me towards architecture.
Hussein Chalayan
In the history of pilot reports, ‘Seinfeld’ has got to be one of the worst of all time.
Warren Littlefield
In August 1945, a former Army pilot with an artificial leg pitched five and a third innings for Washington against Boston. This would turn out to be Bert Shepard’s only major league game, and it remains one of the heartwarming moments in baseball history.
George Vecsey
I got my private pilot’s license in autumn 1986.
Mathias Rust
I’d been an Army bomber pilot and fascinated by the Navy and, particularly, the story of the Enterprise, which at Midway really turned the tide in the whole war in our favor. I’d always been proud of that ship and wanted to use the name.
Gene Roddenberry
Whether you are an astronomer or a life scientist, geophysicist, or a pilot, you’ve got to be there because you believe you are good in your field, and you can contribute, not because you are going to get a lot of fame or whatever when you get back.
Alan Shepard