Top 40 Boldly Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Boldly Quotes from famous people such as Belle Boyd, Arnold Palmer, Bob Taft, Yvette Clarke, Jerrod Carmichael, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

As long as it served his purpose, Mr. Lincoln boldly ad

As long as it served his purpose, Mr. Lincoln boldly advocated the right of Secession.
Belle Boyd
You must play boldly to win.
Arnold Palmer
Let us seize the special opportunity that is ours to act boldly and decisively at a time when the eyes of our fellow citizens, both present and future, are upon us.
Bob Taft
Even after facing jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. courageously and boldly spoke out against racial inequality.
Yvette Clarke
Being very, very honest, I’ve watched more Bill Clinton speeches than stand-up specials. Steve Jobs commencements. They’re just great orators. I love people who boldly share their point of view.
Jerrod Carmichael
I think that conservative principles have a broad appeal, and you should state them boldly, and the point of a Conservative election is to do conservative things, not to do Labour things but slightly less damaging.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
They who have reasoned ignorantly, or who have aimed at effecting their personal ends by flattering the popular feeling, have boldly affirmed that ‘one man is as good as another;’ a maxim that is true in neither nature, revealed morals, nor political theory.
James Fenimore Cooper
Hillary Clinton is listening to the scientists who tell us that – unless we act boldly and transform our energy system in the very near future – there will be more drought, more floods, more acidification of the oceans, more rising sea levels.
Bernie Sanders
I am happy with my skin, and I’m proud of my skin, which is why I wear it so boldly. But if a job wanted me to, say, try a smoky eye and cover the vitiligo around my eye, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.
Winnie Harlow
I like someone who has a strong personality, who speaks boldly and makes people uncomfortable sometimes.
Nikki Tamboli
We make way for the man who boldly pushes past us.
Christian Nestell Bovee
No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.
Friedrich Nietzsche
You and I must demonstrate love to our gay neighbors, of course, remembering that we are ultimately engaged in spiritual warfare. But we should boldly stand up when our rights as citizens and the demands of our conscience are threatened.
Eric Metaxas
You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.
Bear Grylls
Never was it given to mortal man – To lie so boldly as we women can.
Alexander Pope
America can win the global energy race of the future, but only if we act boldly. We can and should seize the massive economic opportunity of leading the world in clean energy, by making investments that would create countless high-paying jobs and clean up our air and water in the process.
Jaime Harrison
Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.
Dorothea Brande
CEOs who boldly lean into fulfilling the dual mandate of earning profits and providing societal benefits will find a receptive public.
Richard Edelman
The great artists of music have always innovated and boldly changed the game, but the industry itself has not.
Jimmy Iovine
The supreme challenge of Labor is to recognise our ‘revolutionary moment’ when it arrives. And to have the courage to seize it – wholly, boldly, and completely.
Bill Shorten
If proud Americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great American Dream.
Michelle Obama
It seems, by today’s standards, that it’s better to seek approval than to tell the truth. It’s better to utter sweet nothings than to boldly say something of substance.
Monica Johnson
He is not valiant that dares die, but he that boldly bears calamity.
Philip Massinger
When we see so many conflicts multiplying, the only way to allow the international community to be able to address those conflicts, the only way to allow the international community to act boldly, is with unity of the countries of the region, able to serve together and in the same universal principles.
Antonio Guterres
The feminist spirit still lives! It shows most boldly among younger women from the millennial generation.
Gail Sheehy
Without the brave efforts of all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and their families, this Nation, along with our allies around the world, would not stand so boldly, shine so brightly and live so freely.
Lane Evans
Yield not to calamity, but face her boldly.
My mum is slightly biased and feels everything I do is wonderful, but Dad was like, ‘You should go ahead boldly, and I think you should do more films.’ To me, that was some kind of acceptance.
Dulquer Salmaan
We cannot turn away because a topic is unpleasant or vile. Why? Because one way to rid our society of evil is to confront it boldly.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Anytime we step out boldly to make changes, we take a chance that we might fail. But the only way to get better is to try.
Joyce Meyer
Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition – in having put forth the best within you.
Henry J. Kaiser
Trusting in Christ, we may boldly join in the combat, a

Trusting in Christ, we may boldly join in the combat, and enlist ourselves among that disinterested band, who fight not for human ambition, or human praise, but for the honour of our Saviour, and the salvation of men.
John Strachan
I would like to thank those who spoke boldly against the ‘gay marriage float’ in the 2014 Rose Parade. Apparently, that vigorous opposition came from perhaps millions of people, and it had a significant influence on how the matter was handled on network and cable television.
James Dobson
If ever I feel the soul within me elevate and expand to those dimensions not wholly unworthy of its Almighty Architect, it is when I contemplate the cause of my country, deserted by all the world beside, and I standing up boldly and lone and hurling defiance at her victorious oppressors.
Abraham Lincoln
The public has no interest in whether the President acts boldly or timidly in his personal affairs.
George T. Conway III
Woodrow Wilson called for leaders who, by boldly interpreting the nation’s conscience, could lift a people out of their everyday selves. That people can be lifted into their better selves is the secret of transforming leadership.
James MacGregor Burns
Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor.
Benjamin Disraeli
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five year mission… to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Gene Roddenberry
I am the grandson of immigrants from Japan who went to America, boldly going to a strange new world, seeking new opportunities. My mother was born in Sacramento, California. My father was a San Franciscan. They met and married in Los Angeles, and I was born there.
George Takei
Dishonesty is Trump’s hallmark: He claimed that he had spoken clearly and boldly against going into Iraq. Wrong. He spoke in favor of invading Iraq. He said he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. Wrong. He saw no such thing. He imagined it.
Mitt Romney