Top 40 Compact Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Compact Quotes from famous people such as Theodore Bikel, John Quincy Adams, Cesare Beccaria, Bojan Krkic, Anna Friel, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

As an artist I have an even more abiding interest in th

As an artist I have an even more abiding interest in the compact between the Arts and Government.
Theodore Bikel
The great object of the institution of civil government is the improvement of those who are parties to the social compact.
John Quincy Adams
The laws only can determine the punishment of crimes, and the authority of making penal laws can only reside with the legislator, who represents the whole society united by the social compact.
Cesare Beccaria
For me, what makes Liverpool special is that they are a team that works very well on the lines, very compact, in which everyone attacks and defends.
Bojan Krkic
I have the most lovely, healthy bouncing baby, she was all very compact and the right size.
Anna Friel
Cain Velasquez – he is a good puncher. He is very compact. He’s strong. He’s very smart. He’s a good fighter. He’s a warrior.
Gennady Golovkin
Britain is relatively compact and much closer to the borders of the U.S.S.R. than anywhere in North America.
Charles Stross
There is no such thing as justice in the abstract; it is merely a compact between men.
Antimatter is not a source of energy for us, it’s a method of storing energy, compact but inefficient.
Barney Oliver
While most trudge through their days straight-jacketed in the social compact, living for others as much as or more than for themselves, a select few excel.
John Ridley
Confederation is a compact, made originally by four provinces but adhered to by all the nine provinces who have entered it, and I submit to the judgment of this house and to the best consideration of its members, that this compact should not be lightly altered.
Wilfrid Laurier
I feel it is my first duty to make an unprecedented compact with my countrymen. Not an inaugural address, not a fireside chat, not a campaign speech – just a little straight talk among friends.
Gerald R. Ford
I think I’m quite a clever player and that I realise there are times when I can be offensive but others when I must be more compact and work for the team, because that is what matters.
Andre Schurrle
‘Dune’ was like a giant machine, and it was hard to keep track of all the pieces, but ‘Blue Velvet’ was a very sleek, compact little experience.
Kyle MacLachlan
Alfriston is a compact village set around a rather traffic-weary High Street, mainly of old, timbered buildings. The principal sights lie to the east on the river side.
David Hewson
The team is completely close. Anything you say outside, there is no chance it will go inside. So the team is really strong and compact. We know what we want and how to achieve it on the pitch.
Jose Mourinho
It’s fun for me to try to write concise, compact things. It’s a very good exercise for me. And I think it’s important to try to do different things – change what I write about, and also the way I write. Otherwise, I’d just be repeating myself, which wouldn’t be good for me or fair to my readers.
William T. Vollmann
I always keep a damp beauty blender and a powder compact in my purse, and I touch up a lot.
Jeffree Star
The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.
William Shakespeare
The Cingular-branded 2125 Smartphone is an example of how Windows Mobile 5.0 can create a flexible, powerful phone that helps mobile information workers access their most essential business data in a compact form factor.
Suzan DelBene
The Earth isn’t an infinite sheet that carries on for ever, but it doesn’t have an edge, either. It’s compact and connected.
Janna Levin
Justice… is a kind of compact not to harm or be harmed.
Except for certain moments – when cells are dividing, for instance – chromosomes don’t form compact, countable bodies inside cells. Instead, they unravel and flop about, which makes counting chromosomes a bit like counting strands of ramen in a bowl.
Sam Kean
He who has made a fair compact with poverty is rich.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
It’s not that prison makes you shed your abstract notions. On the contrary, it pares them down to their most succinct articulations. Prison is, indeed, a translation of your metaphysics, ethics, sense of history and whatnot into the compact terms of your daily deportment.
Joseph Brodsky
Civilization is a conspiracy. Modern life is the silent compact of comfortable folk to keep up pretences.
John Buchan
The worst enemy of truth and freedom in our society is the compact majority.
Henrik Ibsen
There are many skiers who have chosen tele for a more compact, streamlined skiing system.
Paul Parker
We will continue our work on the Global Compact for safe, orderly, and regular migration.
Miroslav Lajcak
I alienated the automotive industry by saying that cars should be lightweight and compact.
Raymond Loewy
Prison is, indeed, a translation of your metaphysics, ethics, sense of history and whatnot into the compact terms of your daily deportment.
Joseph Brodsky
Public policy in the twentieth century was about protec

Public policy in the twentieth century was about protecting and expanding the social compact, based on recognition that effective government at the federal level provides rules and services and safety measures that contribute to a better society.
Carl Bernstein
A piece of art is a compact form of the universe.
Thomas Kinkade
I like to play attacking football, but I think the big difference is that we expect a lot more from our strikers, to do more pressing and to keep compact. We like to play a high line defensively and press the ball.
Ronald Koeman
The promise of Social Security was reflected in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inter-generational compact that rewards hard work and provides retirement security.
Christine Pelosi
What the world needs is a small, compact, flexible fusion technology that could make electricity where and when it is needed. The existing fusion program is leading to a huge source of centralized power, at a price that nobody except a government can afford.
Freeman Dyson
Once, every woman owned a small mirrored compact, and it was considered normal – sophisticated even – to flip it open to discreetly check for things like nose-glow or lipstick smudge.
Laurie Graham
My administration’s compact with the Filipino people will demand no less than the attainment of lasting peace and equitable prosperity. We will employ all the tools at our disposal to achieve this.
Benigno Aquino III
The compact which exists between the North and the South is a covenant with death and an agreement with hell.
William Lloyd Garrison
The Health Care Compact simply gives a state like Oklahoma the option to create a customized system that better meets the needs of Oklahoma families.
James Lankford