Top 40 Diplomats Quotes

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The big risk to British lives in 2013 is in Afghanistan

The big risk to British lives in 2013 is in Afghanistan. Our troops, diplomats and aid workers have made a big contribution there. But while there is an end date for Western engagement, 2014, there isn’t a proper end game.
David Miliband
The Iraqi regime was supporting terrorist cells all over the world. We had to expel three Iraqi diplomats from the Philippines because of evidence that they were either in touch with Abu Sayyaf or doing their own espionage.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
In response to Russia’s election hacking, the U.S. expelled not just one, but 35 spies posing as diplomats – the strongest response ever to a cyberattack against the U.S.
Asha Rangappa
My biggest, you know, regret is what happened in Benghazi. It was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans – two diplomats and, now it’s public so I can say, two CIA operatives.
Hillary Clinton
‘Toughness’ and ‘credibility’ are leitmotifs that run through both Trumpian and Kissingerian deal-making. Both men insist that war and diplomacy are inseparable and that, to be effective, diplomats need to be able to wield threats and offer incentives in equal, unrestricted measure.
Greg Grandin
Hitler was such an anomalous character – he was so over-the-top chaotic in his approach to statesmanship, his manner and in the violence which overwhelmed the country initially. I think diplomats around the world… felt like something like that simply would not be tolerated by the people of Germany.
Erik Larson
I wanted to be a man who travelled the world to make peace. I didn’t realise that most diplomats are megaphones for their governments.
Stellan Skarsgard
Diplomats are just as essential to starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it… You take diplomacy out of war, and the thing would fall flat in a week.
Will Rogers
The military can buy our diplomats some time.
Jim Mattis
The symbolic significance of individual athletes’ achievements has sometimes proved more productive than the negotiations of diplomats or politicians.
Richard Attias
I have discovered the art of deceiving diplomats. I tell them the truth and they never believe me.
Camillo di Cavour
It is fortunate that diplomats have long noses since they usually cannot see beyond them.
Paul Claudel
I have so much respect for policy makers and diplomats, but I could never be a politician because of the way they dress!
Azita Ghanizada
Diplomats were invented simply to waste time.
David Lloyd George
It’s a necessary quality of a diplomat or a politician that he will compromise. Uncompromising politicians or diplomats get you into the most terrible trouble.
John Keegan
I met senators, diplomats and the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Jean Craighead George
Congress has shortchanged not only foreign aid but foreign policy. A mistaken notion that diplomats are unimportant and hence undeserving of support grips conservative legislators, especially.
Anthony Lewis
Modern diplomats approach every problem with an open mouth.
Arthur Goldberg
They tend to be civil servants, often diplomats drawn from the Foreign Office, who may be very pleasant, intelligent people, but once they get inside the Palace they’re riveted to the status quo and they lose track of public opinion in the real world.
Anthony Holden
American diplomats meet with formal government officials, we meet with opposition protesters, not just in Hong Kong or China. This literally happens in every single country in which an American embassy is present.
Morgan Ortagus
People also don’t care about the daily comings and goings of diplomats and yet we must report it.
Roone Arledge
In a chaotic world, U.S. diplomats will probably have even less contact with the people they need to reach.
David Ignatius
When we did Diplomats music, it was all genuine, and I think that’s why people love it so much, because they seen a group of kids from Harlem that had almost nothing come up to be platinum-selling artists, and people rode that wave with us.
‘Don Quixote’ is a very political book that has been used by diplomats, politicians, guerrilla fighters, to inspire people, to convince them that they themselves can become quixotic. George Washington had a copy of the book on his desk when signing the U.S. Constitution.
Ilan Stavans
My dad is Japanese; he was an art director there. My mom is half-English, half-Argentinian. They met in Japan in the ’70s. Her parents were diplomats posted there.
Sonoya Mizuno
The government, as a rule, discourages specialization: Military officers and diplomats are constantly transferred from one post to another, from one region to the next. Still, specialists do emerge.
Keith Gessen
Certainly Afghans in general and women in particular want a country in which security is a daily reality rather than a campaign slogan or the focus of drive-by speeches from diplomats dropping in for the day.
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Even we schoolchildren know that ordinary diplomats don’t drive around in unmarked cars carrying Glock pistols.
Malala Yousafzai
British diplomats who worked in Iran during the 1980 hostage crisis are deeply upset by Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning film ‘Argo,’ which suggests they refused shelter to the group who managed to get out of the U.S. embassy.
Simon Hoggart
We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
Journalists couldn’t do their jobs overseas without taking risks, and the same is true for diplomats and intelligence officers.
David Ignatius
It is easy to overlook the importance of the young in u

It is easy to overlook the importance of the young in underdeveloped countries. It is the natural course for nations, and diplomats, and those who publish newspapers, to speak to the established order. Seeking out the young requires a conscious effort.
Robert Kennedy
When we put our trust in diplomacy, it is not because it is an inspiring or uplifting discourse or because it helps us see the common humanity in others. The stylized circumlocutions of diplomats can make them seem ridiculous or irrelevant: they never seem to be talking about what is really going on.
Noah Feldman
Analysts, scholars, business people, diplomats, and journalists involved with China spend so much time questioning one another’s biases and loyalties that they have even settled on two opposing categories: ‘panda huggers’ versus ‘panda sluggers.’
Evan Osnos
Most other documents leaked to WikiLeaks do not carry the same explosive potential as candid cables written by American diplomats.
Evgeny Morozov
I have spent time discussing the American political system and current events in Taiwan with the junior diplomats, and they have repeatedly expressed their country’s desire to avoid confrontation with China.
Mike Simpson
I have against me the bourgeois, the military and the diplomats, and for me, only the people who take the Metro.
Charles de Gaulle
Russia has conducted a coordinated cyberattack on state election systems and hacked critical infrastructure. They have used social media to sow chaos and discord in our society. They have beaten and harassed U.S. diplomats and violated anti-proliferation treaties.
Richard Burr
I really got deep into downloading music when I moved to the South and got a computer. So I was downloading the The Diplomats, AZ, Half-A-Mil, 40 Cal.
I started producing when I was listening to The Diplomats. The first time I heard Cam’ron was ‘Dead or Alive.’