Top 40 Dumped Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Dumped Quotes from famous people such as Ransom Riggs, Helen Fisher, Aaron Koblin, Sam Jaeger, Karen Salmansohn, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Some days, I would find what seemed like entire family

Some days, I would find what seemed like entire family trees, torn from once-treasured albums and dumped in disorganized bins, selling 10 for a dollar. I wondered how people could give up pictures of their great-grandparents for complete strangers to paw through – or why complete strangers would want them.
Ransom Riggs
You know, when you’ve been dumped, the one thing you love to do is just forget about this human being, and then go on with your life – but no, you just love them harder.
Helen Fisher
There’s something that happens with the collection of a large amount of data when it’s dumped into an Excel spreadsheet or put into a pie chart. You run the risk of completely missing what it’s about.
Aaron Koblin
Seventh and eighth grade? That’s the worst. I think it’s the lowest point of life. All I remember is painful acne and terrible clothes. And lots of getting dumped.
Sam Jaeger
Dumped? Fired? Scorned? Humiliated? Totally pissed off? If so, I’ve got great news! You might be on your way to living your best life ever – if you consciously choose to channel this pain into fuel – and use it to motivate yourself to become your highest potential self!
Karen Salmansohn
I’ve always said I can’t tell sometimes that people even have an album out until I see them nominated for a Grammy. I think country gets dumped on across the board by the Grammys.
Toby Keith
I came out the box and for seven years I had a huge career. And then it’s done, it’s dumped. But I ain’t gone, and I refuse to be gone.
Taylor Dayne
In high school, I was head of the lab. I dumped a whole five-gallon bucket of D-76 on my head once. It ruined all my clothes.
Adam Granduciel
Comedy comes out of everyone’s worst day. No one writes a sitcom episode about everyone having a good day. It’s always about someone being locked out of their house or someone being dumped or whatever.
Jim Jefferies
I’ve never been dumped, but I’m sure it will happen.
Spencer Matthews
I remember doing this little physical gesture of holding up my foot and having my foot wave around while I held my ankle. It got a big laugh, and when people started laughing, it dumped some chemicals on my brain. It just felt so good.
Paul Rust
Listen, my dad left me, my mom is crazy, I’m from L.A., a pop star dumped me three times and I’m an actress who gets rejected constantly.
Ayda Field
Things like promoting healthy behaviours, including nutrition and activity, and beginning that at school is so critical. We used to have a healthy eating, healthy action plan, elements of which really were dumped by the last government, so we’re trying to rebuild a bit of a program of action in that space.
Jacinda Ardern
People identify with being heartbroken. We’ve all been heartbroken, haven’t we? I’ve been dumped, and it feels horrible.
Rob James-Collier
I’m coaching ‘swing at this, don’t swing at that,’ and in the middle of it, a kid looks at me and says, ‘Coach, I think I’m going to fail history.’ Or maybe their girlfriend just dumped them. These are kids, and once I embraced that, this became a lot more fun.
Tony Gwynn
I think all women have a friend who at some point dumped them or betrayed them or deeply disappointed them. And at the same time all women have a friend who they dumped or betrayed or hurt in some way. That’s universal in women’s friendships.
Lisa See
Today we have big, crude instruments guided by intelligent surgeons, and we have little, stupid molecules of drugs that get dumped into the body, diffuse around and interfere with things as best they can. At present, medicine is unable to heal anything.
K. Eric Drexler
When I moved to New York, I was dead broke and lost my mind, and my girlfriend dumped me and was with some banker making money. I wandered by Jane Curtin’s house, and she’s like, ‘Come in here, dear. I’ll make you lunch. Tell me, what’s going on in your life?’
Donal Logue
I went out with this boy on the proviso that he didn’t tell anybody we were together. The idiot didn’t keep his mouth shut. I dumped him. I never went out with a boy from school again.
Rachel Hunter
I have a Keurig coffee maker, which is really kind of a luxury. It was given to me by an ex. I realized when I’m feeling sentimental, I’ll gently, tenderly press the button. Then when I remember he dumped me, I punch it.
Mo Rocca
I loved the Rumble that Shawn Michaels won. Bulldog threw him over, and he hung on by the skin of the teeth and dumped Bulldog – that was one of my favourite ones.
Seth Rollins
‘Oh, Daddy,’ was a remake of the Ritchie Valens’ song ‘Oh Donna,’ and I really like that one because it’s a story of a pregnant woman who was dumped by her baby daddy, but she was always waiting for him. It’s a sweet-and-sour situation.
Natti Natasha
My father took my mother, me, and my brother from Sicily to New York. He got us one-way tickets but booked himself a return flight. He dumped us with my mother’s parents, who had just arrived from Italy, and abandoned us. That was 1986. I didn’t see or speak to him for another 12 years. That’s cruel.
Paulie Malignaggi
Remember one thing about ESPN: People can be critical of them sometimes for being a large corporation but nine years ago I had a stroke and I couldn’t talk. That’s the way I made my living. ESPN could’ve dumped me very easy, but they didn’t. They helped me and presented me an opportunity to get back on the air.
Lee Corso
When I was 13, I remember crying on my mum’s shoulder when my first girlfriend dumped me via MSN Messenger. That was cold.
Conor Maynard
I’ve been dumped plenty of times, I can assure you of that.
Shaun Evans
I grew up being really insecure and dumped on, over-feeling certain things in a negative way. So I thought I had something to prove.
Gilbert Hernandez
My boyfriend dumped me because I let myself go. And not just with my clothing, in every facet of life.
Tan France
Most shows get dumped by the networks, do a couple of years in syndication, then they’re in the vault. ‘Mission: Impossible’ has never been off the screen.
Peter Graves
It feels wistful to imagine a time when people didn’t go about their daily routine with the assumption that at any moment another massive media technology will be dumped on us by some geek in California.
Douglas Coupland
I think you get a lot of life experiences and they all get dumped in a locker room and they say ‘Hey, spend 10 months a year with each other.’ That’s a great example that just because you have different backgrounds and you may be staunchly on the other side on different issues, it doesn’t mean that you can’t cohabitate.
Greg Olsen
As an historical novelist - there are few jobs more ret

As an historical novelist – there are few jobs more retrospective. I dumped science at an early age.
Sara Sheridan
I’ve been dumped hard. My heart has been broken and shattered, and I’ve also been on the other end of that too.
Allison Williams
I wrote a staggeringly bad poem when I was 19 after a girlfriend dumped me. I seem to remember comparing her to a tarantula. It was all very E. J. Thribb of me.
Simon Schama
Fights can be dumped in a dozen ways. Sometimes everybody but the fighter knows. Sometimes only the fighter knows.
Budd Schulberg
People conclude that if the famous can be dragged through the virtual public square and unceremoniously dumped, the fate of any random tweeter or the average man or woman on the street can seem even more precarious.
Claire Fox
I’m talking to anyone who has been dumped – have not gotten the job you really wanted or have received those horrible rejection letters from grad school. You know, the disappointment of losing, or not getting something you badly want. When that happens, show what you are made of.
Jill Abramson
These kids at the Ali Forney Center are literally dumped by their families because of the fact that they are lesbian, gay, or transgender – this organization really is saving lives.
Bea Arthur
I’m a bit of a Luddite, really: I don’t use email much, as I started drowning in it. So I said ‘screw this’ and dumped my laptop, though I’ve begun to re-engage with it.
Charles Hazlewood
I got dumped off ‘The Iron Lady’ a month before they started shooting, and then they brought two new writers on. Then I was brought back on again. I’m just a bit of a rubber ball. I just bounce back.
Abi Morgan