Top 40 Opposites Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Opposites Quotes from famous people such as Rhea Perlman, Tracy McMillan, Roger von Oech, Shana Alexander, Ann Coulter, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

My first and most loved real novel was 'Little Women.'

My first and most loved real novel was ‘Little Women.’ I identified with the Jo character even though we were opposites. Jo was very strong-minded and brave, and I was shy and kind of a wuss, everyplace but in my own home. I wanted to be Jo. She was my alter ego. I think reading that book gave me courage.
Rhea Perlman
I think of masculine and feminine energy like two sides to a battery. There’s a plus side and a minus side, and in order to make something turn on, you need to have opposites touching. It’s the same in relationships.
Tracy McMillan
Most people think of success and failure as opposites, but they both are products of the same process.
Roger von Oech
The Mormon belief system unites curiously American pairs of opposites. A relish for the dog-eat-dog practices of the marketplace goes hand in hand with the stern obligation to ‘help thy neighbor.’
Shana Alexander
Gays are the molecular opposites of blacks.
Ann Coulter
Football and chess can seem like sporting polar opposites, but there are so many similarities with the modern game.
Trent Alexander-Arnold
The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.
Andy Warhol
Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins.
Ayn Rand
Americans mythologize competition and credit it with saving us from socialist bread lines. Actually, capitalism and competition are opposites. Capitalism is premised on the accumulation of capital, but under perfect competition, all profits get competed away.
Peter Thiel
Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness, and truth presupposes error. It is these mingled opposites which people our life, which make it pungent, intoxicating. We only exist in terms of this conflict, in the zone where black and white clash.
Louis Aragon
Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin.
Hermann Hesse
I always loved playing extreme opposites, whether it’s internal or external.
India Eisley
It excites me to go to a movie and be reminded that I’m human, and I’m filled with opposites, and I’m built with flaws. Part of growth and healing is recognizing that.
Laura Dern
All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.
Marc Chagall
Opposites attract, and I think temperament is so fundamental that you end up craving someone of the opposite temperament to complete you.
Susan Cain
K.C. and the Bay Area are opposites.
Billy Butler
Rapping and singing are not two polar opposites. There’s so much middle ground. And I think there’s a lot of people who find that middle ground.
Ezra Koenig
I think people should try to teach young children that these qualities – stubbornness and a capacity to listen – might look like they are opposites, but they are not.
Renzo Piano
My acting teacher used to say that people reveal themselves in their opposites.
Kristin Bauer van Straten
Mourinho and Zidane are very different, one could say they are opposites. But it’s not like one is bad and the other is good.
My mom grew up in Idaho, went to Brigham Young University: they’re very Molly Mormon. And my father is, like, first generation Albanian, and his parents lived in Southey and grew up in downtown Boston. My parents are complete opposites.
Eliza Dushku
Power and violence are opposites; where the one rules absolutely, the other is absent. Violence appears where power is in jeopardy, but left to its own course it ends in power’s disappearance.
Hannah Arendt
It’s this simple law, which every writer knows, of taking two opposites and putting them in a room together. I love anything with Cartman and Butters at the same time, it’s great.
Trey Parker
The mark of a living thing is to be involved in opposites (impossibilities): the living cell that has to be continually adapting itself to stay alive, with its identity.
Nicholas Mosley
Short fiction and the novel, nonfiction and fiction, electronic texts and books – these are not opposites. One need not destroy the other to survive.
Celeste Ng
In my judgment, excellence and wealth are direct opposites, since when the one shrinks, the other grows, and when one grows, the other shrinks.
Apollonius of Tyana
My parents are opposites who balance each other out.
Tamara Ecclestone
The ethic of conviction and the ethic of responsibility are not opposites. They are complementary to one another.
Max Weber
Science and vision are not opposites or even at odds. They need each other. I sometimes hear other startup folks say something along the lines of: ‘If entrepreneurship was a science, then anyone could do it.’ I’d like to point out that even science is a science, and still very few people can do it, let alone do it well.
Eric Ries
In God, the characteristics of men and women that we admire in men and women are combined. That’s been a traditional Catholic teaching that God is the combination of opposites.
Andrew Greeley
I work from opposites to opposites, in a way. It’s finding one thing and then doing the other from film to film. So maybe after ‘I Saw the Devil,’ I might do something like ‘I Saw the Angel’ or perhaps something warm and happy.
Kim Jee-woon
Economy, prudence, and a simple life are the sure maste

Economy, prudence, and a simple life are the sure masters of need, and will often accomplish that which, their opposites, with a fortune at hand, will fail to do.
Clara Barton
My sister and I are opposites in many ways. She is six feet tall, while I’m five feet four.
Tracy Austin
The thing about Wagner is we’re always wrong about him, because he always embraces opposites. There are things in his operas which viewed one way are naturalistic, and viewed another way are symbolic, but the problem is you can’t represent both views on stage at once.
Daniel Barenboim
Both ‘Saraswatichandra’ and ‘Mahakumbh’ are extremely close to my heart. The shows are polar opposites and so are the characters but I have loved being a part of both of them.
Gautam Rode
I don’t think opposites attract. I think like attracts like. So I don’t think that they do attract, opposites. Only when you’re talking about magnetic poles.
Ashton Kutcher
‘Fidaa’ completely sticks to being a love story. It doesn’t have any digressions. Opposites attract, they say.
Varun Tej
To contrast national solidarity and international cooperation as two opposites seems foolish to me.
Gustav Stresemann
I think my mother was baffled by me. We were polar opposites. She was shy and retiring. I was over-fond of the limelight. Many times in my life, I was conscious of embarrassing her with my carrying on.
Laurie Graham
ABC is owned by Disney, so it’s a little more conservative than Adult Swim. Polar opposites.
Eric Andre