Top 40 Supremacy Quotes

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The symbolic power of Barack Obama's presidency - that

The symbolic power of Barack Obama’s presidency – that whiteness was no longer strong enough to prevent peons taking up residence in the castle – assaulted the most deeply rooted notions of white supremacy and instilled fear in its adherents and beneficiaries.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
It is only human supremacy, which is as unacceptable as racism and sexism, that makes us afraid of being more inclusive.
Ingrid Newkirk
Having served as North Carolina Attorney General for 16 years, I am all too familiar with the racism, bigotry and full-out white supremacy that exist in corners of our society.
Roy Cooper
No one branch of the U.S. government should have supremacy over the other two.
Chellie Pingree
By expanding the legal authority of law enforcement agencies – without addressing the infiltration of white supremacy within law enforcement – we are expanding the capacity of white supremacy itself.
Cori Bush
It’s a fact that Anglo-Saxon supremacy impacts other cultures. That is plain and simple.
The racial dynamics over here are fraught. White supremacy is overt. It’s the reason I don’t want to raise my kids here.
Jodie Turner-Smith
The Jewish people and the Negro people both know the meaning of Nordic supremacy. We have both looked into the eyes of terror.
Langston Hughes
Today the American knight holds the commercial supremacy of the world.
Betsy Ross
As you keep pulling back the layers of how deeply rooted anti-blackness and white supremacy are in this country, it is exhausting, and it is traumatizing.
Alicia Garza
It is often said that Trump has no real ideology, which is not true – his ideology is white supremacy, in all its truculent and sanctimonious power.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Defenders of Wilson are correct to beg for context when considering his legacy. But it is they who ignore the context: the role Wilson played in using war, including Haiti’s racist counterinsurgency, to nationalize white supremacy, militarism, and Christian evangelism.
Greg Grandin
I’m someone very interested in diversity, equity, social justice, and getting rid of white supremacy.
Michael Tubbs
A new breed of Republicans has taken over the GOP. It is a new breed which is seeking to sell to Americans a doctrine which is as old as mankind – the doctrine of racial division, the doctrine of racial prejudice, the doctrine of white supremacy.
Jackie Robinson
I think, for me, just trying to be the ‘non-threatening black woman,’ constantly being, like, super-bubbly! And relatable! It takes a lot of energy! The energy you have to put into playing into the system of white supremacy, so that you can be just given a chance.
Wunmi Mosaku
Ever since childhood, when I found out that the ultimate fate for all humans was death, sheer terror and morbid curiosity had been fighting for supremacy in my mind.
Caitlin Doughty
Can we be against anti-Semitism and understand that it’s at the root of white supremacy? So you can’t tell me to combat anti-Semitism if you’re not ready to join me and tell me, ‘Let’s end white nationalism and white supremacy,’ which is really the real threat on all Americans.
Linda Sarsour
A lot of the media says, ‘oh, black musician converts X-number of Klansmen.’ I never converted one. But over 200 have left that, the white supremacy movements, because I have been the impetus for that.
Daryl Davis
White nationalism is in fact white supremacy. It’s understandable that white supremacists would want to be called nationalists, but that doesn’t make them any less supremacist.
Neil Macdonald
We shouldn’t waste any more time in making sure that democracy is properly rooted in our political life and the supremacy of the law becomes an integral part of our state’s structure.
Ahmet Necdet Sezner
There’s no such thing as racial, non-white supremacy.
Rachel Dolezal
There are plenty of African-Americans in this country – and I would say this goes right up to the White House – who are not by any means poor, but are very much afflicted by white supremacy.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
When white supremacy has you down, honey, go out dancing, have as much fun as you can.
Princess Nokia
Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.
Stockwell Day
Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom.
Stokely Carmichael
When I’m around people having conversations about their day, I’m looking at them, like, ‘What could they possibly be talking about? How are we not talking about deconstructing white supremacy right now? How are we not trying to save trans people?’
Indya Moore
The fact that apartheid has been tied up with white supremacy, capitalist exploitation, and deliberate oppression makes the problem much more complex. Material want is bad enough, but coupled with spiritual poverty, it kills.
Steven Biko
The force that has come closest across American history to actually ending America was white supremacy. That was the Civil War.
Pete Buttigieg
I chose as my target the University of Mississippi, which in 1960 was the holiest temple of white supremacy in America, next to the U.S. Capitol and the White House, both of which were under the control of segregationists and their collaborators.
James Meredith
We cannot denounce white supremacy and allow its endorsers to continue serving in our government.
Cori Bush
Male supremacy has kept woman down. It has not knocked her out.
Clare Boothe Luce
The crowning feature of the federal system is the supre

The crowning feature of the federal system is the supremacy of the judiciary over all other branches of government in matters relating to the rights of persons and property.
Charles A. Beard
I don’t support white supremacy. I’m the one who made them take ‘white supremacy’ off the roster that was the symbol of the Democratic Party in this state.
George Wallace
We question these issues of race and struggle and white privilege because we know that those issues are real and because those issues have real implications in black communities. And white supremacy is not only dangerous, but it is deadly.
DeRay Mckesson
All white people in the United States have benefited from a white supremacy. But does that mean that a white person should be viewed badly because they turn against a white supremacist policy? Just because you’ve benefited from something shouldn’t disable you from repudiating it.
Randall Kennedy
Invoking nature with its implied supremacy ignores that many cultures have fundamentally differing ideas of even what nature is, much less how it should work.
Gregory Benford
There were some things in my childhood I thought we’d put to sleep. The idea of one race’s supremacy over another. I thought the issue of colour would be put to sleep by the time I had a son. And that’s maybe why I had a kid so late.
Gregory Porter
White supremacy is a sin. Neo-Nazism is a sin.
Blase J. Cupich
White supremacy is not just a social arrangement: it is a race-based faith.
James A. Forbes
There’s no such thing as judicial supremacy.
Stephen Miller