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Anonymous is not an organization. It is an idea, a zeit

Anonymous is not an organization. It is an idea, a zeitgeist, coupled with a set of social and technical practices.
Yochai Benkler
As a professional athlete you have to be technical with what you eat. You have to make sure your intakes are on point every day.
Hector Bellerin
You get a lot of young chefs who have a lot of savoir-faire, a lot of technical knowledge. What’s important is to convey to them a cuisine that is made from the heart.
Joel Robuchon
Slipknot’s music is very technical and intense, and it’s not easy to play, but that’s what makes it special. What’s so gratifying about playing a show that is that intense is when you get off the stage, and you know you really delivered at the top of your ability and performance; that is what makes it all worthwhile.
Joey Jordison
We must never lose sight of the fact that shoes go on the feet, and if people can’t walk in them, they are worthless. Fashion designers who are not specialists need the help of technical people. We help decide the collections together.
Diego Della Valle
I’m not the best trainer in the world. I’m not the most technical or scientific. But I consistently put videos out there, whether it’s for your grandma or a young toddler. And I’m relentless.
Joe Wicks
I joined another circle and the leader gave us a little leaflet in very small print, asking us to read it carefully and then come prepared to ask questions. It was a technical Marxist subject and I did not understand it nor did I know what questions to ask.
Agnes Smedley
As an adult, there are technical aspects of filmmaking you understand, like having to pick up a cup on the same line every time.
Brie Larson
If I had to pick favourite parts of Interlagos, I would say the first and last corners. The first corner is really technical and punishes you if you get it wrong, while the last corner is so fast and really puts quite a strain on your body. As a driver, I really enjoy these corners.
Romain Grosjean
There is nothing terribly difficult in the Bible – at least in a technical way. The Bible is written in street language, common language. Most of it was oral and spoken to illiterate people. They were the first ones to receive it. So when we make everything academic, we lose something.
Eugene H. Peterson
I emphasize the technical aspects in all my films, not just Hindi.
Oakland Technical High School. Like any high-school experience, it was ambiguous. I was shy with girls; I had friends, but there were times I didn’t feel I had the right friends. My grades were only so-so.
Frank Oz
When you’ve done the technical part, you’re then into the joy, the zen, into being. Technology no longer exists for you. You’re then into the mystery of the thing you’re doing.
William Shatner
‘Mayabazar’ was the film I immensely loved as a kid. Only when I became a filmmaker about 20 years later did I realise its technical marvel and what a great epic it was. I and my visual effects supervisor, while making ‘Yamadonga,’ took two days to understand the magnification shot of Ghatothkatcha’s persona.
S. S. Rajamouli
Every time economic and technical development takes a step forward, forces emerge which attempt to create political forms for what, on the economic-technical plane, has already more or less become reality.
Christian Lous Lange
What we look for are people that are technically competent. You need a background in a scientific field, whether it’s as a scientist, an engineer, medical doctor, or, you know, a person that’s in the military with some kind of technical background.
Scott Kelly
I studied opera for a year at Georgia State University, but I wasn’t interested in that meticulous, technical approach to music. So I left school and went back to jazz.
Lizz Wright
Free soloing is almost as old as climbing itself, with roots in the 19th century. Climbers are continuing to push the boundaries. There are certainly better technical climbers than me. But if I have a particular gift, it’s a mental one – the ability to keep it together where others might freak out.
Alex Honnold
Learning to accept failure on multiple levels is, to my way of thinking, the key to become a world-class therapist. But that means humility, and setting your ego aside, while you develop superb new technical skills.
David D. Burns
I wouldn’t exclude writing another song in German, but I don’t want to translate songs anymore. We used to sit down and literally translate every song word for word – it was very technical, and the songs would lose so much along the way.
Bill Kaulitz
It’s a technical, fairly difficult job that has no particular political connotations, so I doubt there are any big campaign contributors dying to be on the Fed. And remember, it doesn’t pay very well, certainly by Republican standards.
Alice Rivlin
‘Instagram’ is great if you want to share photos, but you’re not that technical. Or, if you’re not interested in sharing publicly, ‘Instagram’ becomes a place where you can not only consume photos and videos from musicians, or whoever, but send them directly to your friends.
Kevin Systrom
If you understand the importance of developing a relationship with the director and making that director see that you’re the best technical adviser and resource in the world on your subject, you’ll be invited on set as a respected and integral part of the process.
John Fusco
I always think that a director who knows about the technical side, but cares about the acting performances and casting as well, is ahead of the game.
Bob Balaban
I’ll say this: I think from a directing standpoint, ‘Loving’ is my most accomplished film. Strictly from a technical, directing point of view.
Jeff Nichols
Most of my technical knowledge comes from having worked in the industrial video industry.
Richard King
There was the scientific and technical progress which couldn’t be predicted by the state.
Anatoly Chubais
Whether it’s a double take or a spit take or an extra-long pause before a reaction or a line, I try to be as cognizant as possible about the technical end of it. So I think the physical stuff works easier for me than maybe for others who are more just going on instinct.
Neil Patrick Harris
Capucci was the biggest schooling I had. It wasn’t just about the technical knowledge, such as color and volume, but also about the secret rules, and the beautiful codes of respect between the atelier and the master.
Giambattista Valli
We cannot keep gapping units where we need a good strong NCO or staff NCO and he’s not there. They’ve got to have the right technical, the right leadership qualifications for the billet.
Joseph Dunford
On the technical side, I hope that my writing is evolving and maturing, ripening, deepening.
Jhumpa Lahiri
Service is how product is delivered - the technical asp

Service is how product is delivered – the technical aspect.
Danny Meyer
I was a born fighter before I got technical, and that’s still in me.
Dustin Poirier
Bio Life Technical’s strategy of providing technical due diligence by expert professors from core disciplines and world class experts working with interdisciplinary institutes, such as Imperial College’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, will enable a more thorough scientific evaluation of the technology.
Chris Toumazou
Jorginho is not a physical player, he is a technical player, but the most important quality is that he is very quick in the mind. He has the ability to move the ball very quickIy.
Maurizio Sarri
But it wasn’t just a technical approach towards the piano, studying the music for this film was also a way of approaching the soul of the film, because the film is really about the soul of Schubert and the soul of Bach.
Isabelle Huppert
My music is more native than intricate or technical.
Dick Dale
Every scene is a challenge. There are technical challenges, but often it’s the simplest challenge where you feel a sense of achievement when you pull it off.
Roger Deakins
The only technical difference you will find is, if you are keeping goal as a male, they will play a bit further out, but set positions are the same, and techniques are constantly evolving.
Karen Bardsley
Here the football is more physically strong. The Spanish are more technical. In Italy more tactical. In England… you have to run. We don’t fear the tackles, because the people like this.
Fabio Capello
You could power America with renewables from a technical and economic standpoint. The biggest obstacles are social and political – what you need is the will to do it.
Mark Z. Jacobson
You can actually go to school and college to learn how to play and get technical with the electric bass.
Stanley Clarke
My understanding of the game has improved. The technical side has improved. All round I have improved in leaps and bounds at United. I learn something every day in training here and I am just loving it.
Phil Jones
When a pianist sits down and does a virtuoso performance he is in a technical sense transmitting more information to a machine than any other human activity involving machinery allows.
Robert Moog
The renewable industry claims technical innovations will improve solar and wind – but in reality nothing can change the lower power density of sunlight and wind.
Michael Shellenberger
Everyone has technical flaws – no matter how many runs you score.
Alastair Cook
I want somehow, some way, for us to be able to make our community and technical colleges free.
Jim Justice
Prior to ‘Tokyo Drift,’ the iconic perception of Asians in Hollywood films has been either the Kung Fu guy, the Yakuza guy or some technical genius. It used to be such a joke, to be laughed at rather than with.
Sung Kang
I started doing sculpture rather than painting. I was halfway through my degree, and I hadn’t really done any introduction courses in sculpture… I’d missed all the technical stuff. I didn’t really know how to weld or forge or carve or model. I’d sort of evaded all those technique classes, so I had no technique.
Cornelia Parker