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My whole thing is if you want to do it, then do it. Kob

My whole thing is if you want to do it, then do it. Kobe told me this, but he said, ‘You don’t wanna lay all your eggs in one basket, but you wanna lay all your eggs in one basket.’ If you wanna do something and be great at it, that’s what you’re going to have to specialize in. Just take it and run.
Mohamed Bamba
Novelty is adaptive when things are changing and you need to adapt yourself. Tradition is essential to lay down the stability to raise families and form cohesive social groups.
Tim Jackson
It happens to the best of them. You lay off singing and your throat gets out of practice. No excuses. I blew it.
Bobby Darin
Be not the first by whom the new are tried, Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.
Alexander Pope
I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.
Isaac Newton
As a steward of the U.S.economy and financial systems, the Treasury has helped lay the groundwork for the American economy to become a model of strength, flexibility, dynamism, resiliency. This is a system that generates growth, creates jobs and wealth, rewards initiative, and fosters innovation.
Henry Paulson
Here is everything which can lay hold of the eye, ear and imagination – everything which can charm and bewitch the simple and ignorant. I wonder how Luther ever broke the spell.
John Adams
Every spring, this country will be reminded of the Lady from Texas. As trees bloom and flowers carpet our nation’s capital, Lady Bird Johnson will be remembered. Only Lady Bird Johnson could, with her vision of a beautiful America, lay claim to spring as her memorial.
David Mixner
Admittedly, the body of scientists, as a whole, does uphold the authority of science over the lay public. It controls thereby also the process by which young men are trained to become members of the scientific profession.
Michael Polanyi
The beauty of our country is that when it was founded that they took some time to lay out civil liberties in the first 10 Amendments – the Bill of Rights. I’m a firm believer in those civil liberties and the ability to have your own opinion.
Aaron Rodgers
My synesthesia is mostly gone – it was a much bigger factor when I was a kid. But having no depth perception is a bonus when you’re trying to lay out flat images and describe them to an artist – flat is all I see.
G. Willow Wilson
At least once a week, I try to have one day where I have nothing planned so I can get up and just go back to bed and lay around and recharge my batteries.
Dolph Lundgren
The great achievement of the Catholic Church lay in harmonizing, civilizing the deepest impulses of ordinary, ignorant people.
Kenneth Clark
One or two great lay downs per tournament will give you a few extra lives while a few well-timed bluffs will give you a ton of extra chips.
Phil Hellmuth
I think in some ways it makes me feel uncomfortable, just getting a bunch of attention. I’d rather just stay chill and kind of lay low.
DeAndre Yedlin
Nature and nature’s laws lay hid in the night. God said, Let Newton be! and all was light!
Alexander Pope
When I was young, I was reading anything and anything I could lay my hands on. I was a veracious-to-the-point-of-insane reader.
Neil Gaiman
When we can lay down our fear and anger and choose responses other than aggression, we create the conditions for bringing out the best in us humans.
Margaret J. Wheatley
Those who use tobacco, tea and coffee should lay these idols aside, and put their cost into the treasury of the Lord.
Ellen G. White
I’m a great reviser. I do these reckless drafts just to get the lay of the land.
Thomas McGuane
When I was young, I felt my talent lay in photography, not movies.
Karan Kapoor
It’s such a tragedy that man endures in killing his brother and his own kind, putting him in jail and insane asylums, letting him lay out in the street.
Sun Ra
Our creator says, ‘Here’s your birth and here’s your death’ – and the rest are the things you learn on your journey. This was my experience – and the choice is, I can lay in the misery, or choose to learn from it and move on.
Ben Vereen
You can lay in bed and think you don’t stand a chance, that’s what all of us thought, and here we are. We ended up doing all right.
Louis Tomlinson
If I hadn’t learned to lay on a two-hander once in a while, I’d never have left Flin Flon.
Bobby Clarke
Only an artist as preternaturally acute and copacetic, as oddly visionary and just odd as Richard Artschwager, would be able to lay out the whole course of human evolution and have it make some kind of sense while also seeming like a dazzling insight.
Jerry Saltz
Raising the minimum wage represents a substantial financial burden for employers, particularly start-ups, early stage companies, and family-owned businesses. In response, business owners would be forced to either lay off workers or raise prices to offset the rise in labor costs.
Fabrizio Moreira
It’s good to be in a position to know that I’ve inspired musicians, from what I’ve learned to lay down personally, and collectively with Led Zeppelin.
Jimmy Page
The worst injury I’ve ever had was a knee in the back when I was 20 or 21, in training at Reading. I couldn’t sit down or lie down for a week. I just lay on my front for a week.
Michail Antonio
One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams.
E. V. Lucas
If I drink coffee, I have to turn the lights off and lay down. I can’t handle it.
Perfume Genius
The point of '777' is for the world to hear adult Key.

The point of ‘777’ is for the world to hear adult Key. Your favorite new rapper’s favorite rapper, grown up. My job was to lay any canvas he needed at any given moment.
Kenny Beats
World Class players can lay down the toughest hands and play any two cards at any time without fear. Their reads are impeccable.
Chris Moneymaker
God, I can push the grass apart and lay my finger on Thy heart.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
It infuriates me that the work of white American writers can be universal and lay claim to classic texts, while black and female authors are ghetto-ized as ‘other.’
Jesmyn Ward
I found that Steve’s passion for wildlife and willingness to lay his life on the line so exciting.
Terri Irwin
This is the secret of propaganda: To totally saturate the person, whom the propaganda wants to lay hold of, with the ideas of the propaganda, without him even noticing that he is being saturated.
Paul Watzlawick
The ‘means of grace’ are such as Bible reading, private prayer, and regularly worshiping God in Church, wherein one hears the Word taught and participates in the Lord’s Supper. I lay it down as a simple matter of fact that no one who is careless about such things must ever expect to make much progress in sanctification.
J. C. Ryle
I want to lay all my cards out on the table and walk away with no regrets.
Katarina Johnson-Thompson
I believe race is too heavy a burden to carry into the 21st century. It’s time to lay it down. We all came here in different ships, but now we’re all in the same boat.
John Lewis
Throughout his presidency, my grandfather made it clear that he alone could fix nothing; that he alone had no answers. He had the courage to plainly admit America’s shortcomings, to then lay out bold plans to address those problems and to ask his fellow Americans for help in solving them.
Jack Schlossberg
I wouldn’t just lay my voice on anything. But I’d love to do a collaboration, like a Calvin Harris track, for example.
Gabrielle Aplin
As we lay hold upon the truth of God, its influence must affect us. It must elevate us. It must remove from us every imperfection.
Ellen G. White
A person’s school and teachers help lay a strong foundation, which leads to success.
Poonam Dhillon
Priests focus on the spiritual. As a lay person I could show people how to be good Catholics in the world.
Bo Sanchez
If I have to lay an egg for my country, I’ll do it.
Bob Hope
The worst story I ever wrote was after the conviction of Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay. My co-author and I wrote a piece for ‘Fortune’ saying everything’s going to be different now.
Bethany McLean
I’m cool with whatever. I’ll just keep eating my bread, sipping my soup and serving my time. But the chicken is going to lay some more eggs one day.
Charles Oakley
I collect hotel keys. I hope to make something out of them someday. It would be cool to make a bar at my house and, like, the bar is all the hotel keys: lay them down and put glass over them. Or maybe even a coffee table.
Frankie Ballard
I always tell my kids if you lay down, people will step over you. But if you keep scrambling, if you keep going, someone will always, always give you a hand. Always. But you gotta keep dancing, you gotta keep your feet moving.
Morgan Freeman
On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.
Adlai Stevenson I
I have bad days, days when I just don’t want to do anything. Just kind of want to lay in bed.
Jeff Bauman
Language is political. That’s why you and me, my Brother and Sister, that’s why we supposed to choke our natural self into the weird, lying, barbarous, unreal, white speech and writing habits that the schools lay down like holy law.
June Jordan
My husband and I were very in love, and I had no reason to suspect that his interests lay anywhere else.
Marion Zimmer Bradley
I cannot, will never, understand these couples who hate each other, who conduct open warfare in front of their children – the kind of people who have to drop the kids off at the end of the driveway in case they lay eyes on one another. At the very least, civility must reign.
John Niven
I was brought up a strict Christian. My father was a lay preacher, my mother a church warden. The rhythm and ritual of the Anglican Church was part of our lives.
Monty Don