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I wanted to be a designer since I was a kid, and I was

I wanted to be a designer since I was a kid, and I was always attracted to the way rock stars dressed and the way their girlfriends dressed. I always thought that they were the most interesting people.
Anna Sui
I’ve always wanted to do an adult cartoon, because I want a job where you can just drive up in your pajamas, have a cup of tea and not even get dressed, and you’ve gone to work for the day. What a great gig!
Rebecca Mader
When you’re sharply dressed I think you feel more confident.
Jay Sean
I love the pictures of Old Hollywood, seeing the directors dressed in suits and ties. Even the grips would be wearing ties. But the biggest thing is when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to be an adult, and I think what happens with most guys is that no one wants to be an adult anymore. So they’re dressing like kids.
Paul Feig
Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it.
Ellen Goodman
I miss corner men dressed up in the white cardigans, with sometimes the white hat they may have on.
Daniel Jacobs
I grew up in a cloistered, conservative culture that adhered to strict gender roles. So it’s easy to understand why the ‘girl dressed as a boy’ trope resonated so much. In a world that didn’t want to give people like me adventures or significance, books with cross-dressing girls were treasures.
Rae Carson
Sometimes I know a joke I’m going to yell out ahead of time, but most of the time it’s stream of conscious. You never really know it until you’ve got everyone dressed up, the set is built, all the extras are here.
Adam McKay
There was one point where my mother was dying of lung cancer, and a journalist dressed up as a nurse and got in the house to get a picture of her, dying of lung cancer and stuff like that, and then you realise the fame’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
Pete Burns
I was small growing up, and to make matters worse, I wore glasses, and my mother dressed me in attention-getting outfits. I was a target of bullies.
Joel Grey
It’s been very funny to try to act like an adult. Even getting dressed. Every day, I’m like, ‘Should I wear a blazer and walk around with an umbrella? Do I carry a briefcase?’ Because I’m trying to be some image of the adults I saw on TV growing up.
John Mulaney
I think people look at me different when they see I’m dressed well. They pay attention. They know I’m about something.
Romeo Santos
If you’re feeling a little down, you’re never fully dressed without a strong heel. But only if you’re depressed – if you need a pick-me-up.
Jonathan Van Ness
When I first began visiting West Germany in the early 1980s, I was startled by the contrast between Birmingham, where I went to school, and affluent Cologne. My host family, the lovely Schumachers, always had an opulent array of grapes on the table; they were better dressed than anyone I knew in Britain.
Luke Harding
I had this bad-boy-from-New York vibe going, dressed like a punk rocker with spiky hair.
Robert Downey, Jr.
When I was really small, my mother had difficulty keeping me dressed, as I liked to be naked! I definitely had very strong ideas on what I wanted to wear. My favourite look was always Action Man and Spiderman. Now though, I really like beautiful clothes.
Cara Delevingne
I love getting dressed up.
Rebecca Ferguson
During the day I pull on jeans and ballet flats; but I do love getting dressed up, too.
Leigh Lezark
I remember my mom dressed like Janis Joplin.
Bryan White
Rap is something you can just throw on the skillet and fry up real quick. That’s how it comes to me, my train of thought. It’s like getting dressed – I don’t have to sit down and stare at clothes, I just pick what I like and put it on. But rock, you gotta put it in the oven and let it bake.
I go through periods where I don’t shop at all, and then I go crazy and buy everything in sight. I never know what to wear, and I’m at my worst before an audition. I pull everything out of the closet, throw it on my bed. I’ll get entirely dressed and then take it all off again until I’m in a kind of frenzy.
Brooke Adams
My parents had five children in six years and one week, meaning that my mom was pregnant for most of the ’60s and driving carpools for most of the ’70s. When we were young, she dressed us alike so she could pick us out in crowds: identical skirts for the four girls with the color-coordinated pants for my brother.
Christine Pelosi
If I’m walking down the street or taking my kids trick-or-treating, and I see some young girls or boys who are dressed up like Black Lightning, that, to me, would be success.
Salim Akil
I applied to Oxford in the ’80s and was invited to an interview. It was like a scene from ‘Billy Elliot.’ People were making fun of me for my accent and the way I was dressed. It was the most embarrassing, awful experience I had ever had in my life.
Fiona Hill
I wouldn’t even hold my kids sometimes because I didn’t want them to spit up on me when I was dressed for an awards show.
Lauryn Hill
Some people say, ‘Oh you’re a weird queen. You’re a punk queen.’ All queens are weird! I don’t care if you’re in a sickening gown or dressed as an octopus. You are treating every day as if it were Halloween. You are donning a character and a persona that isn’t real.
Sharon Needles
If I were trying to impress a girl, I wouldn’t get all super dressed because I would look like I was trying too hard. Instead, I would probably wear what I normally would.
Taylor Lautner
I have about 100 pairs of pajamas. I like to see people dressed comfortably.
Hugh Hefner
Number one, I don’t understand a transgender. I don’t understand. Is it a guy dressed up like a girl, or a girl dressed up like a guy?
Rob Ford
I think lots of men are like that. We sort of get dressed by our girlfriends.
Ed Weeks
They are best dressed, whose dress no one observes.
Anthony Trollope
Most American adults know what a drag queen is, but as

Most American adults know what a drag queen is, but as they’re portrayed in films like ‘Dressed to Kill’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs.’
Sharon Needles
The biggest difference between L.A. and my hometown in Georgia is when Georgia goes to sleep, L.A. wakes up. So, like, in LaGrange, when people are going to sleep at 10, 11 to get up in the morning, we’re just getting dressed to go out.
Elijah Kelley
My winter uniform is jeans, boots, and an oversize blazer for good measure. It’s my formula for getting dressed in under 10 minutes.
Jeanne Damas
The main thing we thought was lacking in the luxury market were basic pieces that could break up an outfit so you didn’t feel like you were totally dressed in one designer. You could add some ease and comfort, tone it down.
Ashley Olsen
There are still places to go, there are still dinners, there are still parties, and you can still get dressed up. That’s part of having fun in fashion.
Christian Siriano
The French are a smallish, monkey-looking bunch and not dressed any better, on average, than the citizens of Baltimore.
P. J. O’Rourke
I wanted to be a pharmacist. I liked the way our local pharmacist was always dressed in a nice white coat; he looked very calm, you’d give him money, and he’d give you something that you wanted to buy.
Walter Matthau
Fashion once meant dresses and heels, and I didn’t know why I’d want to be dressed that way. Now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, those Saint Laurent boots!’ Those are not words I thought I’d ever say. A beautiful suit is nice. I get fashion now. In fact, I love it.
Elliot Page
I just loved to see wonderfully dressed women, and I still do. That’s all there is to it.
Bill Cunningham
You can’t get dressed without good hair.
Rachel Zoe
When I get dressed, I don’t think about what other people think. I only think, ‘Is this me? Is this my truth? Am I able to move through this world with confidence? Am I able to move through this world feeling that I am I?’
Rain Dove
I can’t explain something I saw on holiday on Holy Island when I was about nine years old, but do you know what, it could have been my PE teacher dressed in a monk’s habit. I have no idea. I’m not a ghost person… it doesn’t mean there aren’t unexplained things; I just don’t think they’re ghosts.
Tom Goodman-Hill
Sometimes you feel more naked when you’re totally dressed than the other way around.
Emmanuelle Beart
As soon as someone is coming from New York, I automatically think I have to get dressed up.
Susan Isaacs
Most men, no matter how well or badly dressed, carry overstuffed, beat up wallets that should have been replaced years ago. Why is that? Every time I see a guy take out a wallet anywhere, it looks like a piece of old melted chocolate cake-with strings.
Jonathan Carroll
As a child, I would rush to the school gates as the bell went, to be collected by my mother, Marilyn, who was always immaculately dressed in a pencil skirt and matching jacket.
Kate Garraway
These people were well dressed in skins, had some guns, but armed generally with bows and arrows and such other instruments of war as are common among the Indians of the Missouri.
William Henry Ashley
In high school I spent most of my time in jeans and T-shirts or Juicy sweats. We’re such a laid-back town. I mean, people wore bikinis under their clothes half the time, so you didn’t really get dressed up to go to school.
Lauren Conrad
When I was in my teens and twenties, I could see friends expressing how radical they were, and I envied them, the way they lived, the way they dressed. Maybe there is a part of me that is reserved, even in rebellion.
Susan Minot
I don’t overthink when I’m styling. I kind of forgive myself and accept that I will make mistakes. Getting dressed should be a fun experience!
Paloma Faith
I literally went straight to New York City from Iraq, which was bizarre and complicated. I was walking down Madison Avenue, and it was spring, and people were smartly dressed, and it was so strange because there was no sense that we were at war. It was something to grapple with.
Phil Klay