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All what I aimed for, except the Olympic medal, I achie

All what I aimed for, except the Olympic medal, I achieved. That’s why I want to start the Usha School of Athletics. I missed an Olympic medal, now I want to ensure that one of my students wins one!
P. T. Usha
I joined Norwich when I was 15 and moved away from a life living on an estate in Cardiff and everything I knew. I moved away from my girlfriend, who is my wife now, and my nan, who has now passed away. I missed a lot.
Craig Bellamy
I love modeling, and I missed fashion and my friends and family in fashion and the creativity that I’m able to express through it. I didn’t feel I was getting enough of that through my acting.
Amber Valletta
I don’t really have any regrets because if I choose not to do something there is usually a very good reason. Once I’ve made the decision I don’t view it as a missed opportunity, just a different path.
Andrew Lincoln
In my teen years leading up to the Olympics, I loved having the excuse to skip out on parties because of skating. Partying wasn’t my thing anyway. Mostly I hung out with other skaters. We were all buddies, so it’s not like I missed out on socializing. I was really enjoying myself.
Dorothy Hamill
I have realized over time that I missed the mark with HyperCard. I grew up in a box-centric culture at Apple. If I’d grown up in a network-centric culture, like Sun, HyperCard might have been the first Web browser. My blind spot at Apple prevented me from making HyperCard the first Web browser.
Bill Atkinson
I spent most of my young life in the business and missed out on school events. I needed to be a young person and do what I wanted to do.
Brandon Adams
I missed the country sounds on the radio. I missed the Deana Carters and the old Faith Hill songs that are more richly country and not so highly pop. So I really wanted that to be on my first album.
Jana Kramer
I really didn’t like the academic structure of science, but I realized I loved science and missed science.
Eric Betzig
My favorite moment was in Game 6 when Bill Walton tapped a missed Sixers shot toward the backcourt and Johnny Davis ran it down as the clock expired. We were NBA champions!
Jack Ramsay
I’d see my daddy about once a month, and I missed him. I would have loved to have had more of him. He was tall, attractive and very quiet, very gentle. He had a wife who I don’t think ever really liked me much.
Cherie Lunghi
During recess at school, I’d slip back into the classroom and find something in some other kid’s lunch bag that wouldn’t be missed – a package of crackers, an apple – and I’d gulp it down so quickly I would barely be able to taste it.
Jeannette Walls
When we bemoan the lost golden age of music, it’s worth remembering that mainstream radio listeners of the ’60s and ’70s, particularly in Canada, missed out on an outpouring of brilliant R&B music.
Dan Hill
I feel like I sort of missed the eighties. At the time, we didn’t know we were having fun, which is probably the way it always is.
Tama Janowitz
When people pick the best drivers of all time, nobody ever picks Lee Trevino. But when he played, like at Tanglewood at the ’74 PGA, he missed one fairway in 72 holes.
Johnny Miller
As for regret, more than anything else, my regret lies in that the WWE Universe never really got the real Austin Aries. Outside of commentary, they missed out on the chance to hear and see me be me, and do what I do best.
Austin Aries
I sort of missed one big thing, to touch first base. I hope I didn’t act foolish, but this is history.
Mark McGwire
For me, the fall of the Wall came at the exact right time because, I mean, I was 17, basically I hadn’t missed anything, unlike the generation of my parents, who were deprived of a lot of things. They couldn’t travel, and they couldn’t really get ahead in their professional careers. So for me, it was perfect timing.
Tom Wlaschiha
I missed quite a lot of school because I was working from the age of 11.
Natalia Vodianova
If I meant that I missed Bochy and Hunter, it’s the guys I’d been joking around with most. Hunter is like my brother, and Bochy is like my dad. But at the end of the day, I missed all the guys.
Pablo Sandoval
Most people I run into say, I haven’t missed an episode. Either you like Survivor or you don’t, but if you do, you’re a loyal viewer.
Jeff Probst
The ad in the paper said ‘Big Sale. Last Week.’ Why advertise? I already missed it. They’re just rubbing it in.
Yakov Smirnoff
I missed being onstage behind the microphone. After a while, it was hard to hear another voice singing my lyrics.
Maren Morris
I learnt since I was a child growing up in a small village in the Czech Republic that I had to be like that to compete, to be the best and then to compete against the best. There has not been a second, a minute, an hour, a day that I have missed because I always wanted to improve.
Pavel Nedved
I used to shake my head when I heard about mothers who were shocked – shocked! – when their kids came out. I didn’t understand how they had missed seeing something so essential when looking at their children. But too many parents see only what they want to see, and that’s true whether our kids are gay or straight.
Suzanne Brockmann
I took up ‘Waqt’ and ‘Gandhi My Father’ because they were very too special to be missed.
Shefali Shah
I have a very low tolerance for boredom and often think I would have missed out on books entirely if I’d grown up in the Internet and video game age. Now I enjoy books for people of all ages, including children.
Rick Yancey
When you worked in a studio it was the studio system that you kind of missed because it was a big, big family. I mean MGM had 5,000 people working a day there. You miss it.
George Sidney
I watched a couple of really bad directors work, and I saw how they completely botched it up and missed the visual opportunities of the scene when we had put things in front of them as opportunities. Set pieces, props and so on.
James Cameron
The house was big enough for my brother and me to have firecracker wars at one end and leave Mom and Dad undisturbed at the other. When firecrackers weren’t available, we attacked each other with pennies and marbles and clumps of Crisco, which made brilliant greasy asterisks when you missed and hit the wall.
John Dickerson
Many people think I am workaholic. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have missed out many moments as my daughter and son growing up, but balancing between home and work is extremely important.
Rituparna Sengupta
When I moved to New York, I fell head over heels back i

When I moved to New York, I fell head over heels back into country music and probably ’cause I missed something about Texas.
Norah Jones
Being at Wrestlemania 6, I remember being completely in shock and dumbfounded when Hulk Hogan missed the leg drop and Warrior hit the splash and got the 1-2-3. I was devastated.
When I finally turned 18, I started to wonder if rave was now different to what it was and whether I’d missed out on the golden days of rave. So, I thought I’d talk to some of the legends in the game and get an education on how music was made, listened to and the rave scene from before I was even born.
Becky Hill
Opening Day was a big thing. I came to a lot of Orioles games. I grew up a couple blocks from here, so I was always coming down to the stadium. I always made it down for Opening Day until I was a little bit older and I had ball. But when I was younger, I always missed school.
Steve Clevenger
If I missed a game, that meant I was losing the battle. I’m not going to let leukemia affect me.
Craig Sager
One night Roger was in a foul mood and he threw his entire bloody drumset across the stage. The thing only just missed me – I might have been killed.
Freddie Mercury
When I watch dance, most of the time I just see a potential that is not there at all. I just see they missed the point. They just give us a tiny bit of what it could be.
Sylvie Guillem
I don’t like my parents; I never will. I didn’t cry at either of their funerals. I haven’t missed them for five seconds. I didn’t – you know, our characters were so at odds with one another right from the beginning. But I do understand them now as human beings, with the understanding of an adult.
David Small
Yes, I did lock myself in my room for about two years and write some songs and things like that. But I don’t feel like I missed out on a whole lot.
Hunter Hayes
I have some strategical vision, I could calculate some few moves ahead and I have an intellect that is badly missed in the country which is run by generals and colonels.
Garry Kasparov
I love writing fiction and can do it anywhere – I once even missed a flight because I was so engrossed.
Prue Leith
In 1992, I was part of the Test team and played the Tri-series too. But, I missed the World Cup after being left out of the squad since I was fairly young.
Sourav Ganguly
I really, really missed the Pennsylvania countryside and hills.
Tawni O’Dell
I didn’t beg for the title shot. I was the first guy to say I missed weight; I don’t deserve it. So I wasn’t sitting waiting for that phone call… whatever name they were going to say, I was going to say yes, let’s do this.
Darren Till
I absolutely love ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and have never missed a series – but I would never appear on them.
Michael Ball
My dad never missed a day of work, and he was always smiling when he came home.
Patty Loveless
In fourth grade, I missed 82 days of school. Out of 160.
LeBron James
By my count, of the more than 600 English-language World War II movies made since 1940, only four have even acknowledged the humanity of the soldiers of Nippon. There may be a few I’ve missed, but not many.
Stephen Hunter
I know I have missed some chances, but that’s part of being a striker, and I know it’s part of being a striker that when you don’t score, people talk about it.
Vincent Janssen
I wish Wales was more represented on the British stage, and I have missed that being in London.
Morfydd Clark