Top 44 Bargaining Quotes

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And some of those people that voted Republican are now

And some of those people that voted Republican are now going to say, what a mistake I made because I didn’t know they were going to take my job away. I didn’t know they were going to take collective bargaining away.
James P. Hoffa
Workers should not be prevented from bargaining with the companies that help set their wages, benefits, schedules, and workplace conditions.
Jan Schakowsky
Some people may long for an era when divorce was still hard to come by. The spread of no-fault divorce has reduced the bargaining power of whichever spouse is more interested in continuing the relationship. And the breakup of such marriages has caused pain for many families.
Stephanie Coontz
Many other states ultimately – they might not have the same balance sheet as Wisconsin – but collective bargaining from the federal level… these are big issues, and these costs need to be put under control.
Rick Santelli
Throughout history, people with few educational or economic resources and little bargaining power have often looked to authoritarian, ruthless people to stand up for them.
Stephanie Coontz
We need a system where all of our teams have the opportunity to compete and to make a few dollars. That’s not a bad desire for collective bargaining for a sports league, and it’s great for our fans.
David Stern
Choosing to work where there is a union and getting the related benefits of higher wages and collective bargaining, but not paying a fair share of the costs of representation, would be freeloading, right?
Cynthia Dill
I think one of the most important facts of basic income would be that it’s not only a redistribution of income, but also of power. So the cleaners and bin men would have a lot more bargaining power.
Rutger Bregman
There is nothing efficient about firms spurning more productive technologies because years of unrelenting attacks on social safety nets and collective bargaining have created cheap labour in abundance.
Clive Lewis
Unilateral divorce has decreased the bargaining power of the person who wants the marriage to last and has not engaged in behavior that meets the legal definition of fault. On the other hand, it has increased the bargaining power of the person who is willing to leave.
Stephanie Coontz
While money doesn’t buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.
Christopher Marlowe
Housing is a human right, not a bargaining chip to let fall between bureaucratic cracks.
Cori Bush
Our history tells us that public institutions evolve through a process of bargaining between the state and groups in society.
Hilary Benn
When minimum living wages, bargaining for fair wages, pensions, and job security are denied in too many countries, it is not rocket science to understand the drivers of inequality.
Sharan Burrow
I have called Mr. Obama a bound man because he cannot win white support without bargaining and he cannot maintain minority support without playing the very identity politics that injure him with whites.
Shelby Steele
Disabled veterans are not a bargaining chip.
Jim Bridenstine
Where laws recognize rights to collective bargaining, the truth is that employee rights to negotiate with employers are denied in many countries.
Sharan Burrow
The question is always ‘What is the role of a labor movement?’ How much is about collective bargaining, how much is about social change for all workers?
Andy Stern
I would like to see a lot more buyers and also a lot less bargaining by local buyers.
Nandita Mahtani
We’re the party that’s fought for increased wages, fought for the union movement, fought to make sure that collective bargaining is not eviscerated, it’s strengthened. And when we communicate those messages, we succeed.
Tom Perez
I support collective bargaining everywhere.
Ed Schultz
I was the first senior American official to meet with Riyadh’s dynamic Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after the Saudi intervention in Yemen in 2015. I reiterated the United States’ commitment to defend Saudi Arabia against Houthi aggression and to help press the Houthis back to the bargaining table.
Antony Blinken
Great American leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. worshipped God just as our Founding Fathers did. We must never forget this important aspect of our heritage or use it as a political bargaining chip.
Steve King
Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.
Christopher Marlowe
In ’94, we made the deal during collective bargaining that wasn’t the right deal, just to save the season. Allowing the ‘in the crease’ rule, the foot-in-the-crease rule, we should have not done.
Gary Bettman
The systematic dismantling of reproductive rights, much like the takedown of collective bargaining, has been taking place in full view.
Garry Trudeau
In the steel industry the corporations generally have accepted collective bargaining and negotiated wage agreements with the Committee for Industrial Organization.
John L. Lewis
Always wear what makes you comfortable. And when you are out shopping, make sure your bargaining skills are on point.
Shakti Mohan
Fair play doesn’t pertain in bargaining. What matters there is leverage.
Alan Rosenberg
We can take action with a player without the league taking any action. But all that we can do is, we can deactivate him. But we’re limited under the collective bargaining agreement to four games.
Bob McNair
Collective bargaining, and the fundamental human right, freedom of association, is seen as an anathema to American business, and people just – it doesn’t seem to register that there’s no universal social safety net that people can touch.
Sharan Burrow
Unfortunately, in collective bargaining one party or th

Unfortunately, in collective bargaining one party or the other too often tries to gain an advantage – a bargain, like buying something in a store for less than it is worth.
Charles E. Wilson
I think people have to realize that – and basketball fans do, Lakers fans do – that we have to operate under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement, which means you can’t just go and grab every player that you want.
Jeanie Buss
Those who give hoping to be rewarded with honor are not giving, they are bargaining.
To fulfill the promise of economic opportunity, we must remain true to the principle that collective bargaining is a cornerstone of a free society and indispensable to a strong middle class.
Tom Perez
Benchmark has threatened to block investments that could bolster Uber’s competitive position in global markets by bargaining over board seats and its own control.
Shervin Pishevar
In the heart of the Great Depression, millions of American workers did something they’d never done before: they joined a union. Emboldened by the passage of the Wagner Act, which made collective bargaining easier, unions organized industries across the country, remaking the economy.
James Surowiecki
As I learn more and more about the six-year extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it’s obvious to me that NFL owners understood that they were going to get a new deal done at all costs.
Ron Jaworski
Under Ronald Reagan in the United States and Margaret Thatcher in the U.K., there was a rewriting of the basic rules of capitalism. These two governments changed the rules governing labour bargaining, weakening trade unions, and they weakened anti-trust enforcement, allowing more monopolies to be created.
Joseph Stiglitz
The right to strike is one of the most important safeguards working people have in this country. It’s a weapon of last resort that has served throughout history as a bargaining tool which allows unions to push for recognition of ordinary workers’ rights to be paid fairly and treated with dignity.
Emily Thornberry
Food service workers, home care workers, farm workers, and other low-wage workers log long hours. They come home tired after providing services and producing goods that make our country stronger. They deserve fair treatment from their employers, and they deserve a voice in collective bargaining.
Jan Schakowsky
We have treated our most serious adversaries, such as Iran and North Korea, in the most juvenile manner – by giving them the silent treatment. In so doing, we have weakened, not strengthened, our bargaining position and our leadership.
Theodore C. Sorensen
If your plane is being hijacked by an armed man who, though prepared to take risks, presumably wants to go on living, there is room for bargaining.
Richard Dawkins
So let me be clear, Collective bargaining isn’t a right, it is an expensive entitlement. Once and for all, we are giving the taxpayers a voice in this debate. We put the power back in the hands of the people.
Scott Walker