Top 44 Blogging Quotes

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I do not see the process of blogging as a separate thin

I do not see the process of blogging as a separate thing from creating art. This is in part why I do not like to be known for being a ‘blogger,’ as this is just one form of output for creative ideas.
Keri Smith
The Guardian’s ‘Word of Mouth’ blog bridges the gap between blogging and serious food journalism.
Yotam Ottolenghi
At one point, I was blogging prodigiously, in the late ’90s; and I was getting, like, millions of pages because I was, like, one of the only people writing about web design, and I was always writing about web design.
Jeffrey Zeldman
When I grew up there was no web, blogging or tweeting. In fact, where I grew up there was not even television! I met a lot of my friends in school and in college, and they are still my friends today.
Indra Nooyi
Our goal is to put news where it earns attention, where readers can access it on every device and interact with it. We’re meeting our clients’ audiences where they are instead of asking them to come to us. Increasingly, that means hosting the content on social blogging sites like Medium.
Richard Edelman
I do not know of a Chinese blogger who has gone to jail, but I know several who have had their blogs shut down. I also know some Chinese bloggers who have received threatening phone calls from police warning them to ‘be careful.’ In some cases, they stopped blogging for a while.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I think, when you’re doing a column and blogging every day, you get familiar with the sound of your own voice.
Alexandra Petri
I still blog, but I do think blogging will become obsolete, as there are more ways of interacting on the Web with low barriers to entry for people to engage and participate.
Biz Stone
I’m never, I hope, stupid enough to believe that Twitter or blogging or any of this stuff is a substitute for actually doing the work or writing a book.
Neil Gaiman
I started blogging a decade ago because I like blogging. Writing’s a kind of lonely thing to do, and I liked the idea of demystifying the process because I loved it as a kid and teenager and as somebody who wanted desperately to write.
Neil Gaiman
Baseball is a game that shouts, ‘Slow Down’ to America. Stop tweeting, texting, blogging, watching cable news, and obsessing about polls, lost planes, and focus-group-driven politicians.
Mike Barnicle
When you look at things like Flickr and Youtube, they are specialised blogging systems, so why hasn’t blogging encompassed that ease of functionality?
Matt Mullenweg
Every major communication tool on the Internet has spam and abuse problems. All email services, blogging services and social networks have to dedicate a significant amount of resources and time to fighting abuse and protecting their users.
Evan Williams
The Internet has given us 10 or 15 new styles of communication: long messages like blogging, and then short messages like texting and tweeting. I see it all as part of an expanding array of linguistic possibilities.
David Crystal
With the evolution of social media that includes blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, who and how information is delivered has changed tremendously. The landscape for news is a different place, and people have to accept that.
Michael Eric Dyson
A blog is neither a diary nor a journal. Many people think of blogging in relation to those two things, confessional or practical. It is neither but includes elements of both.
Lemn Sissay
When I first started blogging, I kept it a secret from my friends and then started to show a few people, and it snowballed from there.
Ella Woodward
I generally blog between 5:30 A.M. and 7 A.M. I will from time to time add something during the day, but for the most part blogging is an early morning activity for me.
Fred Wilson
I’ve never done a film before where every single person in the audience knows the ending. I mean suspense, twists are almost impossible these days. People are blogging your endings from their cinema seats.
Danny Boyle
I think Tumblr tends to be – you can get more in-depth with things and more blogging, and Tumblr has been real great for me in terms of research because I have contacts with people from all walks of life all over the globe.
Gail Simone
I had been blogging for a few years when Jonah Straus, my now-literary agent, reached out to see if I’d consider writing a cookbook. At the time, I didn’t feel ready; I was still getting adjusted to life in the upper Midwest, and I was still finding my recipe voice.
Molly Yeh
I was a fly on the wall at Gawker Media during the heyday of this thing called blogging.
Mary Pilon
The evidence that things are changing fast can be seen in the dramatic increase in the influence of blogging. We should be collecting emails as we used to collect telephone numbers and using them to better communicate our message to key voters.
Adam Rickitt
I think there are a lot of really positive aspects to social media for novelists. Even though our work is pretty solitary, through Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and Instagram and blogging in general, we’re better able to connect directly with readers.
Holly Black
The funny thing is that I used to be a blogger, but it wasn’t known as ‘blogging’ at that time. This was in the ’99/2000 time frame.
Om Malik
The first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from leaving you. So you’ve got to get to the point, you can’t waste people’s time, you’ve got to give them some value for their limited attention span.
Alex Tabarrok
For me, blogging is just like talking.
Jared Polis
I think talking is as casual as blogging, and sometimes writing can be as casual as talking. My informal writing style is a political choice, because I want feminism to be more accessible.
Jessica Valenti
There’s a song called ‘Live Blogging the Himmel Family Bris.’ I kind of went for it here in terms of – it was really fun to be explaining ritual circumcision in Nashville – a lot of brises are done in hospitals, but many are done in people’s homes, and there’s a lot of food, and a lot of leftovers.
Rick Moranis
Twittering and blogging and all that is fine, but there is no idea of how to phrase something beautifully; how to use language to create an emotion. It’s just passing information and sometimes very superficial information.
Isabel Allende
Blogging can generate a great deal of traffic to your online business.
Fabrizio Moreira
I think blogging, by and large, is basically therapy. A

I think blogging, by and large, is basically therapy. And I’m sure, and I know, that there are some terrific bloggers and some legitimate bloggers. But I think, by and large, a huge percentage of people who are blogging are doing it for self-therapy.
Mike Barnicle
Blogging got the concept of personal publishing, but it didn’t really take advantage of the network.
Evan Williams
Habits like blogging often and regularly, writing down the way you think, being clear about what you think are effective tactics, ignoring the burbling crowd and not eating bacon. All of these are useful habits.
Seth Godin
There’s something really terrible about having your BlackBerry next to your bed or having your laptop in the living room when you’re talking to someone. The biggest source of stress in my life is the screen, the blogging.
Jessica Valenti
I’ve been blogging since the 80s. Okay maybe not that long. But starting around 2004, I launched and abandoned many blogs, and would continue to do so over the next decade.
Sarah Cooper
My blogging life is basically goalless. I like the zen nature of that, and paradoxically, it improves results.
Seth Godin
Corporate blogging strategy requires some specialist insight in order to understand tone, the definition of micro-niche leaders, and subjects to cover.
Richard Edelman
My background isn’t in social software; it’s in online community, social networks, personal publishing, blogging, self-expression on the Web. I got on the Internet in the 1980s, and the magic moment for me arose from my being a literature geek, especially Dante and Shakespeare.
Caterina Fake
We’re understandably worried that staring at screens all day, and blogging about our breakfasts, is turning America into a nation of narcissists. But the opposite might be true.
Pamela Druckerman
Blogging is great, and I read blogs all day long. However, my goal is really to have a deep, meaningful discussion with people. For some reason, I’m able to accomplish this best via email.
Jason Calacanis
One of the difficult things, especially about blogging, is that you put all of your personal out there, into the political. And what’s been difficult, for me at least, is trying to keep some of the personal for myself.
Jessica Valenti
I think blogging is a muscle that most people wear out.
Warren Ellis
I’m computer illiterate. I believe the Internet has got every photograph and every detail of my life. But no blogging for me, thank you.