Top 44 Shutting Quotes

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There are plenty of issues President Trump and I don't

There are plenty of issues President Trump and I don’t agree on. I don’t support shutting down our government over a border wall. I’ve been disgusted by his offensive remarks about women, immigrants and veterans, among others.
Tony Evers
The owners don’t win by having a lockout. Shutting down your business is not good for anybody and it’s certainly not good for the players, it’s certainly not good for the fans. And that’s most important to us.
Roger Goodell
The shutting out or boycotting of selected media cannot take place in Austria.
Sebastian Kurz
I can safely say that losing my mum at the age of 12 and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but also my work as well.
Prince Harry
Politicians of both parties told us that free trade with Asia and Latin America would spur economic growth, and maybe it did somewhere else. In our towns, though, factories continue shutting down or moving overseas.
J. D. Vance
If there’s a swarm of bees outside an open window, it might be a good idea to close the window, even if a few bees have already flown into the house. Somehow, Democrats who oppose shutting the border don’t see the analogy.
Mike Gallagher
I like every aspect of defense; I enjoy shutting down the offense.
Richard Sherman
Shutting down conservatives has become de rigueur. But now anti-free-speech activists are increasingly turning their ire on free-thinking progressives.
Bari Weiss
As long as I can remember, I saw myself as black. I was socially conditioned to discard that. It was an all-white town. I was very unhappy. I felt like I was constantly self-sabotaging in order to conform to religion, culture dynamics. I was censoring myself. I was shutting down inside.
Rachel Dolezal
A good memory is surely a compost heap that converts experience to wisdom, creativity, or dottiness; not that these things are of much earthly value, but at least they may keep you amused when the world is keeping you locked away or shutting you out.
Michael Leunig
In Mumbai, Marathi schools are shutting down and Urdu schools are increasing. The parties governing the BMC are giving permission to these schools. If Urdu schools are rising, you know whose numbers are increasing and who is coming to the city.
Raj Thackeray
A key part of the process for me is having screenings: not official test screenings, just gatherings of people, some I know and some I don’t. We ask what is working and what isn’t. So it’s not as if I’m shutting out input.
Todd Haynes
I love shutting my front door and being at home with just my dog and me. That’s when I’m happiest.
Lucy Davis
I was tortured fifteen times, that’s total submission. They did that with shutting off your blood circulation with ropes, giving you claustrophobia and pain at the same time, bending you double.
James Stockdale
Airbnb is a much more effective protest than shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge.
Jason Calacanis
You’re not tapping into the widest possible pool of talent if you’re shutting some people out of particular careers.
Alice Roberts
I think it’s a violation of user privacy to continue storing email addresses if you tell users your service is shutting down. I sign up for a service, and if you’re no longer providing that service, why should you keep my information?
Cheryl Yeoh
When we go out to the country and just sit there, what we’re really doing is just switching off various kinds of alertness that we don’t have to use. When we do that, we are stopping being defensive. We are no longer shutting ourselves off from different types of experiences, we are welcoming them in.
Brian Eno
I guess maybe my method is to take self-care where you can – even if it is something sort of small and it’s not a whole routine. It’s this idea of resetting, shutting down, stepping away.
Meena Harris
Israel is shutting out the Arab world and shutting itself in.
Richard Engel
Whether you call it meditation, self-reflection or just shutting everything out, I am quite good at that.
Noel Edmonds
Rather than shutting down free speech, we need to broaden it, to make it possible for young people to say even the things we dislike so we can talk them down. And we need politicians to articulate a picture of the future that includes all of us. Not British values but shared human values.
Deeyah Khan
Among other things they picked out a detail that Charles had been offered the Governorship of Hong Kong in its dying days by Thatcher in return for shutting up about the inner cities. He quite rightly in my view led the paper on this story.
Anthony Holden
Those of us born into vitalist and expressionist cultures must hope that governments will draw back from shutting down the modernist project of exploring, experimenting, and imagining – of voyaging into the unknown – that has been essential for rewarding lives.
Edmund Phelps
If you’re a juvenile delinquent today, you’re a hacker. You live in your parent’s house; they haven’t seen you for two months. They put food outside your door, and you’re shutting down a government of a foreign country from your computer.
John Waters
I’m sick to death of famous people standing up and using their celebrity to promote a cause. If I see a particular need, I do try to help. But there’s a lot that can be achieved by putting a check in the right place and shutting up about it.
Russell Crowe
Sometimes shutting off the sound on the television can allow you to actually watch the game and take it in in an entirely different and more direct way – a first-order, first-person experience – rather than filtered through the mind of another.
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Bisping, he’s a piece of work. The guy likes to run his mouth. I look forward to shutting it.
Luke Rockhold
All my day is spent dealing with other people. When I come home I like it to be empty. The presence of others in my house kind of annoys me. I love coming home and shutting the doors. I feel brain dead. I’m relatively available, but not to live with.
Graham Norton
I don’t think you have a choice but to pull CO2 back that has already made it out, or is about to make it out, because we are not overnight shutting down all the coal plants.
Klaus Lackner
Well, do I think watching 35 hours of TV a week is a terrific thing to do? Not particularly. But do I think you’re shutting yourself off from a lot of American culture if you are so completely isolated from what goes on, on popular TV? Yeah, you are!
Charles Murray
The E.U.'s Eastern Partnership programme is designed to

The E.U.’s Eastern Partnership programme is designed to bind the so-called focus states tightly to itself, shutting down the possibility of co-operation with Russia.
Sergei Lavrov
Pop music, disco music, and heavy metal music is about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away.
Peter Tork
If we abandon our values by completely shutting our doors to those who seek the freedom we enjoy or mistreating our neighbors who made it here after enduring unimaginable hardships, the terrorists win.
Bill Haslam
For these cultures, getting rid of the pain without addressing the deeper cause would be like shutting off a fire alarm while the fire’s still going.
David Foster Wallace
Bigotry dwarfs the soul by shutting out the truth.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
We’re a democratic society. Shutting down the government should not be on the agenda.
Alan Greenspan
I think that every young person is a little mentally ill, you know? If we’re not totally shutting down, we’re all a little bit mentally ill in our twenties and maybe into our early thirties.
Gaby Hoffmann
I have trouble falling asleep. I have trouble shutting my mind off.
Marcus Lemonis
I definitely think when I’m feeling super down or having tantrums or not able to participate in any activities, I have to control myself. I have to tell myself, ‘No, focus, focus, focus, do this, do this, do this.’ Instead of shutting down, I encourage myself to think positively and move towards the light.
Jazz Jennings
New York has a deep culture of house and dance music, and to be able to tap into that is my way of shutting off. I go to friends’ parties and local spots around the area: places I can go to, have a dance, and forget about being an actor and the attention.
Finn Jones
When we have agencies like EPA shutting down businesses, I don’t trust them at all.
Robert J. Bentley
Shutting off the thought process is not rejuvenating; the mind is like a car battery – it recharges by running.
Bill Watterson
Shutting down the government is not how you make government work.
George Clooney