Top 45 Flamboyant Quotes

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My grandmother was a huge influence on me. She allowed

My grandmother was a huge influence on me. She allowed me to be my flamboyant self as a kid. She babysat me; auditions came later – by later, I mean six years old. She sang and played piano, and I’d sit beside her. I don’t know how confident I am, but I think you need it to survive in this industry.
Sarah Bolger
Fashion in the mid-’90s was too easy. Artistic culture was very earnest, so I was flamboyant and dangerous. I wanted to be seen as more than an outline, so I used fashion to say that for me.
Roisin Murphy
Even my mom is calling me Shaggy now, which is weird, because Shaggy is more like a character that I play. Shaggy is flamboyant; he’s cocky. And I can’t live that twenty-four hours a day – hell, no.
The only thing I can give to young gay people is that when I was growing up, there were no role models that were blokey that were men. Everybody was flamboyant and camp, and I remember going, ‘That’s not me, so even though I think I am gay, I don’t think I fit into this world.’
Russell Tovey
Cogsworth, the character I did on ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ could be a bit flamboyant onscreen, because basically, he is a cartoon. But they didn’t want Cogsworth to become Disney’s gay character, because it got around a gay man was playing him.
David Ogden Stiers
When I’m on stage, I’m quite over the top – I’m quite flamboyant and camp.
Jack Whitehall
We’re not getting judged or rated by just our fighting ability. People want to watch guys who are flamboyant and have something to say, and that’s just the nature of the fight game and the game we’re in. I get it.
Frankie Edgar
I have this side of me that is a very European flamboyant; I won’t say queenie, but it’s borderline – could be perceived as homosexual.
Charlie Bewley
I did frequently refer to my war record in World War II, but not in any flamboyant way.
George McGovern
I grew up in a conservative small town, and the gay characters I saw on TV and in movies when I was growing up were all flamboyant and obnoxious and sometimes kind of annoying.
Chris Colfer
My dad is a much more flamboyant character than I am. I think that’s why I couldn’t see myself going into straight acting. I always just felt daft.
Nina Conti
Shinsuke Nakamura is probably one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever been in the ring with. He’s very unorthodox. Everything he does is with knockout power. He’s a guy who is very flamboyant, so don’t let his Michael Jackson antics fool you. This guy is deadly.
A.J. Styles
There are a lot of very flamboyant and outlandish people and attention-seekers in L.A., and I think that’s what makes L.A. appealing. A lot of people are attracted to come here to do things and make things happen and the city seems to attract larger-than-life characters.
Roman Coppola
For me, a diva is like the great opera singer, the great film star – out of reach, in their own world, with a real gift for invention: attention-demanding performance artists with a flamboyant, compelling sense of their own importance so special and inimitable it verges on the alien.
Grace Jones
To me, doctors and nurses and teachers are heroes, doing often infinitely more difficult work than the more flamboyant kind of a hero.
Pete Hamill
The part of my personality that most irritated my husband, some of our big, big disagreements were when I got what he called ‘showbiz.’ He meant flamboyant or raucous.
Rita Moreno
I think there are only two kinds of heroes: the flamboyant ones and the angry-yet-silent types. Every character on TV falls into either category.
Karan Singh Grover
The Prime Minister has an absolute genius for putting flamboyant labels on empty luggage.
Aneurin Bevan
I don’t ever want to seem like I’m trying to command attention through the way I dress – but I have certainly been known to wear everything from a flamboyant suit to something very mellow and classic. I aim to just look and feel confident.
Cam Newton
I’m the Most Lyrically Flamboyant Artist of All Time.
Riff Raff
Folks, it’s okay to find flamboyant homosexuality funny.
Steven Crowder
I was a flamboyant girl who participated in debates and all.
Himani Shivpuri
I am an animated and flamboyant person. But it is being mistaken as brashness. So now I am trying to be more dignified.
Ranveer Singh
When you think about the Catholic Church, it is a bit flamboyant, in’t it?
Scarlett Moffatt
I’ve known a lot of religious people. My mother is very religious, but she also is very private about it. When I was growing up, she never went to church. She just prayed and read her Bible and kept it to herself. I’m not from a background of flamboyant believers. It’s much more a personal issue.
Michael Shannon
I have to accept that my role is to gather the runs slowly. Kevin Pietersen is flamboyant, but that style doesn’t work for me.
Andrew Strauss
Art school had taught me it was far better to be a flamboyant failure than any kind of benign success.
Malcolm Mclaren
Although I behave in a quite reserved way in my personal life, give me a stage and I’ll be as flamboyant as I can.
Danny Boyle
To go from ‘Generation Kill,’ which is a very real, dark, gritty series, to ‘True Blood,’ which is flamboyant, crazy, way out there… I couldn’t ask for two better jobs.
Alexander Skarsgard
Most people think of us as this flamboyant airline, but we’re really very conservative from the fiscal standpoint.
Herb Kelleher
I have some flamboyant outfits. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. But I’m married now. I’m not allowed to wear those outfits.
Hugh Douglas
In 21st-century America, as in Georgian Britain, electi

In 21st-century America, as in Georgian Britain, elections are raucous, flamboyant, flag-waving, expensive, and sometimes ramshackle things.
Linda Colley
I always wished I had a more flamboyant streak, but it’s just not what I’m made of.
James Murphy
I’m a flamboyant type of guy, a cooler version of Liberace.
Anytime you get men in glitter, it’s a flamboyant occasion!
Johnny Weir
Because of my flamboyant lifestyle, because of me being German, the way I am, I am the easiest person to sell as a villain. I’m the perfect target.
Kim Dotcom
As an attorney, I could be rather flamboyant in court. I did not act as though I were a black man in a white man’s court, but as if everyone else – white and black – was a guest in my court. When trying a case, I often made sweeping gestures and used high-flown language.
Nelson Mandela
The character in ‘Arya’ was so close to my real life persona. The director saw me once and felt I was the right guy for the role because my body language was so flamboyant. In real life, too, I am very peppy and full of life.
Allu Arjun
People are often disappointed when they meet me because I’m not this giant, flamboyant – you know, I don’t wear sequined jackets.
Kevin Kwan
I was a flamboyant player when I started playing First Class cricket. I used to just back my instincts and go with the flow.
Shreyas Iyer
I don’t think people expect Bruce Springsteen to come out in a pink satin jacket, but Rod Stewart, they do. And I like doing it; I don’t wear it just because I think I have to. I’m a very flamboyant person.
Rod Stewart
Barry seems to be more flamboyant merely because he gets more interviews to talk about it.
Maurice Gibb
Although I was a shy child, I was also a bit flamboyant.
Catherine Tate
I would wear flamboyant clothes and long hair, and most singers at the time didn’t.
Little Richard
Donald Trump may be unusually flamboyant, but his views are all too representative of the party that is about to nominate him for president.
Tom Steyer